How To Store Collectibles Properly

People collect different type of things for many reasons. From the thrill of finding collectibles and making a collection of your dreams to making a profit buying and selling them. But regardless of the reason for starting a collection, every collector has the same goal, and that is to keep the collectibles safe and sound. If you don’t have enough space around your house, the best solution offers climate controlled storage Columbus. Follow our tips and learn how to store collectibles properly.

Decluttering first!

Storing valuables properly and in an organized fashion takes a lot of time and effort. And you don’t want to waste your energy and money storing items you don’t want anymore, right? Hence, before you pack and store collectibles properly, you need to declutter first. You can sell items you no longer want and even earn a few bucks. Make sure to do a little research on the prices. Many people are willing to pay a big amount for a collectible they want. So, before you begin packing your treasure, it would be a good time to analyze and determine what you want to keep and what you can get rid of. This way, you get to free up cash for other things you may want more.

A doll
Most collectible items are delicate and require special conditions

Cleaning gear for your collectibles

Nobody likes cleaning, but sometimes it’s just necessary. When you want to store collectibles properly, cleaning is avoidable. If your pieces have experienced years of neglect or improper storage, you need to clean them well. And even if you took good care of them, you still need to clean them before storing. Be as gentle as possible and make sure you use the proper tools. Here are some products and tools you need to assemble a basic collectibles cleaning kit:

  • Soft-bristled brushes you are likely to find in a garage sale. Whether you get into artist’s brushes, shaving brushes, or soft paintbrushes, they are all great for dusting away your collectibles. Just be sure to clean them thoroughly before using them for this purpose.
  • Cotton swabs
  • You can purchase a can of moisture-free compressed air at office supply stores. It and works very well for cleaning items that are too delicate to brush. Just remember to hold the can far enough away not to blast the piece you are cleaning. The air is under pressure and can be very forceful at close range.
  • When you are cleaning your collectibles, and dry cleaning methods don’t quite do the trick, try using distilled water. It allows you to avoid the minerals and chemicals often found in tap water that can stain certain materials.
  • Isopropyl alcohol often comes in very handy for cleaning many porcelain and ceramics pieces, even those with a glazed finish.
Be careful during the cleaning process. Alcohol is risky because it can take the finish off of wood and remove painting on glass. Additionally, be careful if using detergents. Keep in mind that anything with bleach can end up damaging fragile items such as vintage clothing or faux pearls.
A man painting and thinking how to store collectibles properly
The artwork on paper is fading from direct light, protect it with glass

Things to have in mind to store collectibles properly

Now that everything is clean and shiny, you need to figure out how to store collectibles properly. What experts recommend for this type of items, is renting a climate controlled storage unit and placing your collectibles in it, using handy bins storage. Climate controlled storage will provide adequate temperature and humidity conditions to your things and bins will keep them safe from fall, and dust. Here are some factors you need to keep in mind in order to do it right.


It is crucial to keep your collectibles off the excessive light, it can damage almost any kind of material. It fades the dyes in textiles and original signatures on memorabilia and artworks on paper. Also, it can dry out organic materials such as paper, leather, wood, and cloth. Therefore, every kind of collectible should be kept away from direct sunlight. Although you don’t have to worry about this when using a climate controlled storage, keep your things well wrapped. But when you decide to display them, frame artworks on paper with conservation or museum glass, which block UV rays, for additional protection.

Temperature needs adjusting 

Extreme temperatures, whether they are cold or hot, can ruin your collectibles. For this reason, attics and garages are never a good choice for keeping these types of items. The ideal temperature for preserving delicate materials like wood, paper, and natural fibers is 64 degrees. Again, getting the climate controlled storage will allow you to keep a steady temperature level and make a comfortable place for your collectibles.

Antique table and two chairs
When storing antique furniture, protect it from mold by controlling the humidity

Humidity needs to be at a medium 

To store collectibles properly, humidity needs to be at a medium of neither too dry nor too dump. Under damp conditions, mold grows, metal rusts, and destructive insects breed. If that is what you are collecting, you need to protect your furniture from mold and keep humidity at an adequate level. On the other hand, under dry conditions, organic materials crack, shrink, and become brittle. You need to achieve a good balance of humidity whether your items are out on display or away in storage.

Store your collectibles properly, in order to keep them safe

Maybe this all sounds like a lot of work, but it’s actually quite simple when you know what you are doing and have the right equipment. If you are still feeling uncertain how to process you can always contact storage representatives and ask them for help. And remember, if you store collectibles properly now, you get to enjoy them in many years to come!

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