How to Prevent a Bad Storage Experience

Storage SolutionsMarch 1, 2023

Renting a storage unit has become immensely popular. If you want to rent storage containers Columbus Ohio, that is a wise decision and a great way of storing your extra belongings. Many people rent storage units when they are either moving or downsizing. But without proper preparation and planning, the storage experience can be bad. That’s why we’ve prepared an article so you can learn how to prevent a bad storage experience. Keep reading to find out more.

Take your time to prevent a bad storage experience

Before you look for dorm room storage solutions, try to manage your schedule carefully during the relocation and storing process. It can be tough to do this because you most likely have a busy schedule. That’s why you need to plan in advance and create a timeline for your relocation. This way, you’ll stay on top of all of your moving and storing tasks and avoid a bad storage experience.

Storage units with white door
Take your time and plan ahead to prevent a bad storage experience.

Create an inventory of items you’re planning to store

Creating an inventory of the belongings you plan to store is very helpful. It will help you decide on what size cheap storage units Columbus Ohio you should look for. The more items you plan on storing, the larger the storage unit you want to book. Also, an inventory will help you keep the storage unit organized.

Get the proper packing supplies

To avoid a bad storage experience, it will be important to get the proper packing supplies. Your belongings may damage or break in the storage unit if you don’t pack them properly. That’s why you should invest in moving boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, and moving blankets. When you pack your items with the right supplies, they’ll stay safe during storage.

Pack and organize your items carefully

The most important thing to do to prevent a bad storage experience is to pack your items carefully and strategically. Put the items you’re most likely to need in front of the unit and things you don’t in the back. Also, instead of storing all of the items at the bottom of the unit, store them vertically. This way you’ll save space and have easy access to your belongings.

Protecting your belongings

If your storage unit isn’t climate controlled, you will need to make sure your items are protected from elements like mold, dust, and mildew. To do this, clean the items and ensure they’re completely dry. Apply protective spray on items like leather goods and furniture. Seal the boxes tightly in order to keep moisture out. Put the electronic items in plastic containers and bags to prevent moisture damage. In case you are storing clothing as well, you can use wardrobe boxes and hanging garment bags to save space and keep them secure. If you need help when it comes to transferring all those belongings, consider hiring Columbus moving companies.

Climate-controlled units with red doors in the hallway as a way to prevent a bad storage experience
It will be important to protect your items carefully.

Label boxes

Because you’re storing your items in a storage unit, you probably won’t be needing them for a few months. Even if you swear you’ll be able to remember what you what’s been stored where you would be surprised how easy it can be to forget what’s what. So make sure to label your boxes as it will make the unpacking much easier. 

It’s easy to prevent bad experience with storage units

Renting a storage unit can be a good solution for storing your items. However, proper preparation and planning are important to prevent a bad storage experience. By following our guide, you can be assured your items are safe and organized. However, if you’re feeling overwhelmed with the moving and storing process, find some time to relax and meditate, while a moving company takes care of your belongings.

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