Most common reasons why people move to Dublin OH

After the moveDecember 5, 2022

Moving was always stressful and complicated. Especially if you do not know how and where to move yet. Yes, you already know that you must appoint the right budget, pack, and purchase Columbus moving services. But if you do not know where to move, that might be the issue. Researching neighborhoods, cities, or even states, can be extremely exhausting. Luckily, we are here to make this much easier. Today we will talk about Dublin, Ohio, and the surrounding area. There are quite a few reasons why people move to Dublin OH and you must know all about them before making a final decision. Let’s dive right in.

A very low crime rate is a good enough reason for moving to Dublin OH

Off to a good start. We can proudly say that one of the main reasons why people move to Dublin OH is the fact it is one of the safest cities in the entire US. It is topping the top ten charts for decades now. Crime in Dublin is almost non-existent. Yes, muggings and petty theft crimes are possible from time to time. But living in a city that has a ten times lower crime rate than the national average is close to perfect. You can finally rest assured and know you and your family are safe.

mother and a father with a child
A safe neighborhood is all we need for our children. In Columbus, you’ll have one.

For some people, this is the most important aspect of quality living. And if it is for you too, then call your Zippy Shell Columbus movers and head straight to Columbus. If not, we have more goodies for you further down the line. Columbus is simply amazing.

Dublin Ohio is popular among younger generations

There are several strong reasons to move to Dublin OH. Especially if you are young and searching for a place with great schools, job opportunities, and fun activities. And of course, with a higher note on fun activities. Although, clubbing is not so fascinating in Dublin. Yes, there are plenty of clubs, bars, and places with live music. But what is much more important is the food scene. Dublin has a nickname of a “Foodie City” and there is a big reason for that. There are several strong names in the food industry who own more than half of the restaurants and chains in Dublin. Luckily, they are heavily investing in the variety and quality of produce. At least this is easy with so many organic products easily accessible on local farms. Hence, you can expect only the best, no matter where you sit to grab a bite.

Now, this does not mean this city is for younger people only. The community is welcoming, diverse, and family-friendly which is more than enough for anyone out there willing to move here. So, do not hesitate to research a bit about the neighborhoods and start looking for a property. You can’t miss, whether you choose Old Dublin or one of the newly built hip areas around Bridge Park.

Dublin is extremely affordable

Affordability is another aspect where Dublin is dominating the top ten charts. This city is considered one of the most affordable in the US. And it covers all aspects of it. The cost of living, housing, healthcare, cost of goods, and utilities. You name it. Everything is much cheaper than in other similarly sized cities across the US. Now, such an environment where everything is cheaper will bring you stability, comfort, and most importantly, peace of mind. Therefore, Dublin has a bit calmer and generally stress-free community. People here are relaxed because they know they’ll get through the month. Or they do not even think about it. Having enough money became a normal thing in Dublin. As it should be anywhere else. But for now, you are considering moving here, and it is all that matters.

two people calculating the budget
Dublin is extremely affordable. Your budget will surely increase once you relocate there.

The only con to this place is that there is no public transportation almost at all. Your only option is the bus and if you are working a bit further downtown or in suburbs, you’ll surely have to purchase a vehicle. But owning a car in such a cozy environment is surely a good thing. At least now you can afford one. But when you draw the line, one con is nothing compared to having everything else. So, start searching for affordable movers Columbus Ohio and become a Columbus resident today.

Job opportunities are plentiful

It is almost unbelievable, but Dublin has a strong and healthy economy as well. Not only that you’ll get more for your buck, but you’ll have a better-paying job as well. Although, you must be qualified to land one. And if you are, you are in for a treat. The economy in Dublin is improving by the day. The job market is flourishing, especially lately when Intel announced they are investing heavily in Licking County. They will open a microchip manufacturing facility that should generate 10k jobs in 2025. This is huge and it attracted many smaller tech companies to open or relocate businesses to Dublin and surrounding areas. So, Dublin is becoming a tech hub of Ohio. Slowly but steadily. As for job opportunities outside of the IT industry, you’ll have access to amazing positions in healthcare, retailing, and the school system.

The great school system is another reason to move to Dublin OH

And again, we have something Dublin is great at. Yes, the schooling system is out of this world. The government is heavily investing in the school system, especially in Central Ohio. Teachers’ jobs are well paid which attracted qualified people to come over and transfer knowledge to your kids. It is a well-maintained system, and everyone is benefit from it. Especially younger generations.

the great school system is one of the reasons to move to Dublin OH
Your children will have access to the best education in the country.

Sadly, this is exactly why your property taxes in Columbus are a bit higher. Most of the money is supporting the school system in Columbus and surrounding areas. The result is obvious. You and eventually your children will have the best education in the state. And this is probably one of those moments when we can say that paying taxes is a bit easier. It is for a great cause.

This is a great location in Ohio

The last thing we can mention is that Dublin is perfectly located. This is a dead-center city that is less than 2 hours away from Toledo, Cincinnati, and Cleveland. This means you are close to other major cities in Ohio which opens endless possibilities for new jobs and fun activities. But more importantly, Dublin is an urban city surrounded by history and an old way of living. This city is only 20-30 min away from farmlands and farm housing. You can visit apple orchards, and pumpkin patches, or go horse riding whenever you feel like it. And you’ll have access to all the organic food you like. Also, you won’t have to look far if you want to get away from the urban way of life. There are plenty of getaways and places to retire here as well.

Lastly, you are 15 minutes away, northwest of Downtown Columbus which is more than convenient for people who work there. And you’ll be minutes away from the Columbus Zoo, Bridge Park, and other notable shopping centers and restaurants.

Now you know why you should move to Dublin OH. It is a promising thriving city, and we are sure you’ll get along just fine. And as the quality of life will improve significantly, it is only natural to work your best to make a smooth transition as we. Call your movers and let them help you with this part. Hire reputable movers, purchase packing services, or rent one of the storage containers Columbus Ohio. Do whatever it takes to make your relocation project as enjoyable as the time in Columbus will be. Good luck.

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