How to choose a storage unit according to your items?

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Choosing a storage unit is not considered to be one of the simplest things in life. There are many factors to consider, from size and location to climate control and surveillance. Zippy Shell Greater Columbus has many storage units on offer, but which one you opt for will depend on what you plan on storing inside. The best way to choose a storage unit according to your items is to first create an inventory list of all the things that are going to storage. After you have that, everything is going to be a lot easier. This article is going to provide you with some great tips on how to choose the perfect storage unit.

Choose a storage unit according to your items – Useful tips

Here are the top things to consider before renting a storage unit:

  • Pick the perfect size of a storage unit
  • Choose a good location
  • Consider cost
  • Climate-controlled storage unit
  • Surveillance, safety, and insurance
  • Convenience and accessibility
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If you don’t know to choose the perfect size of the storage unit, contact your storage facility, and ask for advice.

Pick the perfect size of a storage unit according to your items

First of all, the size of the unit is the greatest factor that determines the cost. You don’t want to rent a larger unit than what you need, lest you pay more for no reason at all. This is why having an inventory list is really important. With it in hand, you will be able to determine how large a storage unit needs to be. When you are choosing among storage units Blacklick Ohio, you always want to go no more than 15% larger than what you think you need. That way, you will be able to store additional items should the need arise but you will not pay too much for the extra space even if you don’t.

It all depends on the time you are planning to rent the storage unit, though. If you are only going for a couple of months, you can afford to go larger. But if you are going to rent it for years and years, the cost will add up.

Choose a good location

Another big factor is the location of the unit. Better, more convenient, locations inevitably cost more. Depending on what you plan on storing inside, you can choose a location that will be somewhere in the middle of convenience and cheap. For example, if you are planning on visiting your long-term storage unit once in a few months, a more remote location might be plausible. It all boils down to how much action is that storage unit going to get. If the items within need to be retrieved on a daily basis, then you need something closer to home. Do some evaluation of the unit usage before you settle on a location. It might save you some money in the long run.

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The price of the storage unit depends on the location.

Consider cost when choosing a storage unit according to your items

Storage units are all about striking a balance between cost and convenience. Having your items somewhere where you can easily access them usually costs more than having them in a remote place. In fact, sometimes it may be even more cost-effective to rent two or three units. A small residential storage unit for the items that you plan on using on a regular basis and a large unit for bulky items you may not need for months. The thing is, units that are in distant locations are usually really cheap to rent. Whereas the units in the city center go for a premium. Your items will dictate the location of the unit but always be on the lookout for cheaper solutions.

Climate-controlled storage unit

If your items are adversely affected by humidity, renting a climate-controlled unit is the best option. These types of units do not allow for any humidity within their borders and your belongings are going to be as safe as they can get. Check your inventory list for any items that you believe might get damaged by it. Every household has items that are susceptible to humidity, after all. Storing those items within a space specially designed for them is your best option. Do note that these facilities are more costly than regular units. You may need to evaluate the risk-reward ratio when choosing between a regular and a climate-controlled unit. You will usually want to be safe, though.

Surveillance, safety, and insurance

If you are storing valuable items, security is going to be your prime concern. Even if you are not, it is advisable to look into the security measures of the unit. Does it have video surveillance? Are there live guards? Things like that. Storage units are generally safe but you can never be too careful. Accidents can always happen, such is the world we live in. What you want to do is make sure that your storage unit is as secure as you want it to be.

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Get additional insurance.

Additionally, you may want to look into some insurance options for your belongings. Especially if what you are storing is valuable and/or precious to you. Be sure to check the various options that your storage provider has, and select the one that best corresponds to the items you will be storing.

Convenience and accessibility

Finally, you need to factor in the accessibility of your items when you put them in storage. What are the working hours? Can you come in the middle of the night and retrieve an item in an emergency? You need to ask questions like these, as they will dictate how you can use your unit. It all depends on the items within, though. If you have something that you may need in a hurry, choose a unit that allows for 24/7 access. On the other hand, if the items within are not so crucial, you can go for a cheaper unit with less accessibility. To choose a storage unit according to your items is to evaluate the times when you will need those items. Simple as that.

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