How to find quality storage solutions and movers within one company?

Hiring MoversOctober 23, 2020

Finding assistance for your relocation process is one of the best things you can do to ensure this complex endeavor is simple to tackle. However, in order to ensure this is the case, you will have to see to it that the help you find knows the exact way to a successful relocation. That is why you need to put in the work in order to find some of the best Columbus moving companies out there. Only by doing so will you be able to reach the peace of mind you deserve. And, since relocation is seldom a straightforward process, it is best that you count on the possibility of renting storage units. Now, going to two separate companies in order to finalize a move cannot really be characterized as efficient. So, what remains to be answered is how can you find quality storage solutions and movers, all within one company. Let us help you answer that question.

The process of finding quality storage solutions and movers all in one

We will be straight with you from the start – there is no quick way to go about this quest. In order to find quality storage facilities Columbus Ohio has to offer, and pair them with reliable movers, you will have to put in the work. Luckily, with the help of the Internet, your job will be easier to tackle. Now, what is important to understand at this point are your priorities. As you won’t be able to address both fronts at once, you will have to choose what takes precedence in your case.

A man working in a storage facility
Finding quality storage with quality moving assistance requires due research.

That aside here is one truth to ease your mind: in the vast majority of cases, a company that has reliable movers often has quality storage units and vise versa. Simply put, people who truly care about the service they extend and are interested in customer satisfaction will see to it that everything they offer is credible. This fact will make your search that much easier. Now, there are two ways which you can take in your search:

  1. Find quality storage solutions and movers by focusing on the former
  2. Find quality storage solutions and movers by focusing on the latter

How do you know which option to go for? Well, what do you find to be of greater importance?

Finding quality storage solutions

The way you would go about finding quality storage solutions is through filtering each option through a sieve made of the following factors:

  • the reviews and ratings the storage company has
  • the location of the storage facilities
  • storage access
  • the price of the storage, as well as payment plans
  • safety and security measures that the company offers
  • insurance options you have

Now, let us address some of these points further.

A woman going through the internet reviews
Going through the reviews is essential for good judgment.

Reviews and ratings

This is the first and simplest step in your quest. It consists of gathering as many impressions of other people as you can, with the goal of understanding what you have to deal with. Keep in mind that no place can be everyone’s cup of tea. What is great for some, might be utterly terrible for others. With that said, you want to see that the praises a storage unit get match your needs. So, if some of the reviews say that the units are too small for their needs, that doesn’t have to be an issue for you, as you might be storing just a few things. However, insufficient security is always bad news and a major red flag.

The location of the storage facilities

Another important factor that is entirely subjective. Storage units that are closer to the city will undoubtedly cost more. Still, they come with that major convenience. If you do not plan on visiting your goods that often, it would be best that you look for storage options in a bit wider range. Apart from knocking down the price, you are also expanding your options with the goal of finding quality storage solutions as well as movers.

If storage units were your priority, it would be best that you find at least 3 options that go along with your prerequisites. Set them aside, and then take a look at their moving services Columbus Ohio. The wider the net you cast, the greater the chance of landing just the perfect moving company that offers both great storage options and great relocation assistance.

Finding quality movers

If your primary goal is to find quality movers that happen to offer outstanding storage solutions, you will go down a different route. Reliable movers are best found if you can come across a word of mouth recommendations. While internet reviews are always a good option and your second best bet, we would suggest that you start asking around your office. Especially if the company has recently had experience with commercial movers Columbus Ohio. They often have great residential options, and almost always have some storage options involved in their offer. So, do not restrain from asking for some personal experiences.

A man carrying a box
In most cases, quality movers go hand in hand with reliable storage options.

The way you recognize great movers is by having a word with them in person as well. From the moment they greet you, you will be able to tell how much they care about you, and their service. A proper moving company knows the importance of customer satisfaction. So, make sure that you ask questions. See what they have to offer and how they solve problems. Ask to see their storage facilities. Professionals will be sure to give you a proper tour. Keep in mind, quality storage solutions go hand in hand with reliable movers. A company worthy of your trust will go out of its way to ensure you are more than satisfied with their service.

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