Moving to Columbus with a toddler– simple guide

How toOctober 27, 2019

Moving can be hectic since you have to take care of so many details. Adding moving to Columbus Ohio to your already tight everyday schedule can be a lot for one person to handle. However, moving is not that complicated if you are the only one changing the address. If you have children, then it can be even more stressful. For this reason, here is all you need to know when you are moving to Columbus with a toddler 

Hire a good moving company 

When you are moving to Columbus with a toddler, it is almost impossible to organize the move on your own. You will need some help, and there is no better one than from professionals. For this reason, find a good reliable moving company. You should search for residential movers Columbus Ohio and see what comes up. It is extremely important to pay attention to moving reviews. You do not want to hire a fraudulent moving company, especially since you have a small child. For this reason, be more careful than usual since you do not need that type of stress in your life. In addition to this, make sure to call several companies and to ask for their estimates. This is a good way to prepare your moving budget. Lastly, try to hire your movers for several months in advance. 

Communication is important when you are moving to Columbus with a toddler 

Even though your child is still quite small, you should try to explain the move to them. This especially applies if you are moving far away from your parents so your child will not see them as often. Here are some tricks that can help you to explain the whole process to your toddler. 

  • Explain it through a story 
  • Use their toys as props 
  • Let them know that all the toys are coming with you 
  • Pay attention to your child to see whether they follow you 
  • Try not to use baby talk, but rather simple and full sentences 
  • You should also say when the moving day is 
  • Have patience even if your child starts crying since some children are more sensitive than the others 
a little girl reading
Explain the move by making up an interesting story about it

Take your child to see the new house and neighborhood 

It is always a good thing to take your child to see the new house. This way, you can show them their new room, ask them to pick the place for their toys, and so on. It is important to engage them in the moving process somehow since that will help to reduce the level of fear your child might have about the move. In addition to this, take them to the local playground so your toddler can play there and maybe even meet other children as well.  You can even visit some of the most charming places in Ohio. Furthermore, you can also visit the new kindergarten, meet teachers there, and so on. If you are unable to take your toddler with you, then show them pictures and tell them about fun things they can do once you move. 

Strick to your daily routine when you are moving to Columbus with a toddler 

As you might know, it is good for a toddler to follow an already established routine. For this reason, it is extremely important to keep that routine going even when you are moving. This can be hard considering that the packing will take most of your time. However, if your toddler does not follow their daily routine, they can get irritated. Your child then can develop anxiety and will not respond well to the move. That is why you should stick to their napping time and you can even use that same time to organize something or pack your items. In addition to this, it is also very important to establish the same routine at the new house as well.  

a child sleeping
Stick to their routine

Packing your items 

It can be a little bit complicated to pack when you are moving to Columbus with a toddler. Your toddler can easily trip over some boxes or disassembled furniture and hurt themselves. For this reason, you need to be careful more than usual. Do not pack your toddler’s room first. You can leave them there to play with their toys while you are busy packing the other parts of the house. In addition to this, you can even let your toddler participate in packing their toys for example. Make a game out it so your child will find the moving and packing entertaining rather than scary. Lastly, you should pack an essential bag where you can put all the things your toddler might need during the long journey. 

Get help when you are moving to Columbus with a toddler 

Since it is difficult to do everything on your own, especially when you have a small child, ask for help. See if your parents can come to look after your toddler while you are busy packing. When the moving day comes, you should also find a babysitter to take your child to the park. Movers will come early in the morning to pick up your items. They will carry all the boxes to the moving truck so it would be better if your toddler is not present. For this reason, have someone come over and take your child somewhere where they can play and avoid the whole craziness of the moving day. 

a woman walkong with a toddler
Have someone to look after your toddler

Be patient 

Lastly, it is important to be patient, especially when you move to the new house. Pay more attention to your toddler since they will need some time to adapt. So be there for them when they start to cry or throw tantrums. Do not lose your patience, but rather help them to adapt quickly to their new environment. 

Moving does not have to be difficult 

As you can see, these are all the important tips when you are moving to Columbus with a toddler.  

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