Moving to a rural area in Ohio

Moving to another place is a beginning of a new journey. If you want to escape from a big city, a rural area is a perfect option. Cities are usually polluted and full of traffic and noise. On the contrary, fresh air, no noise, nature, and peace are only some of the benefits of rural areas. Therefore, smaller cities are perfect options for those who want to escape city life. But, which smaller place to choose? Zippy Shell Columbus suggests some of the perfects spots if you are thinking about moving to a rural area in Ohio!

Places to consider when moving to a rural area in Ohio

Ohio is a beautiful state with even more beautiful nature. If you have decided on moving to a more rural area, Ohio is the perfect choice. Smaller areas are more peaceful, you can cultivate your fruits and vegetables, you can work in countryside tourism. Since smaller places usually go unnoticed, you probably wonder which one to choose. There are plenty of them, but some of the most beautiful places are:

  • Piketon
  • Boston Township
  • West Liberty
  • Walnut Creek
  • Clifton
  • Loudonville
A view of a rural place
Rural areas are symbols of peace and fresh air.


Piketon is a small city in Pike County, Ohio. It’s along the Scioto River. In the nearest vicinity of Piketon are Lake White State Park and the famous Lake White. Paint Creek, Symmes Creek, and Shepherd’s Mountains are just some pieces of nature this small town has. Piketon is a small place with about 2000 residents. Even though the economy is not very developed, Piketon is famous for Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant, a uranium enrichment plant. Most of the residents work in manufacturing, retail trade, and healthcare services. The percentage of unemployed is higher than in other places, about 37 %. However, monthly living costs are very low, ranging from 400-600 USD, which is way less than in other cities.

Boston Township – a beautiful rural area

Boston Township is a small town in Summit County. It was founded in 1835. The Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Wildlife Woods Park, Boston Creek, and Brandywine Falls are only a couple of indicators of the beauty of this small town. Boston Township has more residents than other areas in Ohio, with circa 5000 residents. Unemployment is also low, with only 7% of unemployed residents. Moreover, most of the residents work in agriculture and local businesses. Monthly costs are also very cheap, only circa 500 USD. If you opt for this rural area, storage units Blacklick Ohio can be a perfect solution for your furniture before moving it into your new home.

Two cows on a farm
Most of the people moving to a rural area in Ohio work in agriculture.

West Liberty

Another beautiful village you should look up if you plan on moving to a rural area. Founded in 1818, it’s a real natural treasure. People often confuse the village of West Liberty with West Liberty University, an University in West Virginia. West Liberty is in Logan County and has about 1500 residents. The rate of unemployment is about 3,6 %. Most residents work in manufacturing, agriculture, and healthcare services. Monthly costs are a bit pricier than the rest of the rural areas, about 600-700 USD. Owens Fen State Nature Preserve, Simon Kenton Trail, Macochee Creek, and Dodge Park are beautiful nature preserves ideal for walks and nature lovers. If you decide on moving to this small but beautiful village, moving services Columbus Ohio will take care of your belongings.

Walnut Creek – another great rural area in Ohio

Walnut Creek is a community in Holmes County, in the East of Ohio State. Many confuse it with Walnut Creek, a city in California. Even though Walnut Creek has circa 1000 residents, its beauty is what attracts the tourists. The Amish people live in this village. The unemployment rate is much lower than the medium US one, with the unemployed being 2,5 %. The monthly living costs are below medium ones, around 500 USD. However, the house pricings are a bit pricier than in the rest of the rural areas. Most of the population works in Manufacturing, Construction, and Healthcare. Tourism is at a high level. The best tourists attractions are The Animal Farm At Walnut Creek, German Culture Museum, Coblentz Chocolate Company, and Troyer’s Amish Tours. If you consider downsizing when moving here, storage units Reynoldsburg Ohio are the best option for your belongings.

Two people carrying boxes and moving to a rural area in Ohio
Walnut Creek is a popular tourist location.


Clifton is a small village that belongs to both Clark and Greene counties. Its symbols are a Clifton Mill, one of the biggest working mills. Its especially visited during the winter, when it glows in the dark. Clifton Gorge State Nature Preserve and Clifton Reserve are two beautiful nature preserves that confine with this village. This little village is also very close to the famous Yellow Springs. Clifton is a small community with about 200 residents. Since not many people live there, living costs are low, especially housing and grocery prices. Most residents work in the retail and food industry. The unemployment is only about 3%, which is great for a place this small. Even though this is a small rural area, it’s perfect for nature and peace lovers.

Loudonville – a great rural area in Ohio

Loudonville is a village that belongs to Ashland and Holmes counties. This village was founded in 1814. Loudonville is famous for its beautiful nature. Examples- The Mohican River, Mohican State Park, Mohican State Forest, Mohican Covered Bridge, and Wolf Creek Grist Mill. One of the tourist attractions is Castle Ghost Tours, a perfect option for Halloween. The population of Loudonville is circa 2ooo residents. Most of them work in the manufacturing and food industries. Even though it has beautiful nature, only 1% of residents work in agriculture. With its low living expenses (circa 500 USD per month), beautiful nature, and friendly neighbors, this village conquers the hearts of people.

In conclusion, moving to a rural area in Ohio is a great change. Smaller areas offer more peace, fresh air, and space. They are amazing if you want to have your garden or a big backyard. Everything is within a hand’s reach, from stores to the post office. Summers are mild, and winters are cold and cozy. If you want to escape traffic, long stressful car rides, and smog, rural areas are perfect options. They conquer the hearts of people with their charm and beautiful nature.

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