Long Distance Moving With a Toddler Made Easier

Moving SolutionsFebruary 27, 2023

Parents of small children are rightly worried when faced with long distance relocation. Their biggest concern is how kids will cope with the moving process. Moving can be huge work and it can take longer, which may disturb kids’ everyday routines. And all parents know how messing with their routine can end up in a bad mood and tears. In order for long distance moving with a toddler to go well, parents have to prepare a strategy. While Zippy Shell Greater Columbus handles your household relocation, you’ll have time to deal with your kids’ needs. Parents who already have experience with long-distance moving know a few tricks on how to amuse kids during the move. We have listed a few of them below, to help out the first-timers.

Designate a safe area for kids to make long distance moving with a toddler easier

When everything about moving heats up and it’s time to pack, kids will need a safe space. The last thing you want is little ones running between heavy and loose pieces of furniture. Prevent potential accidents in time and keep the children away. Empty and secure one room in the house, and then fill it with their toys and necessities. Before that, close all windows, and baby-proof outlets, and remove anything they can swallow or hurt each other with. Also, remove all objects they can climb on, to prevent falls and injuries.

boy and girl playing with toys on the floor
When it comes to a long distance moving with a toddler, leave some space for them to play freely

Make sure their favorite toys, cartoons, snacks, and water are close at hand. The new improvised playground should occupy them for a while and give you the time to pack. However, if this doesn’t work with your toddler, have in mind our company offers packing services. With the help of our packers, the packing phase will take less time.

Schedule the trip when the little ones are sleeping

Long distance journeys can be tiring for both kids and parents. After a while, kids can become bored and grumpy, especially toddlers. And it’s hard focusing on the road with them crying in the back seat. To avoid this scenario, hit the road when children fall asleep or just before their bedtime. Thus you will ensure yourself at least a few hours of driving without distractions. Make sure to rest well before departure and arm yourself with enough drinks and snacks. If you time it right, you’ll arrive right after our long distance movers Columbus Ohio complete the relocation of your home.

Pack enough food and toys for the trip

It’s good to have a backup plan for when the kids wake up eventually. Try your best to make backseat driving as fun as possible. Little ones love their toys, so keep their favorites within easy reach. Don’t give them all at once, but add new toys when they get fed up with the old ones. However, try not to fill the entire backseat with toys, and let the kids have enough free space. Remember to bring their favorite music and picture books, cause singing and stories can be so much fun. Cartoons are also a great way to make long hours of driving fun for them. If you also prepare snacks and drinks, the atmosphere will be complete. Keep track of how much they eat and avoid overly sweet foods and drinks.

Later, you can store all the toys and props that they outgrow in storage Hilliard Ohio. Our company offers a variety of storage solutions, including self-storage, short-term storage, military storage, etc.

Long distances moving with a toddler can go smoothly when they are entertained with toys and pets in the back seat
Make their journey fun and exciting with their favorite toys and snacks.

Prepare an essentials bag

When long distance moving with a toddler, you have to prepare a bag with everyday necessities. It will be useful not only for the first days in your new home but also during the trip itself. Instead of a mommy essentials bag, you can use a tote or shopper bag that you already have. Always have it easily accessible and make sure it contains enough supplies for a few days.

  • It goes without saying that you pack some diapers and wet wipes. It’s best to buy a jumbo pack and keep it in your trunk, and pack only a few in your essentials bag.
  • You don’t want to spend the first day in a new city running around looking for bottles and infant formula. Instead, buy an extra can or two, and a spare bottle, as well.
  • If your baby has a condition, make sure to keep medicine and doctor’s records in your essentials bag.
  • Pack enough clothes for a couple of days, made of natural materials. Cotton clothes are the most suitable and pleasant because it absorbs sweat and is gentle on the skin.
  • The best way to calm a cranky and tired toddler is with a pacifier. If your child prefers a particular type, be sure to buy a spare one.
  • Among other things you might need while moving with a toddler are their favorite toys, hand sanitizer, toiletries, a hat, sunscreen, etc.

Stick to kids’ daily routine as much as possible

Another tip worth its weight in gold is not to disturb the daily routine of your children. Stick to their schedule of meals, daily activities, and sleeping as much as your duties allow you. Sudden changes and shifts in habits can make them nervous. So they may require even more attention and your presence more than usual, which can be hard when dealing with relocation. If you can’t do everything by yourself, ask your family or friends for help. Or simply hire professional help, and devote yourself to the children while they handle your move.

Girl sitting in a cardboard box parents in the back packing inventory
With the help of professional movers, your relocation with toddlers will go smoothly and according to the plan.

Long distance relocation with toddlers can be easy

If you follow these few tips, you will make long distance moving with a toddler easier for both you and your kids. It’s all about timely planning and organization of all phases of relocation. Of course, it is crucial to know the habits of your little ones, so that you can adapt to them without them feeling stressed over relocation. In that case, keep in mind that our reliable team and our relocation services can be of great help to you.

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