How to dress on moving day

Moving Day TipsApril 11, 2021

Another relocation is upon you and as you already know, you must organize accordingly, prepare for packing, and find one of the best moving companies Columbus Ohio to assist you. Also, you must calculate your moving costs, think about your health, and safety. All those steps require a bit of thinking and advanced planning. Therefore, let us help you with one of the moving stages. Today we will cover how to dress on moving day and keep yourself safe and comfortable while moving. Let’s take a look.

Create your moving plan first

Before you can even think about the clothing you’ll be wearing on a moving day, you should create your moving plan. Start by inspecting the whole environment to figure out the complexity of it all. Then, note down all the belongings and furniture on your moving checklist to keep tracking and stay on schedule. Once you have the basic info, you can contact your local movers Columbus Ohio and let them help you by finalizing your relocation plans.

To do list and a calendar
Create your moving checklist and set your moving schedule.

After you have your plan on paper and the feedback from your movers, you can begin calculating moving costs. Check out all the Columbus moving services and decide what is the best way for you to relocate safely and affordably. Remember to consult with your movers because they have all the knowledge and experience required. Keep it simple but safe and stay focused on the task ahead.

How to dress on moving day and the options you have

Now when you have your relocation plan in place, let us figure out how to dress on moving day. There are quite a few options but we will focus on the most used ones. More importantly, the best combination that’s comfortable and easy to wear. Consider the following:

  • Underwear – Use silk, cotton, or thermal underwear. You’ll need something you are most comfortable with.
  • Footwear – Use thin cotton socks for warm weather and add a woolen pair in case you are moving in cold weather. Always have a spare that you can change along the way.
  • Pants – For the bottom part, you can wear whatever you like. The best options are long jeans, woolen pants, or corduroy. Avoid using shorts and exposing your legs to injuries. Always wear long pair of pants.
  • Shirts – A regular cotton t-shirt and an easy zip lock sweater are all you need.
  • Layering – In case you are moving while raining or snowing, you should dress in layers. Use merino wool, athletic fibers, or cotton to soak up the sweat nicely.
A pile of sneakers in a basket
Pay attention to your shoes. You will be active for hours and you want to be comfortable.

Whatever you choose, just make sure you are avoiding polyester. It is not so friendly when it comes to physical labor and heavy sweating.

What the weather looks like?

The weather you’ll have on your moving day will play a vital role in the whole story. Dress on moving day according to the forecast that you should be following for the whole week prior to the move. If you have a sunny day, then there is nothing much to think about. But if you are moving while raining or snowing, it can be a different story. Firstly, you must know that bad weather moving is not so bad as people think. Yes, you must dress a bit better and use an umbrella, snow shovels, and salt to melt the ice. But it is much harder to protect your moving cargo than to protect yourself. So, cover the easy part and prepare a few waterproof jackets, gloves, boots, and hats. Keep a spare in case someone forgot their pair. And of course, have a spare set for yourself as well.

Use old clothing to dress on moving day

If you can remember where you stored your old clothing, that would be awesome. You’ll need it now more than ever. So, do a bit of decluttering and find your most comfortable pieces. While you are at it, you should inspect all your belongings and set aside all unused items. Once you have a pile big enough, you can decide on what to do with it. One solution is to put it all in one of the storage facilities Columbus Ohio, or to donate, recycle, give away to friends, or simply throw away.

If raining or snowing use warm clothing to dress on moving day
Dress up in something you are most comfortable in.

Using a bins storage Columbus Ohio is the best solution at the moment. Not only that it is easily accessible, affordable, and convenient, but it can be a long-term investment as well. By renting a storage unit you will gain much-needed space to support all your needs. You can use it as a second garage, to support your hobbies, create a workshop, or as an extension for your work. Think about it and consult your moving representative. They will point you in the right direction.

Prepare your clothing and get ready for moving

Prepare your clothing at least a day before the move. Everything should be ready for the morning and remember to have a spare to swap around when needed. At least have a couple of shirts to juggle around. Also, you should cover clothing for the family members and friends who will assist with moving. And as we said earlier, you should use old clothes that you can simply throw away after you are done relocating.

One more thing, you already know you will be sweating a lot. This means you must drink enough fluids and get hydrated when moving. So, keep bottled water, juice, or ice tea easily accessible for everyone involved. Also, have an easy meal on the morning of the move so you can move without too many struggles. Keep yourself in good shape and take enough sleep a few days before the move. It is important to face your moving day in a good shape, especially if you play a key role in this story.

Hopefully, now you know how to dress on moving day. In the end, you can dress in any way you like. But it will greatly influence how you perform and how you feel when moving. If you are lucky, you’ll have a sunny day and you’ll need only a simple sweatshirt and a pair of stretch pants. Good luck and have a good one.


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