Moving with a baby: tips and tricks

Moving Day TipsJanuary 21, 2020

It is not easy to move. You have to organize so many things, dedicate much of your time, and spend a large amount of money. When you have a baby, then you spend most of your time taking care of it. For this reason, you probably cannot organize a move on your own. Finding the best moving services Columbus Ohio can help you a lot when you are moving with a baby. However, you still need to properly organize everything. Therefore, here are important tips for moving with a baby. 

Find a good moving company 

When you find good reliable movers, your move becomes much easier. However, you should be careful when hiring a moving company as they are many rogue movers out there. First, ask your friends and family if they know some reliable companies. If not, then search on Google. Many companies have their own official website where you can check out their services.

Once you find several companies that you like, give them a call. They can come to do an in-house estimate. Compare their estimates and check their licenses. Reliable moving companies should have a license issued by either the FMSCA or the BBB. When you compared and checked the license, ask more questions. See if there will be any additional costs and what is covered by their moving insurance. 

Get help when moving with a baby 

Now it is time to include your family in the moving process. Since you cannot leave your baby on your own, someone has to look after it when you are packing. For this reason, see if someone from your family or even friends have time to stop by.

call your parents when you are moving with a baby
Ask your family to help you when you are moving with a baby

They can either help you with packing or they can look after your baby. Maybe they can transport some of the items to your self storage Columbus OhioIn addition to this, do not forget to stop by your doctor’s office. A doctor will examine your baby, give a couple of advice, and also a copy of medical records. You should find a new doctor for your baby so you can ask your current one about some recommendations. 

Do not pack your baby’s items first 

Everyone knows that packing your items is a huge task, especially if you plan to move your entire household. You should start packing one room at the time. This way, you will lower the chances of losing some of your items. In addition to this, you need to get all the necessary packing supplies which include moving boxes, wrapping material, and tape. You can save money on packing supplies if you ask for cardboard boxes from your local stores, use old clothes and blankets as a protective material, and so on.

However, do not pack your baby’s items first. The reason is quite simple. You still need to live in your current house until you move out. Therefore, you will need to change your baby, bathe it, and change its clothes. 

Pack a baby essentials box when you are moving with a baby 

You should take one box and pack all the baby essentials inside to take it with you. During the travel, you might need to change your baby or feed it. Therefore, do not lose your time looking for the items you need. This box should include the following items. 

  • Diapers 
  • Wipes 
  • Clothing and pajamas 
  • Extra pacifiers 
  • Blanket 
  • Stroller and a carrier 
  • Bath items 
  • Car seat 
  • Extra bags for dirty diapers and messy clothes 
  • Any medications you might need 
  • A security blanket or favorite stuffed animal 
  • A few baby’s toys 
  • Breast pump and breastfeeding pillow 
  • Formula, juice, and food 
  • Baby Snacks 
  • Cooler for breastmilk and formula 
  • Sippy cups 
  • Bottles 
  • First aid kit and thermometer 

You can add more items to the list if you believe it is necessary. 

a woman feeding a baby
Do not forget to pack baby bottles

Maintain a consistent routine  

Babies love consistency. For this reason, you should try to maintain it. Maintaining a strict feeding and napping schedule is not going to be easy when you are packing and moving. However, try not to skip the feeding and napping time. You will also benefit from the consistency as you can use the time when your baby is sleeping to pack one room. In addition to this, do not put your baby in a truck rental. Truck rentals are made for adults to use. They do not meet the requirements for car seats. Therefore, it is the best and the safest way to travel with baby by car. 

Unpack the nursery first  

As soon as you move in, unpack the nursery. Your baby will be safe in their nursery while you can focus on unpacking and decorating the other parts of the house. In addition to this, baby-proof your new home while you are unpacking. This means using child-resistant locks on drawers, safety gates to block stairways, and child-proof locks for medicine cabinets. Apart from this, secure windows and furniture to avoid tip-overs. Keep small objects away from your baby. Cover electrical outlets, and so on.  

Remain calm during the move 

As you might know, moving is stressful. Babies can feel if you are anxious and stressed. For this reason, you should remain calm during the move. Do not change their sleeping and eating habits. When movers come to pick up your items, take your baby somewhere. One spouse should be with the movers, while the other can take care of the baby. Again, you can ask your family and friends to look after the baby or hire a babysitter 

and breathe neon sign on tree
Try to remain calm and take deep breaths

All the important tips for moving with a baby 

As you can see, these would be all the important tips for moving with a baby. Having a baby is already difficult enough. However, since you have to, make sure to prepare yourself properly. Try to remain calm, do not stress too much, get all the help you might need, and follow all the tips. 

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