Packing tips for military families

Packing GuideJuly 20, 2020

It is no secret military families can move around a lot. That is really exciting but can also be pretty tiring. Moving is a difficult process and it takes a toll on us. Military movers will make sure to ease this for you. Packing tips for military families will get you to read in no time for our next adventure with your family.

Hire professional movers

Hiring professional movers is crucial in every move. Especially if you are moving more often like military members. That will save you a lot of time and effort. Military families are experts in quick relocation. Zippy Shell Colombus Moving and Storage will make it even quicker. It gets overwhelming to pack an move over and over again. So if you want a quick and easy move with little effort you should hire professionals. Professional crews are quick and efficient and will ease the process for you. Meanwhile, you can follow other packing tips for military families we have for you to ease our move. Doing paperwork is an important part of the moving process. Do not forget to deal with it on time while movers are doing what they do best.

figurines saying yes to Packing tips for military families
Hiring professional help is one of the packing tips for military families

Consider hiring packing services

If you are relocating your items on your own you should still consider hiring packing services. Your items will be dealt with perfectly. Since you probably have fewer items that people moving less often you need to keep them safe. Your belongings are precious and should be kept safe. If you hire packing services you won’t need to deal with supplies. Acquiring supplies can take some time. If you do not have the luxury of time, packing services are the way to go. Military families can not plan a lot in advance so this is the save you need. You can also work alongside them if you do not opt-out for a full service. That is also an option if you want to oversee and be a part of the process. If you need more time to settle other matters it would be best to choose a full service

Labeling and inventory are the most important on our list of packing tips for military families

What will take a lot of time from you is all the unpacking after you are moved. To speed up the process it would be best to handle the packed items properly. Labeling boxes with the content of the box and the room it came from will save you a lot of time once you are moved. It may take some extra time when packing but that time is minimal. Make sure to take some time to learn how to relax and relieve the stress of moving. It is important to know when to stop and catch a breath. Even if you are moving in a hurry.

You can write just the essentials from the box and the origin room. Inventory is your insurance. In case something gets lost you can contact your movers to acquire it back. You can also choose what from the bundle goes into storage without extra steps like unpacking. Inventory and labeling are great packing tips for military families and in general.

a cardboard box
Don’t forget to label the moving boxes

Packing supplies

We have already established that your items are precious. That is why you should always do your best to keep them safe. Moving far away can be dangerous to your items if they are packed loosely. Securing it as much as you can is a better option than making up the material damage. You can learn more about how to pack the proper way online and expand your knowledge. Take your time and be careful. Especially with fragile items. Make sure you are moving safely as well. Bulky items might be difficult to relocate. For them, you will need specialized equipment. For this, you will not have o worry if you have hired professionals for your move.

What are the proper packing materials

Buying packing supplies always come after decluttering. That way you will know for certain how much you actually need. Decluttering is not always a step when military families are moving. They do not tend to hoard as much as people moving less frequently. But just in case, double-check if anything needs to be thrown out. If you can donate some of the excess stuff to charity. Throw out what is of no use to you or others. Excess boxes you find can be of use when packing your items. That is another reason why you should buy supplies after decluttering. You will spend way less money. Our packing tips for military families suggests supplies like:

  1. Packing paper
  2. Blankets
  3. Peanuts
  4. Moving dolly
  5. Boxes
  6. Plastic containers
  7. Tape
image of a blanket
The blanket is an excellent wrapping material

Pack efficiently

To be able to pack quickly you must pack with a plan. Going around your home and packing what you can first is a waste of time. On our list of packing tips for military families room by room, packing is a no.1 method. You will have the rest of your house functional as you progressively pack throughout the house. Divide the tasks between family members equally. Everyone should be packing their rooms. Once you get to common areas you should organize together to avoid relocation issues. That way you will work efficiently and fast. You should start with the storage areas of your home. If you do have it, they usually hold the most clutter.

That is also the place to find excess boxes if you have any. Once you start packing you can choose a room to store all your boxes in. Or you can leave them in their designated rooms in a corner. Whatever suits you best. If you do not have the time to move them into one room or a basement it is okay to leave them where they are.

Packing tips for military families are not much different than our regular packing tips. Military families move around a lot so we know they are experts already. So have a meeting with your family and plan as usual. You already know the deal, and we hope we have helped a little. Good luck!

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