Helping your moving crew – how to do it?

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When it comes time to move, you certainly have a million questions and decisions in your head that you have to make. We all know that moving can be a stressful and complicated process. So, the most important thing is to plan everything in detail and deal with it from start to finish in the right way. Cooperation with one of the best Columbus moving companies is inevitable. Only then will your move be fast, successful, and without too much effort. Helping your moving crew is something that depends only on you. If you are wondering what is the best way to do it, you will find the best answers here. Good luck!

Helping your moving crew- how to do it right?

There are several ways to help your moving squad. Any help is welcome and you will certainly save time for yourself and your employees, which means a shorter deadline for the whole process, but also less money that you need to set aside.

Do these things before your moving crew arrives

  • Declutter your home
  • Make a checklist
  • Separate unnecessary things
  • Mark the cardboard boxes
  • Provide a passable path through the house or yard

Tidy up your house

Tidying up the house will help you a lot in the process of moving. That way, everything will be in its place, and you will know where everything is at all times. Helping your moving team starts with tidying up the house! It will be much easier to fully take advantage of the packing services and protect your belongings if everything is arranged and tidy.

Tidy kitchen and living room
Tidy up your home before the crew comes!

Make a checklist

Making a checklist is always a good idea! With the help of a checklist, you will always be up to date and know how your move is progressing. There is no better feeling than when you finish something and cross it out on your checklist. The best thing about this is that you choose what your priorities are and make the content of your reminder accordingly. This will make it much easier for you to handle the process as well as your moving crew.

Separate unnecessary things

When helping your moving guys, you must separate all unnecessary things at that moment before their arrival. There are two types of unnecessary things. The ones you don’t need anymore and it’s not a bad idea to get rid of them before the moving company comes to you. You can throw them away, sell them or donate them. The second type is things you don’t need at the moment but would keep them. That’s why it’s a great solution to try one of the best storage units Grove City Ohio! Put your belongings in storage and continue the moving process in peace without worrying about where and in what conditions your items are

Mark the cardboard boxes

Although most moving companies suggest that they be the ones to pack you completely, you can still participate especially when if you choose long distance movers Columbus Ohio. We all know that the house is full of little things that there is no need to leave to the employees to deal with. Get boxes of various sizes and depths and start packing before the professionals come to evict you. Mark each box with a marker so that you can unpack and move into a new home much faster at the new address. Be sure to write some kind of warning on the boxes where there is glass or fragile items so that the people from the moving company know how to be careful with those boxes when loading them into the truck.

Couple ready for helping your moving crew
Helping your moving crew means preparing boxes and markers!

Passage through the house and yard

It is very important that before the moving company arrives, you make room for it to function and move through your home. That way, it will be easier for everyone and the team of employees will spend less time inside. Keep in mind that you need to take out bulky things such as furniture, refrigerator, and more. It is important to make a pass for all this. Also, prepare the yard for adequate relocation. For example, the access of the truck to your front door to be passable, as well as the road through the yard must be cleaned and adapted for people who carry heavy and bulky things. Think about the safety of the people moving you and that’s a huge contribution when helping your relocation crew.

Be the right host for a moving crew!

Even though it’s a job, it’s always nice to treat employees who help you the way they should. During the move, especially if it happens in the summer, it can be very hot and exhausting. So do your best to provide employees with what you would like them to do that the situation is reversed. Cold drinks and snacks are something that few people refuse. It will certainly give extra strength to the employees of the moving company. Also, prepare clean towels and soap in the bathroom so employees can wash their hands and freshen up whenever they want.

Prepare tips

A tip is definitely a matter of your personal choice. But when you have dear and pleasant people around you, who relocate you in the way you imagined, why not tip your movers, as a sign of gratitude? Employees will know how to appreciate this, although in most situations a tip does not mean that the job will be done better than that there is no tip. One thing is for sure – a tip is a nice gesture that will make all of you happy. So, prepare some money for that situation.

Woman holding cash
Prepare extra money for the moving squad!

Helping your moving crew is an important thing and you must know what is the best way to do it. Moving will not be easy if you sit back and do not put at least some effort into this process. Together, you and your moving crew will achieve a great result and you will all be satisfied with how the work was done. Good luck!

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