How to Prepare Your Items for Summer Storage in Pickerington

Storage PreparationJuly 10, 2020

It’s almost that time of year again! Summers are when we prepare for dinners in the backyard with the family. Most people travel, but others prefer hot, lazy afternoons and the late summer nights in their town. For some people, the heatwave means they will be uprooting themselves from our current homes, ready to migrate! If you are one of them, you might need to rent storage units Pickerington Ohio. Renting storage can help you even if you are simply heading home from college. So, in most cases, summer just means that it is time to prepare your items for summer storage in Pickerington. After you read our guide, you can focus on long periods away from the house and bustle of activities (especially if you have kids)!

Man with packing tape
For many of us, preparing for summer means creating space in our houses for all the extra activities and people that somehow tag along with summer.

First, let’s prepare for summer cleaning before we can store things

Regardless of your needs and your situation, we can help you find a unit that will fit any need. Along with that reliable storage services, we can also help you prepare your items for summer storage in Pickerington. So let’s dive right into it!

  • Firstly, you need to determine exactly what you want to store.
  • Additionally, you should categorize them in terms of long term summer storage items and shorter-term ones. We recommend that you start with items you don’t need first. When you do this, you have to keep in mind the size of the storage unit you want. You can get any size you want. There are all kinds of sizes, from the closet to room, to the garage, to a whole container.
  • However, depending on where you live, you also need to note that summer temperatures can go pretty high. Therefore you may need climate-controlled storage spaces to prevent moisture from damaging your items and mold buildup.

Prepare your items for summer storage in Pickerington like a pro

As we go into summer, here are a few storage tips to help you prepare your items for summer storage in Pickerington like a true expert.

1. Clothes

  • It’s time to put all your heavy, dark, feathered winter coats in storage. To prepare your items for summer storage in Pickerington, specifically, winter clothes, we recommend that you first remove anything that could be in the pockets.
  • We also highly recommend that you wash your winter clothes before storing them. You need to remove any dirt or sweat before storing garments. Otherwise, the dirty articles of clothing can attract all kinds of creatures and get permanently stained.
  • Finally, clothes store better when you fold them as opposed to when you just hang them. Folding reduces the stretching of fabric over time.
Man in a warehouse starting to Prepare Your Items for Summer Storage in Pickerington
There are several storage units available that suit your particular need. All you have to do is so your research on what is being offered and choose the best fit for you.

2. Prepare your special materials for summer storage in Pickerington Special Materials

  • Leather shoes, purses, and jackets: Clean them and rub with conditioning oil so that they do not dry or crack.
  • Prepare your furs for summer storage in Pickerington under cool conditions. Therefore, a climate-controlled environment would be best.
  • You should dry-clean clothing made of wool professionally, then store them in breathable garment bags or boxes. You should also use cedar blocks to keep away moths and insects rather than using mothballs.
  • Synthetics: Make sure you have properly cleaned rayon and cotton before folding them in breathable bags or boxes.

3. Equipment

As with all other items you are storing, you also need to clean all your equipment! Snowboards, skis, and all other winter equipment need to be clean before storage. This does not just mean you will only be wiping them down with a damp cloth. Make sure you have cleaned the surfaces, but you should also include sanding or sharpening the edges. Even put on a fresh coat of wax to prevent drying out, then store them in bags or sheets to keep off dust. This will prevent rusting or warping. Winter sports equipment should always be upright and on soft surfaces such as rugs or towels.

4. Prepare Your Items Such As Boots for Summer Storage in Pickerington

During winter, boots seem to get the negligent treatment. By the time you are thinking about preparing your items for summer storage in Pickerington, chances are that your boots have a lot of grime and dirty insoles and liners! Remove these and hand wash them before putting them in storage. When storing boots, the shells should be laced up and fastened so they do not lose their shape.

Final long-term summer storage tips

1. Find out if your facility has any storage restrictions

Once you have decided where you will store all your stuff, find out what can and can’t go in your storage unit. Usually, the storage facility will provide you with a list of all the restricted items. If they do not provide you with a list, kindly ask because you can avoid complications afterward. Examples of non-storable items include paint, fireworks, narcotics, gasoline, etc. Perishable food, medicine, and plants are also on this list.

2. Create an inventory list of all items

Make sure you have a detailed list of everything you put in the storage unit and keep the record safe. This way, when you do go back to get certain items, you can refer to your inventory list. Also, labeling boxes, makes this much easier.

Espadrilles in a box
Have you ever left a pair of shoes or handbag somewhere for too long and found it meshed together?

3. Strategically Prepare Your Items for Summer Storage in Pickerington

You need to be intentional about where and how you place things inside the storage unit. If you need to save on space, position whatever you can vertically. Heavy and large items should always be on the bottom, and then stack lighter ones on top of them. Consider what material makes up the floor of the storage unit and cover it if there is a possibility it can damage your items. Remember you will need some items soon or often, so place them near the door.

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