How to Baby-Proof Your New Home in Powell

After the moveFebruary 5, 2023

Moving your entire home is hard by default. One must say goodbye to friends and neighbors, pack, call affordable movers Columbus Ohio, and embark into the unknown. And this is something we all must do at least once in a lifetime. Although, this does not change the fact that relocation is one of the hardest tasks you must complete. And it becomes even harder if you are moving with a baby which people often do. So, let us make sure you are settling in properly and show you how to baby-proof your new home in Powell. You must focus on this part first if you want your baby to be safe in the new environment.

Install Security Systems to Baby-Proof Your New Home in Powell

Before you even begin, you must have a furniture layout plan with the baby in mind. There will be only a couple of months until they start crawling around the house, and a couple more until they start walking. The first couple of years are crucial for your baby’s safety. Therefore, create a baby-friendly furniture layout to baby-proof your new home. Anchor heavy furniture and TVs to the wall first and there shouldn’t be any heavy or sharp objects on them. You must think about earthquakes or other events you can’t influence. As for your couch, table, chairs, and other smaller pieces of furniture that are scattered around the place make sure they are firmly positioned and extremely hard to be toppled over.

Baby sleeping
Install a baby monitor right away. Once you have more time, implement other safety features as well.

Lock windows and sliding doors to prevent falls and prevent anything from going out or coming into the house. Also, install baby monitors, cameras, and place smoke detectors in every room, and test them regularly. Nowadays technology can do wonders so check online what you can afford and implement at least one monitoring system. It will be easier for everyone if you can track your baby if they ever roam around unsupervised. Lastly, remember to communicate with your Zippy Shell Greater Columbus moving company and let them move furniture around while they are still on site. This is why it is important to have a furniture plan beforehand. Simply instruct them where to place each piece so you won’t have to do it.

Remove excess furniture from your home

A great idea is to declutter and downsize as much as you can. Especially now that you have a baby in your home. The less is more, some might say. And it is entirely true. It is time to remove all old appliances, furniture, clothing, and miscellaneous items from the home. If you do so, you’ll make more space for your baby to play in or you can introduce new baby-friendly furniture. Regardless of the decision you’ll make, remember that you can easily do this in one day. Simply gather everything and sell online, donate, recycle, or give to friends and relatives. Or you can rent one of the storage units Powell Ohio and keep all your items there. It is affordable, convenient, and a fast solution.

One more thing, if you are relocating home at this time and you have rented pods Columbus Ohio, you should keep yours for a while longer. You can park your pod in the yard and it will give you leisure and enough time to sort things out. You can bring the furniture in and create a layout at the pace you are most comfortable with. Remember this, before you purchase moving services and sign a moving contract. Storage can help quite a bit in your situation.

Create a nice and cushiony environment to baby-proof your new home in Powell

To baby-proof your new home, you can’t simply remove the furniture and be done with it. You must make a cushiony environment and secure the rest of the furniture that is inside your home. So, use safety gates at the top and bottom of staircases if you have any in your home. Install corner and edge bumpers on sharp furniture edges. And cover sharp table edges and corners with soft padding. You should have some leftovers from your moving so do not throw away packing materials after you unpack. Corners pads, foam protectors, and even bubble wrap can serve the purpose.

Access to All Utilities Should Be Restricted

This is the obvious one, but we must advise anyway. You must put safety covers on electrical outlets and ensure that the wiring is in a good shape. The electricity in your home should be stable to avoid outage. Also, check that blind cords are out of reach or cut short to avoid strangulation or electrocution risk. Lastly, remember to check the outlets and cords inside the furniture pieces as well. As you may know, some armoires, wardrobes, and tables, have lights installed. Those can pose danger if left unattended. All in all, call the electrician and inspect the wiring and utilities to make sure your baby and the rest of the family are safe.

A child playing in a room
Access to utilities should be restricted to baby-proof your new home in Powell

Lock dangerous items away

Install locks on cabinets and drawers that contain dangerous items such as cleaning products and medications. The same goes for the gun rack if you have one in your home. You must bolt down the gun safe to the floor, chain it to the wall, and place something heavy inside so it can’t be moved by a grown-up, let alone a baby. And the same goes for all other pieces of furniture that contain hazardous and flat-out dangerous objects.

A baby playing after dangerous items are locked away to baby-proof the new home in Powell
Keep dangerous objects locked away because little crawlies are bound to reach them eventually.

Small But Important Changes

Lastly, you must change your daily routine. Having a baby will change your world completely and you must keep up the pace. Organize your schedule and start doing things with a baby in mind. Clean regularly and keep small objects and choking hazards out of reach. Do not leave any items on counters and tables because those can easily become your baby’s new toys.

Now you know how to baby-proof your new home in Powell. As soon as you move in, implement these changes and you won’t have a thing to worry about. Or should we say, the constant worry will be always there with you, simply because it is what parents do? Just try to keep your mental and physical health in a good shape and it will reflect onto your new home, your baby, and the rest of the family. And now, enjoy parenthood, and good luck with your relocation and baby-proofing.

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