How to decide if you should renovate or move your home in Columbus

Moving SolutionsOctober 30, 2022

It is a great decision to make between renovating and relocating your home. Based on the state of your home you can make a decision. Whatever you decide you will need to spend some money. Renovating your home is less expensive. However, it may not be profitable in the future when you realize you need to renovate again. Also, you wouldn’t want to buy a new home and get a loan for it if you don’t have to. Let’s consider factors that will help you decide if you should renovate or move your home in Columbus.

Factors you should consider when deciding to renovate or move your home in Columbus

Now, let’s analyze the condition of your current home and all other factors which play a big role when it comes to making this major decision. Because we understand how nerve-wracking this can be, we are going to guide you through the decision-making process. If you decide to relocate after reading this article, hire affordable movers Columbus Ohio for a smooth moving process. What you need to consider:

  • detailed condition of your current home
  • if the timing is right
  • Columbus real estate market
  • your financial possibilities and budget
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Deciding if you should renovate or move your home in Columbus is not an easy task

Check the condition of your current home

You should deep into the condition of your current home. First and the most important question to ask is whether your home is safe. If any major parts of the electricity, water, or security system are not working then yes you should start searching for a new home. As well as if the apartment complex is old and overall, in a bad condition. Some areas may feel less safe and convenient for your family and the period of life you are in right now.

When opting for a safer option consider these Columbus neighborhoods: Grandview Heights, Bexley, Italian village, or Worthington. Choosing a new construction in Columbus may seem like a financial loss since you can find cheaper properties. However, it is a great investment for the future plus the expenses of setting up a new home will be lower. If you decide to relocate you should opt for moving and storage Columbus Ohio for an easy and smooth moving process.

Is the timing better for renovation or relocation?

Timing is very important. Yes, your home can show clear signs it needs some action, but maybe the timing is not ideal. Having little kids can be challenging for renovations. They won’t have their own room and space for some time. On the other side if you decide to relocate It will be hard for your kids to get used to the new environment, new school, and new routine. Which can be hard for both of you, but communication is key. Is it the right time for your family and yourself to move? Moving can be a long and hectic process. By working with residential movers Columbus Ohio you will have more time on your hands to take care of your kids and other important things in your life.

As a single person living alone, you must think about your needs first. For instance, will the relocation affect your job and relationships? Or do you have enough time and focus for things like that currently? Think carefully and decide based on your needs and possibilities.

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Selling your home might be the better option right now

Estimate the expenses and compare them to your budget

Naturally, you will want to estimate the expenses of renovating your house. Put on paper everything that needs to be done. For instance, changing your windows, or flooring, and setting up better isolation are some of the things that you might want to do. By making the estimate you can decide easier if the renovation costs are too high and if is it better to start looking for another home. If you decide to renovate your current home, you will need to store somewhere your belongings. Consider renting storage Columbus Ohio to keep your stuff safe and protected.

If you decide to move and sell your home, you can’t be sure at which price exactly you will buy and sell a house. However, you can work with real estate agents, and they can help you forecast it and make the best decisions. Compare both options with your budget and decide which option is better for you.

Take into consideration Columbus real estate market

Even if moving is less expensive for you than renovating, are you getting the most for your money? Before you list your home, learn more about the Columbus real estate market. Seasonal fluctuations in home sales should also be taken into account. In the spring and summer, homes usually sell more quickly and you are more likely to get a higher price for it. Selling and buying a home will cause bigger disruption in your daily routines.

Ask yourself can you afford that in the current period? In many areas, including Central Ohio, prices have increased as a result of high demand. The median sale price grew to $250,000, and the average sale price increased to $290,847, according to the January 2022 Central Ohio Housing Report. It is forecasted that demand in Columbus will continue to be high since it’s convenient and favorable for families and millennials.

a person putting "sold" over a sign can tell you if you should renovate or move your home in Columbus
Do thorough research on the Columbus real estate market before you sell your old home and buy a new one

Should you renovate or move your home in Columbus?

Choosing between moving or renovating your home can be tricky. You need to take some time and decide which option is the best for you at the moment. Analyze the condition of your current home and compare the expenses for both renovating and moving home, research the Columbus real estate market, and ask yourself if the timing is right -all of this will help you decide if you should renovate or move your home in Columbus.



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