How to reorganize your storage before the Holidays

Storage PreparationOctober 26, 2021

It has been some time since you rented the storage unit from moving and storage Columbus Ohio. Back then, you did the proper cleaning. You also followed all the instructions to store your things properly. This means, you made the central aisle, so you could walk in and access every box easily. You have also left some space between the walls and boxes. That way the air is circulating in the unit. And you followed the advice to leave the things you use frequently close to the entrance. All done fine. However, with time, the boxes are getting weaker. And you were adding more things inside. Now, the Holidays are coming, and your storage unit is a bit messy. And it is time to clean it and make it tidy again. So, how to reorganize your storage before the Holidays?

Woman with protective glasses, gloves and sanitary materials., ready to reorganize your storage before the Holidays.
To reorganize your storage before the Holidays, start with throughout cleaning.

Make an inventory of your storage unit

In the time when you moved your things into cheap storage units Columbus Ohio, you had an inventory list. However, you continued adding things to it. So, you have lost a track of what is inside. The best way is to start with the rough inventory.

  • Create some space inside or outside your storage unit
  • Move the boxes from the unit to that space
  • Count the number of the boxes you have before you start to reorganize your storage before the Holidays

This is not so easy task. Besides patience, you will need physical strength. So, it is a good idea to ask for help. Friends and relatives can give you a hand. Once all boxes are out, start with proper inventory. Open boxes and check their contents.

Clean the empty storage unit

As your storage unit is now empty, you can clean it thoroughly. Also, before you start putting things back, you can add shelves inside your unit. That will give you more space. Also, you will be able to easily access any box.

Various glasses and some food at the table, and a hand pouring vine from bottle into glass.
Invite all your helpers for a relaxing party to thank them.

Use the opportunity and reorganize your storage before the Holidays

Take this opportunity to review the contents of each box. You can also do decluttering. Having Columbus Ohio storage units climate controlled, your belongings are perfectly preserved. But, many things you don’t need anymore. So you can set them aside. Later on, you can sell, donate or throw them away. In case some of the boxes are damaged, change them with the new ones. Now, you have the storage unit clean. You have the shelves inside. And some new boxes. Besides, after decluttering, you will have fewer contents inside. This also means that you will have space to store more items. The work was not easy. But your storage looks so new and clean now.

Donating your surplus things

If you decide to donate to charity, give them a call. They will organize the transport. And you will make some people happy for the holidays.

Rent a junk removal company if needed

Decluttering, you may find some things from the time you needed the dorm room storage solutions. Such things are now probably useless, and you don’t need them to take your storage space. So, rent a junk removal company to drive them away.

Now your storage looks so nice before the Holidays

First, it will give you a lot of joy to see your unit looking so nice. It took time. And a lot of work. But the result is stunning. You have found a way to reorganize your storage before the Holidays. And you are now so proud, as you have done it like a pro. So now, when you need to find something, you will easily walk in. And find the right box on the shelf easily. To celebrate, invite all your helpers for a relaxing party to thank them.

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