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Moving Day TipsMay 6, 2020

Moving to another home is not an easy process. While residential movers Columbus Ohio can do a great job in helping with the technical aspect of this big change, it is the emotional side that people find the hardest to deal with. So, if you have a friend or a family member who is about to move, it would be rather nice of you to help them by mending their emotional hardship. One of the great ways to show them that you care and are not the only one in doing so is to throw a party. And with these going away party ideas, you will find it easy to reminisce about some amazing times, as well as celebrate all the future splendors.

Going away party ideas that will show you care

The more thought you put into planning this event, the better the outcome will be. Of course, the extent of your efforts will be limited by the time and resources you have at your disposal. Still, what is great to know is that the party itself doesn’t need to be too elaborate nor opulent in order to show that you care. Remember – it’s the thought that counts. One of the best starting points is to think about your buddy who is moving and all the things he or she likes.

A monopoly board
Having a board game night is one of the great going away party ideas.

For example, if the person in question is a big fan of Warhammer 40,000, you can use that as a theme. Simple things like cakes with motifs from this vast franchise, party hats, cups, and plates will do more than suffice. However, if you want and are able to go a bit further, you can turn this going away party into a themed one where the guests have to dress up. Mind you, this is just an idea you can play with.

Unostentatious going away party ideas

If your friend is quiet, doesn’t like big events, and prefers quiet evenings, you can organize a home theater or a cooking night for just a couple of you. You can get rid of the clutter in your home by storing some items in cheap storage units Columbus Ohio, assemble some comfortable chairs, and rent a movie projector, should you not own one already. Popcorn and sodas are essential, while some alcoholic beverages are optional. And, by all means, avoid movies like Schindler’s list or Come and See, but rather opt for some light-hearted classics, or any movie that you know your friend will enjoy.

Food is a universal means of bringing people together. Furthermore, it is probably the safest idea to go for when thinking of going away party ideas. I mean, your moving friend surely loves some sort of food. So, why not cook it for them? They might have even mentioned some particular wishes when it comes to certain cuisines and expressed their interest in trying them. If you are not a cooking virtuoso, know that there is no shame in ordering take out. After all, the goal here is to have a nice time and some good laughs.

Various dishes on a black desk
No one will find a food party to be a bad idea.

People that you ought to call

This is just as important as the theme of your party, if not more. As I am sure you know, inviting certain people can make or break a party. For this reason, you really need to think about who you are sending invites to. And do not worry about offending anyone you didn’t call. The goal here is to make your friend feel nice, loved and appreciated. With that in mind, you want to ensure that the atmosphere is easy-going and pleasant. So, no exes, no bothersome coworkers, and no irritating neighbors.

Still, you ought to keep in mind that this is a party for your friend and that all the people who are dear to them make it. What this means is that you should call people that would adhere to their standards, and not yours. In addition, if you had a quarrel with any of the people on the list, or they themselves are not in the best terms, try to sort it out before the party, or just try not to put that beef in the center of attention.

Do not restrain from suggesting presents

Upon inviting the people to the farewell party, you can consider suggesting some gift ideas. Namely, your friend is moving to a new place, and will certainly need new items. While it is nice to give them any little trinket that will remind them of your thoughtfulness, what would be even better is an item they can have practical use of. A coffee machine, some nice mug, towels or some bigger appliance (more of you can get together for this one and conjoin your budgets) will not only put a smile on your friend’s face, but it will ensure it is not a fake one. All jokes aside, any kind of present will be welcomed with honest gratitude. However, why not go the extra mile and see that the gift you give does not serve the purpose of collecting dust?

A girl giving a gift to another girl
A gift that you put some thought into will show that you truly care.

Going away party ideas can be as simple or as complex as you want them to be. Just remember the initial goal of this event, and that is to make your friend who is moving feel much better about the whole situation. Let them know that they will be missed, but that this relocation does not put a stop to all of your gatherings and nice times together. Help them welcome all that awaits in the unknown future, and give them the courage to deal with all that is to come. And, don’t forget the party hats.

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