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As if moving over long distances wasn’t enough of a hassle – finding a reliable company to ship your valuable goods over thousands of miles, can seem like an impossible task. They typically involve dishonest companies who either aren’t really moving professionals at all. They are merely an Internet front to steal your money and/or goods. Sometimes moving companies hold possessions hostage until their clients pay more than agreed. Either way, that’s not a path you want to go down. To help you stay as far away as possible from any shady transport businesses, our long-distance movers Columbus Ohio offer their services to make your relocation smooth, quick and affordable! Either way, we have shared some suggestions to help you choose the best long distance movers out there.

Confirm that your movers have an up-to-date license and proper insurance

You wouldn’t dream of taking your car out on a long trip without first acquiring the proper insurance, would you? Imagine the trouble if you got into a fender-bender, 1,000 miles from home. Now imagine that same problem, except it’s a large moving truck with all of your belongings inside! You now have damaged at best – and at worst, your belongings are destroyed. You would want to have the option of full compensation if this happens during your long-distance move. Well if you know how to choose long-distance movers, you will have full coverage.

Bad good
You can find plenty of horror stories circulating about long-distance relocations gone bad.

Look  the USDOT number to choose your next long-distance movers

Hiring an adequately insured moving company is important for any relocation. But it’s especially imperative if you’re having your goods hauled over long distances by military movers. Remember that anything can happen along the way. The best way to choose long-distance movers is to find their insurance status. And you can do that by tracking their USDOT number. All licensed moving companies receive this from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Which is a subset of the United States Department of Transportation?

Investigate each prospective moving company’s website. Do they clearly and openly display USDOT numbers for consumers to see? Some companies will have it but might require you to call and request this information directly from them. If the website makes no mention of it, then you call and can’t get a straight answer from them, we advise you to start choosing long-distance movers elsewhere. This should be your first red flag that this company is not entirely legitimate.

Choose long distance movers by searching the FMCSA Website

You should be able to easily acquire the USDOT number from prospective companies and use it on the FMCSA website. This will allow you to look up pertinent information about the moving company in question. The very important information you obtain will include if they have any complaints filed against them as well. Also, if they’ve incurred any safety violations while conducting relocations. The best web page to check is the FMCSA’s Search Movers and Complaint History page. This site enables you to pick long-distance movers not only by USDOT but also by company name. You can even use a partial name or MC number.

Discovering that interstate or international moving company hasn’t even registered with this federal – and therefore mandatory – government department is your biggest warning sign. Just as well, if the company does appear on your search, but has complaints lodged against them – you’ll have to decide if you want to choose their long-distance movers and risk moving with them.

Magnifying glass
Movers get the MC number when they register with the FMCSA and receive “authorization to operate” with their license.

Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau, or BBB, is a non-profit organization founded as a means for helping consumers make more educated decisions about which long distance movers to choose. Their website is a good complement to the FMCSA, the one we recommended above. On the BBB website, consumers can not only file complaints – they can have their complaints resolved through the BBB’s arbitration process. This means that although you might see complaints against a prospective company, you don’t have to write them off. Check to see if they were quick to resolve any issues. It’s also important to note if a company is accredited by the BBB – this is an excellent indication that they are valid, reliable long-distance movers which you can count on.

Choose long distance movers by looking at their insurance packages

In addition to any valuation coverage your movers might (and should offer, but this varies between companies), a trustworthy moving company will have its own insurance. If you request proof of such coverage, they should be able to comply with your request without any problem. If they cannot, you should choose other long distance movers. Additionally, you should try and verify that the moving company’s insurance is valid. That goes for all of the regions through which your goods will be traveling.

How to choose long-distance movers? Get various detailed price quotes

A good rule of thumb when you are trying to choose valid long-distance movers is to obtain at least three price quotes in writing. Each quote should break down the specific costs in as much detail as possible. Moving estimates should include both a description of services and their associated prices, rather that one large price tag.

5 stars
The FMCSA website is a great place to start looking into complaints against prospective moving companies.

Will you need to make a deposit?

Some moving companies will ask you for a deposit. However, if you spot an unusually large deposit request ( one of them that’s more than 20 percent of the total quote you’ve received) – this is a major warning sign that you should avoid doing business with the company in question. Also, never agree to a cash deposit request, because this is also a bad sign. Unethical moving companies or scam operations might take your money and then never show up on the day of the move. So keep your eyes open, call us to help you and you will have chosen a reliable long-distance moving ally to perform your upcoming relocation – hassle-free and quickly.

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