How to pack your kitchen with ease?

Packing GuideJanuary 3, 2019

Generally, packing and moving house is a complex and exhausting process. But seems that the kitchen is the most challenging room in the house. There are many small, sharp and odd-shaped items, drawers and cupboards. Hence, they are harder to sort, pack and carry. But with a good plan, organization and professional help it can go smoothly.  Zippy Shell Columbus Moving and Storage can make the whole process much simpler for you. Let’s make a solid plan on how to pack your kitchen with ease.

How to pack your kitchen with ease? Kitchen captured.
Start with packing the things you don’t use so often.

The early bird catches the worm

Remember, no matter how fast and good you are, packing always lasts longer than you plan. Therefore, better start earlier and avoid the last minute panic. You can start with decluttering your home and kitchen and donating things you don’t use anymore. The items that are not usable any more you can send to recycling centers. Then you can start with packing. First, pack the things that you don’t use very often and that you won’t need until moving is over.

Kitchen essentials box

Put aside the things you’ll need for your last day in your current home and the first one in your new home. These should be things you cannot spend the day without. This may include a couple of dishes, cutlery, food items, coffee maker, one dishtowel, dishcloth, and cleaner.

Kitchen captured.
Use large boxes for kitchenware, dish racks, and baking tins.

It’s packing time

If you want to pack your kitchen with ease, you will need the following packing supplies.

  • You will need large boxes, size 18 x 18 x 24. You will use these for lightweight and odd-shaped items such as plastic kitchenware, dish racks, and baking tins.
  • Make sure to get some medium boxes as well, size18 x 18 x 16. Those are perfect for heavier items such as pantry items, pots, and pans, silverware, cutlery, cookbooks.
  • Heavy-duty boxes have thick, double-walls, perfect for packing fragile items. Use them for plates, glasses, stemware, wine, and canisters.
  • Packing paper or unprinted news wrap is also necessary for wrapping the fragile items, before the packing.
  • Cell kits are extremely useful for packing glass, stemware, wine and liquor bottles. You can also use them to pack figurines, vases, and canisters. Also, check the sizes of cell kits to ensure they’ll fit into the boxes you have. They will help you pack your kitchen with ease.
  • Packing and sealing tape is something you shouldn’t forget. You will need it for sealing the boxes.
  • Purchase a bunch of markers or marker labels, so you can label every box properly. The better labeling is, the easier the unpacking is.

Pots and pans

For packing pots and pans you should use large or medium boxes. The smaller pots and pans place into the larger ones and put a small piece of packing paper between them. Make sure to add support around your pots and pans by stuffing paper, bubble wrap or dish towels into openings. This will keep them fixed in transit. Wrap the glass lids in packing paper or news wrap and place them carefully around the pots and pans.

How to pack your kitchen with ease? Pots and pans.
Place smaller pots and pans into the larger ones.

Plates and bowls

Assemble plates and bowls together for easy packing. If they’re fragile, wrap each item before stacking. Otherwise, you can just put smashed packing paper in between them. Keep piles together by wrapping them tightly in plastic wrap. Use the empty space around them to pack odds and ends.

Flatware and serving utensils

The easiest way to pack flatware is to simply wrap the tray in some bubble wrap and then place them flat inside a box. Then you can place serving utensils on top, either loose or wrapped in a bit of packing paper. If they are delicate or silver, you should certainly wrap them. Roll each knife in a full sheet of packing paper and then wrap in a dish towel or bubble wrap and secure the whole thing with a rubber band. And remember, always pack knives on their side, never facing up.

Furniture and appliances

Place small appliances in as small of a box as you can. Use packing paper to completely fix them in the box. Make sure you fill in all the gaps around them to prevent shifting. If you’re bringing along your larger appliances and kitchen furniture too, prepare them for movers by unplugging them, removing any hoses, and taping all doors shut. You can disassemble your furniture as well, at least the one that is not fixed to the wall or floor. Use large boxes and protect them with bubble wrap. If you kept the original boxes for your furniture and appliances, that’s ideal, use them for packing.

How to pack your kitchen with ease? Spaces in jars.
Pack spices in sturdy grocery bags.

Packing Food

  • Moving light food such as pasta, rice and cereal is always a good idea. You can simply pack it all in grocery bags.
  • Spices, oils, and other pricey condiments you should place in sturdy grocery bags. Seal them individually with tape to avoid spillage.
  • Canned goods are usually not expensive, and they are a bit heavy. You may want to donate them to food banks or Charity.
  • Meat, fish, and other fresh goods you should place in a cooler or ice box with plenty of ice. For longer journeys consider using dry ice to keep them in good shape for your new home. Also, make sure the cooler is the last thing to be put in your moving truck so that you remember to unpack it first.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables spoil fast, and they are also not very expensive. Hence, consider using them before the move or donating.
How to pack your kitchen with ease? Vegetables on the table.
Fresh fruits and vegetables better donate or use before the move.

How to pack your kitchen with ease

Hopefully, this little handbook will help you pack your kitchen with ease. On the other hand, if this sound as too much work or you simply cannot find time for it, hire packers. Professional packing services will spare your nerves and your precious time. All you need to do is to welcome packers and show them where the kitchen is. It is as simple as that!

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