Tips for Storing Wooden Furniture

Storage PreparationApril 25, 2019

When it comes to storing wooden furniture, you need to be both careful and attentive. While wood is a nice material to make furniture, it is not so suited for storage. Especially if you do not prepare for it and the storage conditions turn out to be abysmal. That is why you need to know first find a decent short term storage company where you will be able to store your furniture safely. And then, you need to prepare your furniture for storage so that it remains in pristine condition. Luckily, we are here to help you, every step of the way.

Find a reliable company for storing wooden furniture

The first thing that you need to do is to find a decent storage company. Depending on where you live, this may be a bit difficult. But, you need to do it, none the less. Only by hiring a decent storage company can you expect your furniture to remain intact. The storage unit that you use needs to be both safe and well maintained. No matter how much you prepare your furniture, you cannot protect it from outside conditions if the storage unit you use is in bad shape. So, before you start preparing furniture, make sure to find a reliable storage company.

Use a decent storage company for storing wooden furniture
Storing wooden furniture is impossible without working with a decent storage company.

How to look for a storage company

Start looking online for local storage companies. It is usually a good idea to look for storage companies that are nearby as you will have an easier time accessing their storage. But, if it so happens that you don’t have a good one nearby, no worries. Simply find the one that is closest to you and that is reliable. How to check if a company is reliable? Simple. Start off by check their online reviews.

Most storage companies are also moving companies, which gives you the opportunity to hire them to transport your furniture. But, it also gives you a better opportunity to check if they are trustworthy enough for storing wooden furniture.

Prepare items

Once you’ve found the right storage company, you need to start preparing your furniture for storage. While hiring a decent storage company is tremendously important, you also need to prepare your furniture. If you do not prepare your wooden furniture for storage it will not remain intact. No matter how good of a storage company you choose.


Start off by disassembling your wooden furniture. Most wooden furniture is pretty intuitive to disassemble. You just need to have the necessary tools and be careful enough not to damage it. If you have bought your furniture recently, you should probably still have the assembly instructions lying around. If not, try to find them online. Just follow the instructions in reverse, and you should have no problems.

Antique furniture
Keep in mind that not all furniture can be disassembled.

Unfortunately, not all furniture can be disassembled. Some pieces can be so old that disassembling them would mean ruining them. The nails and the wood have been tied together for so long that if you tried to separate them, you couldn’t possibly hope to put them together. For those types of furniture, you need to forget about disassembly. Even though it may be difficult, you will need to transport and store them in one piece. That is the only way for such items to remain intact.


But, whether or not you disassemble your wooden furniture, you will need to clean it. You should be cleaning your furniture at least once every month. But, if you haven’t done so recently, preparing your wooden furniture for storage is a great opportunity. Just make sure that you use proper cleaning equipment and supplies. Wooden furniture is meant to last a long time, but it still needs maintenance. Only if you take care of it, can you expect that it to last you for years to come.


Once you’ve disassembled your furniture, the time has come to pack it. Packing disabled furniture is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is to find boxes that are large enough to contain the pieces. It is a good idea to wrap some old clothing around the pieces if you plan on packing them in the same box. While wood is pretty tough, you still want to do what you can to avoid any unnecessary damage. Especially if there are any parts of furniture that are more fragile.

Use wrapping and padding materials to protect your furniture so that there is a minimum chance of a mishap. You will need to keep in mind the weather and moisture changes that you will have to protect your furniture from while in storage. That is unless you use climate controlled storage Columbus.

How to place items inside storage units

Now that you’ve found the right storage company and packed your furniture, the time has come to store it. Now, the first problem you will run into in transporting it. It is always advisable to let professionals deal with transportation. But, if you are keen on doing it by yourself, there are few things that you need to keep in mind.

Wooden furniture
It is rarely a good idea to transport furniture on your own.

How to transport wooden furniture

The most important tip is to use a small van. Driving a moving truck is not easy. If you have no experience with it, you are bound to make mistakes that can be very costly. So, it is a much better idea to simply get a smaller van and use it. Your car driving skills will transfer to it much more easily.

Using storage

Once you’ve transported your possessions to the storage, you will need to utilize it properly. When it comes to storing wooden furniture you need to be careful. Make sure that the weight is evenly distributed and that every part of the furniture is covered in plastic wrap. It will be up to you to make sure that your furniture remains in pristine condition. This is especially important to keep in mind if you plan on storing wooden furniture for a long time.

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