Moving back to Galloway after college

After the moveOctober 3, 2022

Ending one period of your life will bring uncertainty of what’s coming next. You are founding yourself at the doorstop of new life and changing every day. Graduating from college will be a big finish mark in your education and an indicator of adult life filled with much more responsibilities. While you are still finding yourself in different roles, you might decide to move back to your hometown during this transition period. That can be challenging not only psychically but also emotionally, especially if you studied in a bigger city in your state. Before you move hire movers Columbus Ohio has to offer, to make the move smoother. To help you make an easy transition we have prepared some tips for moving back to Galloway after college.

Start planning your move back to your hometown

There are several steps in every relocation. Follow this order to move back to Galloway in the most efficient way. Firstly, you should make a plan for a move. Determine the date of leaving your apartment or dorm, as well as a moving budget. A good moving plan will save you time and money. Ensure your storage units by renting storage Hilliard Ohio has on time. It is a crucial step. Next is packing.

friends looking at each other while holding a box before moving back to Galloway after college
Moving back to Galloway after college can be very stressful, especially the packing part

Here is a checklist as a reminder of all the supplies you will need for moving back to Galloway after college:

  • cardboard boxes
  • garbage bags
  • bubble wrap
  • labels
  • cleaning supplies

Use cardboard boxes to pack most of the things. Clothes, your decoration, and other supplies are going into a box. Bubble wrap will secure fragile items. That could be for instance cutlery, mugs, or mirrors. Label boxes for easier organization. It will save you a lot of time when the time for unpacking comes.

When it comes to storage units Columbus Ohio is having great rental deals. Think about storage on time. You will certainly find a lot of garbage in your dorm room- notes from lessons, highlighters that are not working anymore, leftover food.  Throw everything out. Lastly, you will need to leave your room in a good condition to do that, clean it thoroughly and try repairing damages if possible. You will want to keep your deposit. Having to deal with more paperwork and stress is the last thing you need.

Repair damages to get your deposit back after college

Your landlord will be a true cleaver when it comes to checking your apartment upon your leave. The same goes for your dorm manager. It is impossible to avoid finding proof that someone lived in the dorm. Though not all damages can be fixed, try your hardest. Here is how you can repair the most common harms.

Damaged and dirty walls

To repair holes from nails, use spackling paste and sandpaper. Try using a rubber or magic eraser to get rid of stains, grease, or grime. Using detergent and a microfiber cloth, get rid of tough spots. Keep in mind that if you don’t remove the stain first before painting, it will only become more noticeable.

an open book
Make sure you repair anything that is broken in your dorm before you leave

Broken furniture

Fixing broken furniture will give you a headache. To keep it together for a while, try applying super glue. Hope the landlord won’t notice after you paint it over. Other options you have with broken furniture are to sell it at a low price or donate it. If you are in a hurry, decide to deal with that later and stash your furniture in a safe storage unit.

Scratched surfaces and water stains on wood

Fortunately, by laying a towel over the area and ironing on low heat, you can remove water rings from wooden surfaces. The moisture will evaporate if you gently print a warm iron across the surface. Please take care not to burn it. Use baking soda and olive oil to lessen and remove scratches from the floor. Using a soft sponge, gently buff the mixture in. With a damp cloth, dry the surface.

What to do after moving back to Galloway after college

First and foremost, find an apartment. If you can stay at your parent’s house while you find an apartment. During the transition period between two moves, it is unnecessary to unpack all the things. There probably won’t be enough space anyway. Keep your belongings safe in storage units Galloway Ohio has to offer.

Coming back to your hometown after college can be tough. You are met with the expectations of other people to do certain things. Set boundaries with your parents. Take your time to think about the upcoming period and explore options for the future. Keep in touch with college buddies. Try reconnecting with people from your hometown. And lastly, after moving into your final home treat yourself to nice things you couldn’t have in dorms. Get accustomed to bigger spaces and decorate your new residence. Make it feel like home.

Bunker beds in students' dormitory room
It will take some time until you adapt to life after college

Moving back to your hometown upon graduation can be a good decision

Uncertainty over what will happen next will accompany the end of one phase of your life. The completion of your education and the beginning of adult life with significantly greater obligations is waiting for you. During this time of transition, you may decide to return to your hometown while you are still establishing yourself in new roles. That can be emotionally tough. Spend some time considering the upcoming time and your possibilities for the future.

Take time trying to figure out post-graduation life. Try getting back in touch with your old friends but remain in touch with college friends. Finally, after settling into your home, spoil yourself with luxury items you couldn’t afford in the dorms. Get used to the larger areas and furnish your new home. Make it feel comfortable. Moving back to Galloway after college is not a bad thing. Use this time to relax and start planning your future.

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