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Packing your entire life and shipping it elsewhere is never an easy thing to do. However, moving containers do make things easier. Portable storage has definitely revolutionized the way people move and store their belongings. This combination of moving truck and storage unit in one is a great alternative with no time constraints. But your experience won’t be as positive as it should be if you don’t know how to efficiently and securely pack portable storage. Hence, let’s give it some thought!

Follow our simple rules to pack a storageportable storage
Follow our simple rules to pack portable storage like a pro.

Getting ready to pack a portable storage

The company you rent a portable storage from will deliver it to your home. They will also leave it at ground level for easy loading and unloading. And the best thing is that portable storage can stay on your property for as long as you need it unless local regulations prohibit doing so.

Fortunately, this gives you plenty of time to pack a portable storage like a pro. And when you are ready to move the unit, your movers will move it for you to your new home or to some of the storage units Columbus Ohio 43204. Storage portable storage units are weatherproof and waterproof, and most of them can hold one or two rooms of stuff.

While reliable movers and moving trucks make moving much easier, portable storage units are a multi-purpose and affordable solution for your moving and storing needs. They allow you to combine moving truck and storage unit in one and have no time constraints. But first, you need to pack them properly.

Packing essentials you need to get

Just like for any other job, having the right is crucial. Packing and moving portable storage unit is no different. Before you start packing your household into a portable storage container, make sure you get:

dolly with boxes
Don’t even try loading your portable storage without a dolly.

This equipment and packing supplies will help keep your items safe and free from damage. Of course, a dolly is a must-have tool for moving heavy or bulky appliances and pieces of furniture. Don’t even try moving heavy items without it, you might get seriously injured.

Prepare your belongings 

Before you pack a portable storage, you will need to prepare your things properly for this type of storage container. You want your items to fit in the unit nicely, and this is how you will achieve that. Follow these simple rules:

  • Use as many of the same or similar size boxes as possible
  • Don’t overload them
  • Pack them firmly for extra protection
  • Use the tape to reinforce the bottom and top of the boxes

Before you start loading up your portable storage, you should use the packing supplies to prepare the items. Wrap your furniture with the stretch wrap in order to protect it against dirt and damage. Use the furniture pads and paper pads to wrap items that may scratch other items. Also, use it for the ones that are at risk of getting scratched themselves. In order to give your wrapped furniture extra protection, place it on top of a furniture pad when loading it.

How to load your  portable storage like a pro

Creating a solid foundation is crucial when you pack a portable storage. You need to make sure that nothing will shift during transportation and that your items won’t get damaged during the move.

Create a wall

Pack your things from floor to ceiling, creating a wall until they reach the top of the truck. Pack boxes and other items tightly and fill all the gaps with packing paper or pads. This way you will evenly distribute weight and avoid shifting. Build a sturdy wall of boxes along one side of the portable storage unit.

Distribute the weight

When loading moving boxes and other things, especially large and heavy items, distribute the weight evenly. Do it from side-to-side and end-to-end. Start with the heavier items, such as furniture and appliances, and place them on the bottom. In case you can’t get proper weight distribution with your things, try placing the heaviest items in the center of the unit and lighter items on top of them.

Use bags with clothing to fill any gaps.

Fill and maximize space

Fill all open spaces with boxes and other small items in order to provide stability. If there are gaps between the top of the boxes and the unit’s ceiling, place some soft items on top of the boxes. You can use bags of clothing or linens. Bikes and other odd-shaped items can go on top of boxes or near the doors. Remember to remove the legs from furniture and place large items such as couches on end to maximize space. If you have a mattress to pack, load it last as the last layer of stability.

Different sized boxes are more difficult to load and they are more likely to fall over. Try to find cube-shaped boxes of the same size to give you more versatility while loading them.

Heavier boxes go on the bottom and lighter ones on top

Stack the boxes as high as you can. This ensures a tight fit so your belongings won’t shift or move around! You can also fill in smaller spaces with knick-knacks to prevent the contents of your boxes from shifting. And most noteworthy, don’t forget to label what’s inside each box for future reference and easy unpacking! We really hope these tips will help you pack a storage unit fast and easy!

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