How to calculate the cost of your relocation to Powell

Before The MoveAugust 14, 2022

When moving, people tend to calculate the cost of their relocation to avoid spending more money. That is also a way to prevent potential scams. One of the best moving companies Columbus Ohio has to offer will tell you that calculating your moving costs depends on many factors. Therefore, sometimes it’s not possible to estimate the final price. However, you can still have a rough prediction, which can still help you. Factors such as distance, number of possessions, and needing various services can affect the cost of your relocation. To make sure to get the right estimate, Zippy Shell Columbus has prepared a guide on how to calculate the cost of your relocation to Powell!

Things that will help you calculate the cost of your relocation to Powell

The cost of your relocation depends on the distance between your old home and Powell. Powell is a smallish town with around 13 000 residents. It was founded in 1801. and finally became a city in 2000. Powell is only 14 miles away from Columbus, which makes it a nice and convenient place to live if you do not like fast and urban life. If you are moving from Columbus, your moving cost will be low. If you are moving from Detroit, your costs will be big. Therefore, distance is the biggest factor when it comes to calculating the costs of your relocation.

An apartment complex
Powell is only 15 miles away from Columbus, the capital of Ohio.

Other factors you should include are:

  1. Number of possessions
  2. Types of service
  3. Time of the relocation
  4. Type of payment

Number of possessions when moving to Powell

The best way to calculate the cost of your relocation to Powell is to count how many possessions you have. There is a difference between 15 and 100 boxes. The heavier the possessions, the bigger the moving costs. For example- it’s cheaper to move a table and 4. chairs than to move 3 king-sized beds. If many things need disassembling and moving from upper floors, your moving costs will be much higher. A student moving to the dorm has fewer belongings than a married couple. Therefore, the number of possessions can affect the cost of your move. 

Types of moving services that you choose

Different needs require different services. If you are moving from Columbus, you will hire local movers. If you are moving from Greenwood Village, you will need long-distance services. Some people need help with packing, so using that service will add up to your costs. Another service many people use is storage services. They are convenient, especially for long-distance interstate relocations. Moreover, you might need to rent one of the storage units Powell Ohio has to offer to safely store your items. Long-term storages are usually less expensive than short term-storages, but you can use storage containers, portable storage, and many more. Depending on what you need, the sum of moving costs will be higher.

A guy with many boxes
Thy type of moving services you choose can affect the cost of your relocation to Powell.

Time of the relocation to Powell

The time of your relocation can influence your moving costs. Since summer days are hot and long, they are better for moving than cold or rainy winter days. That is why many people move in the summer months. Since there is a big demand, the moving costs are higher during summer. If you decide to move during the weekend, you will have more time to unpack and settle in. However, you will pay more than during the working week. Moving during big American holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, Easter, 4th of July is more expensive than moving on a regular day. Also, the time of booking an appointment will determine how much you will pay. If you book your move 2. months in advance, you will get the regular price. However, if you decide to book their days before moving day, they will charge you for that as well.

Type of payment

When you contact a moving company, they will offer you one of the two options: binding and non-binding estimates. Binding estimates contain the exact price the company will charge you. That price cannot be changed unless you need additional services such as packing services, storage services, etc. Law prohibits movers to change the moving price, so you do not have to worry about additional expenses. This type of contract is the safest option for clients. On the other hand, a non-binding estimate will provide you with the final price after the relocation. They can change the price you agreed on as much as they can. If you sign a non-binding estimate, you will not be able to calculate your moving costs. If you want to calculate your cost and stick to that sum of money, the best option is to choose a moving company that offers binding estimates.

A woman using calculator to help you calculate the cost of your relocation to Powell
Request a non-binding estimate in order to calculate the cost of your relocation to Powell.

Estimating the cost of your relocation to Powell

Another great helper can be the internet. Getting a free estimate on your movers’ website will be the most accurate sum you will get. You need to type in the moving date, time, and moving location, and you can write additional services you will need, such as storage units Columbus Ohio 43204 has to offer or something else. After that, the website will give you an estimate that will be pretty close to the final price.

To sum it up, your relocation to Powell can be exhausting. You need to think about decluttering, packing, unpacking, and many things you need to do. Worrying about your finances is something you will probably do. To avoid that, it’s essential to calculate the cost of your relocation to Powell. Your move is influenced by the number of possessions you have and the distance between your old and new home. Also, time of the year is another important factor. Lastly, the type of contract you get will be your best indicator. If you sign a binding estimate, you won’t need to worry about unexpected additional costs. Good luck, and we welcome you to the city of Powell, Ohio!



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