Best places in Ohio to start your own business

Top places in OhioAugust 13, 2022

If you are planning to start a business, finding a perfect location is a key to success. A good spot can bring many customers, expand your business and give you good attention. Choosing a bad place can give you safety issues, many bad-tempered competitors, and a small wave of customers. That is why choosing a good business spot is vital for the success of your work. If you consider starting your new business in Ohio, there will be many great locations. If you are unfamiliar with Ohio’s geography, it might be harder to choose the best option. That is why the best moving companies Columbus Ohio has to offer, give you a list of the best places in Ohio to start your own business!

What are the best places in Ohio to start your own business?

An ideal business place can be a small or bigger city. Both choices can bring you success despite the dimensions of location. However, the spot you choose must be in a safer area so that you can avoid potential thefts and break-ins. Choose a good location depending on the type of business you have. If you are opening a gardening business, opening it in a big city might not be the best choice. Also, look out for potential customers. If you are looking to open a small shop, the best thing to do is open it in a smaller and more-isolated community so that you can always have customers.

A small bussiness owner in one of the best places in Ohio to start your own business
Choosing the right spot for your new business requires some research.

If we are looking at the cities, the best affordability and safety have:

  • Broadview Heights
  • Avon Lake
  • Dover
  • Seven Hills

Start your business in Broadview Heights

Broadview Heights is a smallish city in Cuyahoga County. It was founded in the 19th century and has around 20 000 residents. This location is good for small businesses due to its safety and affordable livability. If you are starting a business, you probably do not have too many funds. Therefore, settling in a smaller community is a much better option. This town has quite an affordable livability, especially housing. With current price risings, this is a breath of fresh air. Utilities, transportation, and services are also cheaper than in the rest of the USA. When it comes to safety, this town had 21 reports for the last year, and all were non-violent crimes. If your business is family-orientated, hiring local movers Columbus Ohio residents recommend and moving to Broadview Heights is a must since more than 70% of residents are families with kids.

Avon Lake

Avon Lake is a bit bigger place than the rest of the cities. It is in Lorain County and has 25 000 residents. It is only 17 miles from Cleveland, which makes it a perfect place for a new business owner. That is why it’s a bit more expensive to live in Avon Lake than in the rest of the places we have mentioned. Housing in Cleveland is 20% more expensive than the average in Ohio. However, other costs are pretty affordable. It is also a very safe place, with only 57 crimes per year. It is a mix of families and single people, so you have a perfect market for your business.

The only disadvantage could be a bigger competition since bigger places tend to have more competitors than smaller ones. However, that should not worry you. The bigger the place, the bigger the number of potential customers. If you offer some products such as food, accessories, clothes, toys, or stuff like that, shipping them to Cleveland will be fast and cheap as well! If Avon Lake sounds like a great option, then hiring long distance movers in Columbus Ohio is a must!

A coffe shop
Choose one of the best places in Ohio to start your own business.

Start your own business in Dover, Ohio

Dover is another smallish place in Ohio with great potential. It is in Tuscarawas County and was founded in the 19th century, the same as Broadview Heights. Generally, people who live here are very content with each aspect of Dover, from livability to housing, safety, education, etc. Housing prices here are about 30% lower than average in Ohio and the United States. If you plan on working from home and spending as less as possible, Dover is a perfect choice. Since it has around 13 000 residents, it’s a pretty safe community.

One fact to note is that this city has a high poverty rate. Around 12% of the population are homeless, which is a big number for a smaller community. However, this info does not make Dover a safe area. If beautiful nature and low cost of living are what you are looking for, hiring movers and using the storage Columbus Ohio has to offer, should be your next move.

Seven Hills

Seven Hills is on the “best places in Ohio to start your own business” list as well. It is also in Cuyahoga County and has circa 12 000 residents. Seven Hills is also a great spot since it’s affordable to live in. Basic care, food, utilities, and housing are more than affordable for new business owners. As for security, out of 58 crimes per year, only 4 were violent ones.  Another benefit of moving here is that 68% of residents are families. So, if you plan on opening a shop, daycare, or anything family-related, this place is a great option. Moreover, only 6% of residents of Seven Hills are self-employed, which means there is less chance of competitors taking your customers. This is especially helpful if you are opening a unique business such as dog sitting, antique shop, etc.

A man giving thumbs up
A good plan, a bit of luck, and lots of courage lead to a successful business.

To sum it up, there are many best places in Ohio to start your own business. Still, our top 4 smaller places are Broadview Heights, Avon Lake, Dover, and Seven Hills. Even though they are small cities, they have affordable livability, are safe, and have their unique charm. They are great for family-oriented businesses, and for those who do not like too much competition. If you choose any of these places, you will not be making a mistake! Good luck! 


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