How to protect your items from the heat during transport

Moving Day TipsJune 25, 2021

As with everything, there are always pros and cons with summer relocation. Nice weather on the one hand. On the other hand, the peak of the season means more money. However, is the weather good for the move? Let’s not forget the high temperatures. Therefore, if you choose summer, protect your items from the heat during transport. At the same time, rely on moving and storage Columbus Ohio. After all, the safety of your belongings is number one.

Which items are sensitive to high temperatures?

First of all, be aware of the things you must pay special attention to. Thus, do everything to guard your belongings against heat during transportation.

  • wooden and leather furniture
  • appliances and electronics
  • collection of valuable items (stamps, coins, wine, books, artwork)
  • musical instruments
  • clothes
  • plants
  • medicines and toiletries

Most of the items listed above don’t react well to high temperatures. Hence, they can fade, gather moisture, mildew. Therefore, we’ve given you enough reasons to realize dorm room storage solutions are an excellent idea. With this in mind, it’s time for extra advice on how to behave with these items during summer transport.

Find ways to protect your items from the heat during transport

First and foremost, make a good plan. Thus, obtain the necessary things to secure your possessions against high temperatures during transport. Also, make sure to use the benefits of climate-controlled storage. Moreover, your moving day should start early in the morning.

Use appropriate packaging

For instance, opt for new corrugated boxes. Put electronics in their original packing supplies. Still, when it comes to plants, place them in a box and poke holes in the top and sides of the box. By all means, plants should have enough air. Moreover, leave them in the house until the last minute of your departure.

protect your items from the heat during transport such as these plants in the kitchen prepared for the move
Protect your items from the heat during transport. Plants are quite sensitive. Let them be the last to go out and the first to get into the new home.

Don’t forget the insulation and don’t neglect the importance of cushioning

For this purpose use a foam cooler, foam planks, thermal bubble wraps. It’s crucial to minimize the impact of high temperatures on the items. Among other things, store collectibles properly. In order to achieve maximum protection use bubble wraps, packing peanuts, and foam.

a man and woman wrapping a chair with a bubble wrap
Prepare the items for transport. Use the necessary materials.

Certain items demand temperature control

Dry ice and gel packs are perfect in some cases when moving in the summer. Frozen items demand dry ice. Moreover, remember that packaging with dry ice needs to have ventilation. However, avoid dry ice with food. On the other hand, gel packs are for temperatures between 32 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Arrange proper conditions for your stuff

Overall, summer is not the perfect time to move. Still, if you’ve chosen it already, prepare well. Protect your items from the heat during transport. Make sure to get the appropriate packaging. Control the temperature. Use whatever you can to protect your possessions. Hopefully, our advice will be helpful.

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