What are the things you should do on your moving day?

Moving Day TipsAugust 11, 2020

Moving day can be quite hectic. It is important to know that there are some things that you do not want to forget, come the moving day. Obviously, you can’t be hiring moving services Columbus Ohio in such short notice, but there are a lot of other things that you may want to do. There might be some packing, some photography, even some cleaning and double-checking. All in all, most of these things you do not really want to forget. This article will provide you with a list of things you should do on your moving day as well as some recommendations about each one.

A list of things you should do on your moving day?

Here is the quick and “dirty” list:

  • Get up early and pack the last of your things
  • Take a lot of photos
  • Protect your property against damage and wear proper clothes
  • Wait for your moving crew
  • Double-check for “forgotten items”
  • One of the things you should do on your moving day – Clean and secure your old home
  • Tip your movers
You will have to get up early in the morning on your moving day.

Get up early and pack the last of your things

You will always have some items in your home that you want to pack as late as possible. Well, the moving day will have you packing them sooner rather than later. Simply get up earlier than usual and sort out all the remaining packing. When a moving company, such as Zippy Shell Greater Columbus, arrives to transport your items, you want to have everything ready and set to go. Even if you forget to pack something, don’t worry as you have more time while your movers are moving the rest of your things to the truck.

One of the things you should do on your moving day – Take a lot of photos

Taking a lot of photographs of your old home is always a great thing. Not to mention that they will serve as solid proof of the state of your old home, as you’ve left it. Oftentimes people want to swindle other people and say that there is damage where there was none. It is rare, but it does happen. But you can foil any such attempt if you simply take a lot of pictures of your old place. Also, these images may become valuable sentimental items down the line. You never know if you will have a lot of fun looking at the pictures in a couple of years. Of course, having a camera is the best thing, but you can also take great pictures with a phone, as well. If you do it correctly, no one will be able to tell the difference!

For example, I have a lot of pictures from a park I’ve frequented as a child. There are a hundred stories contained within every single one. By looking at them, I remember those times and smile a bit. This is what you can have with some of those pictures, which is worth quite a bit, trust me.

Protect your property against damage and wear proper clothes

Before your movers arrive, you may also want to figure out if there are any threats to your items. While professional movers will minimize the risk by following proper procedures, every little bit helps. Go around the place, scout out anything that might be an issue, and deal with it. It is best to avoid accidents by not allowing them to happen in the first place.

Also, make sure that you have the proper attire for the moving day. Avoid any clothes that are overly loose or baggy and that can get caught up in things. The best clothes for a relocation is tight-fitting (but not too tight) and sturdy. Pay special care to your footwear. Wear something with thicker soles, as it may prevent a lot of moving injuries. Do take note of the expected weather, as well. Combine safety, convenience, and comfort. Not necessarily in that order, though it is not a bad one.

Avoid moving injuries – choose proper clothes!

Wait for your moving crew

Sometimes, you will be left there with nothing to do while you wait for your movers. This may prompt you to start working on your own before they arrive. While it is fine to bring out some lighter items, or anything that is exceptionally easy to handle, try to avoid handling anything that is heavy or tricky. The best thing to do is wait for your movers, they will know what to do. You can always contact your movers and ask them their ETA, as well. By doing things “your way”, you may complicate things for your movers. And you don’t really want that to happen.

Double-check for “forgotten items”

What you can do with your time is to make another round of the place and try to spot any items that may be forgotten. This is the time to open every drawer and see if it is empty. This might actually take a while, depending on your home. But it might save you a trip back. You always want to do this before you leave. Even triple-checking is not really out of the question. Actually, if you are moving interstate, you should absolutely triple-check everything. Coming back might be quite expensive, after all.

One of the things you should do on your moving day – Clean and secure your old home

Moving day will have a lot of items being moved in and out and there will be some dirt involved, guaranteed. What you need to do is be ready with some cleaning solutions and a mop handy. As your movers work, you will be able to clean by sections and it will never feel like a huge chore. Avail of some post-move cleaning tips and it will all be even easier! You will need some materials and tools for this, so don’t pack absolutely everything. You can even leave something behind if you so wish.

Clean your old home thoroughly.

Tip your movers

Finally, your movers will be doing a lot of work. They will never ask for anything more than previously agreed but that is not to say that they might not earn it. If you notice that your movers are taking exceptional care of your items, or that they make you laugh or otherwise make your relocation more enjoyable, you may want to show your appreciation with a small tip. If you are asking yourself “should you tip your movers?” one of the right answers is “yes if I feel they deserve it”. Really, it is subjective and not regulated at all but it puts a smile on people’s faces. If they put a smile on your face, it is only fair of you to return the favor.

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