Getting the right insurance coverage when storing artwork in Columbus

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Columbus OH is one of the best cities to live in the Midwest. It has lots of outdoor activities, a decent cost of living, and amazing neighborhoods. However, you may have artwork you need to move and store here. Whatever the reason for collecting art may be, aesthetic or financial, it will need to be insured before you store it in safe storage. Art has a remarkable value and that’s why it’s important to insure it for the highest possible worth. Also, it’s important when your artwork is in someone else’s hands, for instance when moving it. Lots of things might go wrong when moving and storing artwork in Columbus. And for that reason, you will have to insure your artwork. So here’s everything you need to know about getting the right insurance coverage when storing artwork in Columbus.

You’ll have to document your artwork before you store it

Just like any other big purchases you’ve had in the past, don’t get rid of any receipts when buying artwork. These are not just useful to the person you might sell your artwork to, but they are also useful to insurers.  Also, insurers will need to see purchase history and records. In addition, the paperwork for your art will help appraise it at a fair value. So, make sure to digitize your purchase history and records in an email and show them to your insurance agent. Also, make sure to keep your artwork papers in a safe place.

documents for storing artwork in columbus
Before storing artwork in Columbus, make sure to have all the paperwork for it

What does the insurance cover?

What your insurance covers depends on the insurance company you choose. Usually, insurance companies take full responsibility. But there are some exclusions. For example, if your artwork ends up damaged during transportation because of a flood, fire, or some other natural disaster, you are going to get full compensation. The insurance agency will also take full responsibility if your artwork gets lost or stolen. However, if you store your artwork in a storage unit with vermin or moths, you most likely won’t be getting your money back. This is why Zippy Shell Greater Columbus advises you to ask your insurance agent what they do and don’t cover when storing artwork in Columbus.

How to find insurance for fine art?

Finding someone who is going to have full responsibility for your artwork is quite difficult. There are lots of insurance companies that deal with insuring the artwork. However, you have to choose a company that’s reliable and well-grounded. Start by asking lots of people for suggestions. Ask people who have experience with moving or even better storing artwork. If you are not able to find someone who can suggest an insurance company that will cover artwork in Columbus, OH then start your research on the internet. Do in-depth research on companies you find. Do a background check. Also, make sure to take a look at the company’s social media, websites, and comment sections. This is the only way of finding a reliable insurance company for your artwork.

Clean your artwork!

Before you look for moving quotes Columbus Ohio, and move your artwork, you’ll have to clean it. The cleaning process will depend on what kind of artwork you own. However, all of the pieces need to be in great condition before storing them in a storage unit in order to prevent discoloration and damage. At the very least, make sure to dust your artwork. Treat wood and leather using an appropriate conditioner. After you finish cleaning your artwork, it’s a good idea to create an inventory of everything you are storing. Take pictures of every item from every angle. Also, write down any specific features. This is going to help you in case your artwork ends up damaged or lost in storage.

artwork on the wall
Clean your artwork and take pictures of it before storing it in Columbus

How to pack artwork before storing it

After cleaning your artwork, it is time to pack it for storage. This usually depends on what type of artwork you have. When it comes to paintings, wrap them up. People usually use plastic for this but try to avoid it if you can. Plastic doesn’t have breathability which means moisture might build up and spoil your artwork. Also, newspapers can stain your artwork. The best protection for artwork is heavy cloth. A heavy cloth will keep the artwork safe from moisture and stains. When it comes to photographs, put them in airtight containers that block light. After you finish wrapping your artwork. you can add an extra protection layer by placing it in boxes. The best box for your artwork is the one specifically designed for it. It will provide a better fit than reusing an old one.

Choosing the right unit for your fine art

One of the most important things is to look for storage units Columbus Ohio 43228. However, not every storage unit is suitable for storing delicate items such as art. The most important thing is to find a storage unit that has climate control. Extreme fluctuations in light, moisture, and heat, will spoil your artwork down the line. Climate-controlled units keep the temperature between 59-77 degrees while controlling the environment’s humidity. And even though these units are more expensive compared to normal storage units, they are a good investment if you are planning on keeping your artwork for a long time.

outdoor storage units
Make sure to get a climate-controlled storage unit for your artwork as it will keep it from getting damaged

Get the best insurance when storing artwork in Columbus

Make sure to get the best possible insurance when storing artwork in cheap storage units Columbus Ohio. For instance, home insurance may not cover your possessions while they are away from home and that’s why you will probably need insurance when storing artwork in Columbus.

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