How to organize your apartment after moving to Columbus

After the moveJanuary 29, 2022

While the moving journey might be over, there’s still unpacking to complete in order to fully feel at home in your new place. Keep in mind that this is also a process that goes easier if you do it step by step. That’s why we at Zippy Shell Columbus took time to make the post-relocation guide for you to effortlessly unpack and organize your apartment after moving to Columbus. In addition, consider unpacking or storage services if you need extra help. We rank among some of the most trusted moving companies Columbus Ohio has, therefore you can count on our expertise. Give us a call as soon as you decide your moving date.

Unpacking and organizing your apartment after moving to Columbus goes step by step

The last stage of your relocation journey is unpacking. Although less tiring than the move, it requires planning. By doing so, you will avoid scattered boxes, packing paper, and overall post-move mess. Plus, it will be easier to clean your new home as you are unpacking room by room. In addition, you can always hire local movers Columbus Ohio offers. Find a company that provides unpacking services at affordable rates.

a happy couple unpacking after the move
Take time to organize your apartment after moving to Columbus.

Keep in mind that unpacking takes time and it’s best not to rush it. Unless you have to unpack in a day due to work or other duties, take time with each room. It’s best to unpack the most important rooms first, then proceed to those you will be using the least:

  • Bedrooms
  • Kitchen 
  • Bathroom
  • Home office
  • Living room
  • Game room and etc.

Unpack the essentials and make the rooms functional

The first items you should unpack are the essential furniture and items. Moving is an exhausting process, so you probably won’t be in the mood to unpack everything at once. It’s useful to create the unpacking schedule for each following day until you completely set up your new home. Also, make sure not to forget to thoroughly clean each room as you are unpacking. Dust and mop the floors first, then clean unpacked furniture. Make sure to open the windows from time to time and let fresh air in. You can use an essential oils diffuser to add your favorite scents to a new apartment.

a family unpacking after the move
Have fun with your kids while unpacking.

If you are moving in with kids, then the first room to unpack and organize is the kid’s bedroom or nursery. Allow your kids to participate in unpacking. It’s a good way to make the whole process fun. Proceed with your bedroom afterward. In case you feel too tired, just unpack the bed, pillows, and linen since you will need plenty of rest. Next, proceed with the bathroom and kitchen after you are done with all bedrooms. Take out the essential toiletries, towels, dishes, and cutlery first. The living room, gaming room, and home office are the last to unpack. However, if you are obligated to continue working as soon as you move in, then set up your office after being done with bedrooms to have a clean and functional workspace. It’s easier to function in a new home once you clean it up, and then unpack the essentials.

Warehouse rental keeps the clutter away so that you can organize your apartment after moving to Columbus

In case you have too many items, consider temporary warehouse space. That way, you will avoid unnecessary clutter in your new home. Plus, it’s less overwhelming when you don’t have too many stacked items in your sight. Therefore, find a proper climate-controlled unit where your items will be safe and sound. Also, warehouse rental is great for keeping spare items you couldn’t sell or donate while you were decluttering your previous place.

Rent storage at a licensed company that provides top-level storage services. Take customer reviews into consideration since they will tell you more about the storage quality and company staff.  After that, call the company or independent storage provider and schedule an appointment. In case the company refuses, move on to the next one. You should avoid any suspicious movers that probably don’t have your best interest at heart. Before renting a storage unit, it’s important to make sure all the necessary conditions are fulfilled:

  • The storage is clean, well-maintained, and climate-controlled.
  • All units are surveilled.
  • Only you have 24/7 access to your belongings.
  • The storage unit isn’t too far.

Give yourself enough rest after relocating to Columbus

Relocations often take a toll on physical well-being, which is why proper rest is necessary. Unpack beds and sheets, let your closest ones know that you arrived, switch off your phone, and get enough sleep. After you wake up, prepare or order your favorite comfort food to recharge properly. If you aren’t in a hurry, allow yourself a lazy day or two. It takes time to not only get a rest after moving but also to adjust to the new environment. Try not to rush with exploring. You will spend a longer period in your new place of residence, so there’s no need to hurry. The gradual adjustment will help you feel at home.

a person taking rest
It’s important to get plenty of rest before you start organizing your new home.

Try not to rush with organizing your apartment after moving to Columbus

As it’s already mentioned, it takes time to organize your apartment after moving to Columbus. Furthermore, the adaptation process also goes slowly, especially if the move was a bit more emotionally challenging. Some people miss their old home and environment even months after the move. That’s why you should give yourself enough time to get used to the Columbus lifestyle and community. Columbus is known as an affordable city to lie in, while its job market is getting better every year. Plus, education ranks high in the state of Ohio. In addition, you will enjoy the outdoors, as well as cultural events and festivals. Therefore, make sure to explore the place a little bit each day as you are setting up your new home.

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