How to prepare for the first holiday season in Westerville Ohio

Top places in OhioOctober 24, 2021

Westerville is the northeast neighborhood of Columbus Ohio. If you’re lucky, the movers Columbus Ohio have already moved you here. This is one of the most beautiful places to live in. And it is only about 15 minutes away from Columbus downtown. The first thing you will notice in Westerville is the strong sense of community. So, no a wonder that the city hosts so many events. The calendar of events program is well maintained. And it is easily accessible. It is also regularly updated. You can find it on the official Westerville website. Although you have just moved in, be prepared for your first holiday season in Westerville Ohio.

A woman in a gray sweater cuts a pumpkin on a wooden table, to prepare for her first holiday season in Westerville Ohio.
Be prepared for your first holiday season in Westerville Ohio.

Halloween – your first holiday season in Westerville Ohio

Halloween is amongst the most popular events in the USA. So, be ready for the fun. How to prepare yourself for this festival? And don’t even think to skip it. Remember, that you are now in Westerville. So, there are no excuses. All citizens participate in community events. So, find time until Sunday, October 31, to prepare.  You will need a unique Halloween costume. And some house decorations as well. If you don’t already have a costume and decoration in storage units Westerville Ohio, you can buy them. Just check in the specialized shops in the town. And be sure to prepare some sweets for trick-or-treating. Also, you will have to show up and attend the lighting of bonfires.

Preparing for your first Halloween in Westerville, and unpacking

As you have just moved to Westerville, you will have many things to complete. And keep in mind that October is a so busy month in Westerville. Moreover, you still have some of your possession in storage rental Columbus Ohio. After moving, you decided to first paint the walls and do deep cleaning. So, you have left some boxes in storage. Now, you are taking a few boxes daily. This means driving to storage and back. Then you need some time to unpack and arrange your possessions. Afterward, you must find proper Jack-o-lanterns and other decorations for your front porch. Also, don’t forget that in addition to the Halloween celebration, there will be many festivities during the whole month.

The town square at night illuminated by festive lights.
From the beginning of October, Westerville is aglow with cheerful lights.

Westerville hearth of holidays and festivities

From the beginning of October, Westerville is aglow with cheerful lights. Stores are full of happy shoppers. And there are numerous celebrations. Having citizens gathering for celebrations is a usual sight in Westerville. Such celebrations can take place anywhere. Every Friday, there is a festival in Uptown Westerville. Thus one is for supporting local businesses. Or you can attend live entertainment and many fun activities for kids. You may also enjoy the live performance of the Westerville Symphony in the city park. The Westerville government website is very handy. It will help you follow those numerous events.

Westerville Caring & Sharing that you will discover during your first holiday season

During the first holiday season in Westerville Ohio, you will have many opportunities to help. There are some neighbors in need there. This is one more Westerville tradition. The persons in need are getting regular help from the city. However, in a holiday spirit, citizens are donating food and other things. So, the nonprofit Westerville Caring & Sharing is taking care of collecting. They also ensure the delivery of donations. You may have some surplus things. So, you can always give them away. So, you can always ask for help from the packing services. Later on, you can also add the sparkling wrap paper, to make the present looking nicer.

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