How to clean your bike after storage during winter

Storage TipsJune 20, 2021

Unpacking things up can really be a mess sometimes. Especially if you didn’t pack them properly in the first place. You may use Zippy Shell Greater Columbus storage solutions to store your belongings, but you still need to know how to store them. When winter ends and warm days arrive, to ease up the process when you need to clean your bike after storage, research first and find useful tips on how to do it. Storing your bike properly and cleaning it is important. How you take care of it represents in the years of usage. Sometimes people think it is not an important obligation when owning a bike, but it’s quite the opposite. It is important, and you should take care of it. Bikes can be pretty expensive, and you don’t want to waste your money now and then on a new one, or repairs.

Silhouette of a female person riding a bike while sunset with clouds in the background.
Learn how to clean your bike after storage so you can enjoy driving it!

Did you choose the proper storage?

Before putting your bike to winter sleep, you need to know where to do it. There are many types of storage, and you will have to choose the proper one. Firstly, when looking for storage units Ohio 43204 you need to know in advance what kind of belongings you will store. Vehicles usually are for the outdoor storage options, but when it comes to a bicycle, the indoor option is definitely better. Also, when you need to clean your bike after storage it is also easier.

Another important thing when choosing proper storage is the size of it. Know in advance approximately how many things you want to store so you can decide on the size. Don’t overfill the storage since you want to have free space in there still. No matter if you are looking for storage units Pickerington Ohio is offering due to a recent move, or downsizing, or just cleaning up free space, don’t hesitate to contact the moving companies. They will have the best offers.

Supplies you will need to clean your bike

When you are just about to start with the cleaning, don’t forget you will need some supplies first. Prepare yourself in advance. Double-check the list of things you will need to be sure you have everything. Once you do, you can start.

  • Water
  • Soap or another sort of a cleaner
  • Several types and sizes of brushes
  • Clean rags
  • Degreaser
  • Chain lubricant
  • If needed, find yourself a bike stand to do the job easier
A hand holding a cleaning rag and cleaning a bicycle.
Clean the bike properly so you are ready for the summer season!

Climate-controlled storage is better than others since it protects your belongings to the fullest. Temperature is in fact one of the main factors important for keeping something safe for a longer time. Also, try to find long-term storage, since you will be using it again.

How to clean your bike after storage

The cleaning process of your bike is not as hard as it might sound. In fact, if you follow the steps carefully, it is easy. There are some things you should be very careful though, such as the water pressure. If the pressure is too high it might cause some damages and you don’t want that. So avoid high-pressure water and instead use the lower one. 

Step 1

When cleaning a bike, you should start with washing your bike’s frame. To remove dirt and grime, use one of the brushes with help of a bucket with soapy water. Scrub it off very gently. Do it from the top going down. Clean the handlebars, headset, top tube, seat stays and seat post, brakes, and front fork. To clean the rotors you can use alcohol, it might be even better. Scrub the chainstays at the end together with cranks, cogs, and chain rings too. After that, with only a wet brush go through all that parts again and rinse the whole frame off. Then, dry everything with a clean and dry rag.

Step 2

Now moving to the chain. The chain is for sure the most sensitive and riskiest part of the bike. You should clean it and lube it often, to keep it still in a nice condition. If your chain doesn’t have too much grime on it, you can just use a rag and a degreaser. After the degreaser dries, you will have to apply only a few drops of lube on the chain, doing it slowly. Wait until the lube tries and you can wipe off any excess if there is some. If on the other hand, it’s really dirty, it is better to use a chain cleaning device. Remember to lubricate your chain frequently.

Step 3

For the brake and derailleurs assemblies, cables, and levers, also, you should apply one or two drops of lubricant to the lever pivots and the barrel adjusters. This way they will keep functioning in a proper way. Remember to check them often and re-lubricate them. Be careful when you are applying the lubricant because you must avoid the brake pads.

A woman in the middle of the road with a helmet on her head holding a bicycle with a hand and taking a picture with another.
Don’t forget to take the helmet and stay safe while riding!

When you clean your bike remember to do some maintenance

If you didn’t tune up your bicycle before you stored it in storage, you should do it after the cleaning part is done. This is to be sure that your bike is in a good condition and that you can use it without any problems occurring on the way. You can do that, for instance, in the first bike shop you find. Also, remember to refill your tires. They probably lost pressure during the winter in storage. First check it, because if you overfill them, that won’t be good as well. With your thumb press a tire firmly and if there is no resistance, you should refill them with air. Test the brakes to avoid accidents and bike crashes. This is really important. If the pads are not intact and they make a scraping, weird sound, replace them! Don’t even try driving the bike like that.

After you clean your bike after storage you can leave for the end touch-ups. Maybe changing the color of your bike, or simply adding wax to the bike frame. Before taking it for a test drive, be sure you have a bicycle helmet, lights, and other needed equipment, in addition, to be safe!

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