Moving etiquette 101 – how to treat your movers

Hiring MoversMay 12, 2020

We all know what we expect from our movers. In order to define them as reliable, they have to be polite, professional, capable, and efficient. While those are not small shoes to fill, it is not only the movers who have to think about the way they conduct themselves. You should also make sure that you are treating your movers correctly. Yes, they are there to provide you with a service you paid for, but that does not make them any less worthy of your respect. With that in mind, let’s see how you ought to treat your movers.

How to treat your movers the right way

As is with any human being, you want to treat your movers just as you yourself want to be treated. This is the number one and the golden rule of moving etiquette. And it stands throughout your moving process. From the moment you give them a call and ask for the best moving quotes Columbus Ohio has to offer until you wave them goodbye, you should make sure that you acknowledge their efforts.

Two men shaking hands
Treat people as you yourself would like to be treated.

With that covered, here are some tips to help you treat your moving company rightfully.

Be respectful of their time. Be punctual.

You know how you hate dealing with the situation where your movers are late? Well, the movers share this sentiment. Often times, they are working on a tight schedule, and chances are your relocation is not the only one they have to take care of for that day. So, if by any chance, you are unavailable come moving day, make sure that you assign someone else who will be there to guide your movers. At the very least, notify your movers of the changes in the plan as soon as you are aware of them. Not only will you turn out to be a decent human being, but you will also possibly avoid paying for additional fees, as some moving contracts specify this cost, in case the move is delayed due to you.

Do not make the situation harder or more difficult than need be

While it is true that the team of movers handling your relocation are not your guests, that does not mean that they are not working really hard for you. So, if you wonder how to treat your movers, the simple answer would be to make them feel comfortable. Upon their arrival, try to greet them with a polite word and a friendly tone. Introduce them to your family and friends who may want to help. You should also show them around the house. Ask them if they need anything from time to time, or whether they have any questions.

Two men speaking
If you are wondering how to treat your movers, a good stance would include being open to questions and ready to help.

Do not be pushy, but yet available. Also, it would be a great plus if you could remember their names. Luckily, most movers have name tags on, so that won’t be much of an issue. With the whole atmosphere being nice and light, your move will go by smoothly. After all, both the movers and yourself have the same goal in mind, so there is no reason for creating tension.

Make sure to provide for the basic requirements

Not many things can turn relocation from a laborious job to light work. However, one can make it easier, if not easy. With that in mind, you want to make sure your movers have the basic needs and comforts covered, so to speak. Here is what you can do to ensure that:

  • Make sure that they have plenty of water and possibly some refreshments during their work. This is especially important if you are moving on a hot summer day.
  • Designate a clean bathroom for them, equipped with all the basic hygiene products (sope, hand towels, etc).
  • Provide them with shade.
  • Anything additional is optional, but you should know that the thought alone counts.

Be available for communication and ready to provide your input

Even though your moving company has already briefed the team on all the requirements, wishes, and needs, your movers still may be unclear on some stuff. With that in mind, it would be rather nice of you to keep an open communication option. This will help prevent any errors from happening. After all, it is in your interest to avoid any delays or losses, so it does not hurt to repeat the important details. Let them know that you are open to any questions, so as to allow them to do their job in the best possible way.

Consider tipping

The moving team that handles your relocation does get paid by the moving company they work for. However, movers are in the service industry. As such, they are used to getting tips. Mind you, this is by no means an obligation. Especially if your movers have not particularly gone out of their way to make your relocation a pleasant experience. That aside, if you are particularly happy with the service they provided, or with the quality of their storage units Columbus Ohio, and want to show your gratitude, a tip is a great way to do it. While this does answer the question of ”How to treat your movers”, it also presents you with the new one. The question of ”How much to tip them?”. Well, the answer to that one depends on their performance. If you feel that the crew was highly competent and efficient, an average tip of $5 per hour per mover will do.

A man holding cash
Awarding people with money for a job well done is rarely a bad idea.

Do not forget about giving feedback

Being happy with the service your movers have provided doesn’t have to be shown just with money. Writing a nice testimonial or letter of appreciation to the company manager about their performance is a noble thing to do. Not to mention that you can leave a review on their website. Apart from giving them good exposure, you are also letting other potential customers know of their quality. So, do not restrain from speaking about your great moving experience, as it has multiple benefits.

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