How to Prevent Moisture in Your Storage Unit

Although we are mostly storing items we don’t use that often, we want to know they are safe. And in order to keep them safe, we need to protect them from moisture. Besides picking some of quality storage units Powell, we also need to take care of the conditions we are storing them in. Moisture can cause unrepairable damage to some fragile items, such as wood furniture, electric devices, and different materials. The following tips will help you prevent moisture in your storage unit, so let’s give it some thought!

Dry items only!

Before storing any of your items, you need to make sure all of them are completely dry. An old saying goes“one rotten apple spoils the whole barrel”, and this goes for storage as well. For example, if there is just a single item of clothing that is slightly wet, all of your things will be in risk of moisture damage. Remember, there is a big chance that mildew and mold will start to grow on your belongings if they are not completely dry. And you definitely don’t want this to happen. Hence, try not to wash your clothes right before storing them in order to prevent moisture in your storage unit.

Clothes in different colors and glasses need to be dry to prevent moisture in your storage unit
Make sure all your items are completely dry, in order to prevent moisture in your storage unit

Pack the properly and protect them

Once you have made sure your items are completely dry, we can go on to the next step. You need to find the best way to pack them in your storage unit. If you want to store furniture, you need to make sure it is in its normal upright position. Don’t place it in a position that will create more space in your storage. It definitely won’t do you a favor if you want to prevent moisture in your storage unit. Besides, when storing your furniture upright, your furniture basically won’t be touching the floor directly, because of its legs, Furthermore, the air circulation that will be much better. If you are storing some old, wood furniture, be careful. Remember there is a big risk it will start to rot if you don’t know how to store wood furniture properly. When storing clothing and fur, wash them a few days before storing them. You can hang them inside the wardrobe boxes or pack them in regular moving boxes.

Check the humidity levels regularly to prevent moisture in your storage unit

If you have decided to rent an indoor storage unit, try to find a reputable and secure storage provider. And then, you will need to keep an eye on the humidity level from day one if you want to prevent moisture in your storage unit and the growth of mold. Typically, normal indoor humidity level varies from 30% to 50%, and it should never exceed 50%. If this limit gets crossed, many problems can follow. For this reason, you really need to check the humidity in your storage regularly.

You can hire professionals to check levels of humidity in your storage unit or you can do it by yourself. How do you do that? It’s simple. You just need to get yourself a certain instrument called hygrometer. You can use it to measure your humidity levels, and if they are over 50%, you will need to do a detailed check for mold.

Check the storage unit for leaks

This is a must if you have rented an outdoor unit. You will need to check for holes, cracks, and leaks on a regular basis. Make sure you search the unit thoroughly, so you won’t have to deal with water entering your storage unit later on.

Storage units
Definitely, the best way to prevent moisture is to get climate controlled storage unit

To be on the safe side- get a climate-controlled storage unit

The tips you have read so far are all effective in battling moisture. However, the simplest and the safest solution is renting a climate controlled storage Columbus. Most moving and storage companies offer and recommend the use of climate-controlled storage units. They do cost a bit more, but what they provide you is priceless- peace of mind. Those units have temperature and humidity control functions that most effectively helps you prevent the moisture in your storage units, so think about it.

Install a vapor barrier

A vapor barrier is a polyethylene plastic or foil coating that people use to damp-proof some space. You should install them on the warm side of the storage unit’s wall in order to block outdoor moisture. Place it beneath the floor as well to inhibit ground moisture from getting inside. You can purchase it from most home goods or hardware stores.

Homemade desiccant packs

It’s easy to make homemade desiccant packs, you just need to follow the instructions. First, sing a piece of fabric, create a pouch and fill it with moisture-absorbing crystals, such as silica gel. Then, sew two squares of fabric together on three sides in order to create a pocket. Finally, turn it inside out, and fill with silica crystals. Fold in the top, shut it and then sew it to close it. Hang your desiccant bags in several places inside your storage unit.

Charcoal is a great natural alternative to the desiccant

Use charcoal to fight moisture

The charcoal briquettes are a natural alternative to the desiccant. They are very effective in eliminating musty odors and absorbing moisture. You can place them in pouches, as you did with the silica gel, or place them inside a bucket or basket lined with some plastic or foil. You can even set them on a metal tray and put inside your storage unit. Just be careful not to set them against anything that can be stained. Because charcoal stains can be very difficult to remove.

As you can see there are many ways to prevent moisture in your storage unit. You just need to be careful and persistent. Remember, if you take good care of your things today, you get to enjoy them in many years to come!

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