Essential things to pack when moving to college

Before The MoveOctober 21, 2022

After years of hard study, college came, and with it the first separation from your hometown and independence. Very often, college studies take place in another city, so you have to prepare everything for that move. To help you decide what to bring with you, moving companies Columbus Ohio will provide you with a list of essential things to pack when moving to college.

The ultimate list of essential things to pack when moving to college is right here!

Before you move you need to make a list of things that you need to bring with you. When making a list you need to keep in mind that the space in your dorm room is limited, therefore, make sure to only bring the most important items. In case you cannot fit everything you can always opt for storage in Columbus Ohio. This way your items will be in a safe place, and you will avoid cluttering up your already small room. Now, let’s get back to our list, shall we? We have divided the essential items into three categories to make it easier for you.

a man packing his suitcase
Make a list of essential things to pack when moving to college before you start your moving preparations

Clothes and documents

These are the essential things to pack when moving to college that need to be on top of your list:

  • Clothes and shoes. You should bring clothes for all seasons. Shoes should be comfortable and made of natural materials because you will spend a lot of time on them.
  • Documents and money or credit card. Upon arrival at the college, you will probably need personal documents as well as documents about your previous education. It is best to withdraw money from a credit card as needed

College supplies

Once you pack clothes and documents, you can pack other things that you will need for your classes:

  • Laptop, tablet, mobile. You cannot function without these things. You will need them while you are at college, but also privately.
  • College bag with school supplies. You can take most of the school supplies from home, and you will find what they require in addition to the subject in the nearby bookstores

Room supplies

These are the items that you need in order to make your room functional and cozy:

  • Bedding, pillows, and warm blanket. You should bring at least two bedsheets and two pillows. In case you need to wash one sheet, another will replace it. Ohio winters can be cold, it’s good to have an extra blanket.
  • Underbed storage (plastic or cardboard). Such boxes are an excellent replacement for wardrobes. It will serve as an additional place to leave things that are not in daily use.
  • Trash can, small vacuum cleaner, laundry basket. These things are necessary to keep order in the room.
  • Toiletries. You can’t bring toiletries for a year, but you should have them at least for the first period until you manage to get more.
  • Kitchen supplies. Many students pay for their meals in student restaurants, but it’s a good idea to have a few pots and pans for home use.

How to move all the necessary things to college?

Since the list of essentials is quite long, you have to plan the packaging as well as the transportation. If you don’t have a vehicle hire one of the moving companies Hilliard Ohio, to help you transport all of your things. Moreover, when packing, the most important thing is to make maximum use of space. Therefore, you will roll soft clothes instead of folding them. You will put bulky clothes in vacuum bags to save space. Use good boxes that will withstand the relocation, so nothing gets damaged.

If you need help with packing, you can ask your moving company to provide you with packing services. Professional packers can pack and unpack everything in record time. This can make the moving process easier for you.

mover standing next to the moving truck
Hire professional movers to help you pack and transport your items

What not to bring to college?

Before you start packing ask about the potential list of prohibited items. You cannot bring certain items with you. Each college is different so make sure to contact yours and ask them to provide you with the list of non-allowables.

Now that you know which essential things to pack when moving to college you can start preparing for your move. With a good plan and a professional moving company by your side, you will have a great and smooth relocation. 

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