How to pack glasses for moving

Packing GuideApril 12, 2020

Moving your home is a task that requires a lot of skills. Packing your gardening tools differs a lot from when you want to pack glasses for moving. Every item that you own is special and should be packed gently in order to avoid any damage. That is why we have created this useful guide for packing glasses that you will benefit from. All the steps should be followed so that each and every glass survives the move to your dream home. Of course, by using packing services, you will minimize the risk of damage, as the movers who pack the items are highly experienced.

pack glasses for moving - moving boxes on the floor of the living room
Moving boxes are an essential part of equipment when you want to pack glasses for moving.

What equipment do you need in order to pack glasses for moving?

Having the proper equipment is literally half the work. When you get the right packing supplies, packing glasses for a move becomes so much easier. Plus, if you need to store your glasses in storage units Westerville Ohio, they will not change even a little bit after a few days or months. Here is what you will need:

  • Moving boxes – Moving boxes are an essential part of the equipment that you will need when you start to pack glasses for moving. Rather opt for medium-sized boxes instead of the large ones. The chances of damage are much lower in this way. Also, get some of the boxes with cells inside, as they are specialized for glasses.
  • Tape – Sealing the boxes with a regular brown tape is quite useful. In this way, your boxes will not open and glasses will not fall out of them.
  • Packing paper – Or old newspapers. Paper has been proven to protect the glass much better than bubble wrap, for example.
  • Old towels – Use old towels or linen to protect the glassware.
  • Permanent markers – Labeling the boxes is vital. No matter how good the glasses are packed, if not handled properly they will simply break. Find out what are the best places to find packing supplies in Ohio.

Start packing your boxes for the move

Now that you have prepared all that you need for you to successfully pack glasses for moving, you can begin.

Take out all the glasses that you have

Place all the glasses that you want to move onto the dining table or any other stable surface. In this way, you will be able to pack all the similar glasses inside of one box, and you will not forget to pack some glasses. Inspect each glass, and get rid of the ones that are already damaged. There is no point in packing and moving a glass that is already broken.

Prepare the moving boxes

Now, use the towels or the packing paper to secure the moving boxes. When you pack glasses for moving, they need to have a solid base. Crumble the packing paper (or newspaper) and place it at the top of the box. With towels, just make sure that the top of the box is covered properly.

glasses on a piece of paper on the table
Take out all the glasses that you plan to move and place them on a stable surface.

Protect the glasses

Once the top of the boxes is secured, you can move on to protecting the glasses. You will need to wrap each glass in the packing paper. Place the paper on the table and take one glass. Then lay the glass on the corner of the paper and start rolling. You will have enough of packing paper to tuck in the tops inside the glass. If the glasses are long, feel free to make balls of crumpled paper and place it inside the glasses. Do this with every glass in order to protect them from damage.

Take the glasses inside the box

For moving boxes that do not have cells, it is important that you place the heaviest glasses at the bottom. In this way, they will not crush lighter glasses. On the other hand, if the boxes have cells, place each of the glasses inside the cells. It is important that no cell remains empty, so if you do not have enough glasses to fill in every cell, fill it in with the crumpled paper.

Seal the box

Once the glasses are inside the box, you will see if there is an empty space left. Make sure to fill in the voids with crumpled paper as well. Lift the box and check if it is too heavy. Although the bottom is sealed, the boxes should not be too heavy. Always bear in mind that you should get the right insurance coverage for your items if you are using professional services.

Label the boxes

Nowadays, you can search online for labels and print them. This step is extremely important. It will give you or your movers a head up when carrying those boxes. You do not want to pack glasses for moving perfectly, only to have then broken in transport due to improper handling. Instead, learn how to label moving boxes like a pro.

dining table with two chairs in a kitchen
Packing glasses is not difficult, you just need the right packing equipment and a lot of focus.

Use professional packing services

This is always an option. More often than not, we are in a hurry and do not have the time to carefully pack our items. And when it comes to packing delicate, fragile items, which require a lot of focus and skills, professionals can help a great deal. They will prepare the boxes, protect the glasses and move your glasses safely to your new home. In this way, you can focus on other more important things or simply spend more time with your family.

We have seen what should be done in order to pack glasses for moving safely and avoiding any unnecessary damage. You already have most of the equipment at your home, so you just need a bit of time and patience. Glasses are fragile items, but with proper packing, moving them is not really hard. Good luck!

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