Dorm room moving troubles and how to avoid them

Before The MoveFebruary 18, 2022

Moving can sometimes get messy and complicated. However, it’s possible to avoid common dorm room moving troubles if you know how to organize yourself. In this article, we are going to share some tips on how to not only avoid relocation mess but also make the move less stressful. Also, it’s important to have a professional team at your disposal. We at Zippy Shell Columbus want to let you know that our services stand at your disposal. As one of the best moving companies Columbus Ohio offers, we are ready to carry out your dorm room whenever you’re ready.

Dorm room moving troubles happen if you don’t organize your move on time

Many tend to skip to organize each moving task ahead. As a result, the entire moving endeavor becomes messy and difficult to manage. Plus, you’re more likely to feel overwhelmed if you don’t track all the moving steps. Although choosing the right residential movers Columbus Ohio is a crucial part of your move, there are things you have to complete before the moving day comes.

a guy in the middle of dorm room moving troubles
Dorm room moving troubles often happen due to poor organization.

Forgetting to declutter is a common dorm room moving mistake you should avoid

Besides making a schedule, decluttering is one of the first things to do before you move. However, people sometimes skip this step and then wonder why they have so many items. Keep in mind that moving often marks a fresh start in one’s life. Therefore, living in a less cluttered space is of the utmost importance. The last you need are pilled items you don’t know what to do with. No matter the size of your dorm room, it’s best if you keep it clean, without unnecessary items.

Before you start with decluttering, get a pen and paper, then sort all the items into these categories:

  • Donation – This is the easiest part of decluttering since there are numerous charities that would gladly accept various kinds of donations. Just make sure that clothes, shoes, or anything you want to donate are in good condition.
  • Sale – Make good use of E-bay and other online platforms.
  • Recycle – Make sure to recycle and thus minimize the waste.
  • Garbage – Whatever doesn’t serve a purpose anymore belongs to trash.

Poor budget planning

Planning a moving budget is a must. In case this is the first time dealing with moving expenses, simply ask your movers or someone you know for advice. Once you calculate the total amount you need for your move, you can plan the rest of the endeavor. Also, book at least a few moving quotes Columbus Ohio companies offer. Next, compare the quotes,  customer testimonials, and price range. However, remember that a moving quote doesn’t mean the final price of a move. It usually goes up a little bit due to additional services and insurance options you pick.

money, calculator, notepad, and pen
Take time to create a solid moving budget.

Choosing a moving company in a rush

One of the most important aspects of the move is having a reliable team of movers at your disposal. Only then you can fully relax knowing that your relocation is in safe hands. Therefore, avoid jumping into hasty decisions when looking for dorm room movers. Instead, make a list of verified and licensed movers that are also available when it suits you. Research their website, check the information about their work, as well as price points. Write down contact information, then make calls to several companies. It’s good to prepare your questions before contacting their representatives.

To find a decent dorm room mover, you must learn about the basic requirements for any credible moving company:

  • Licenses and insurance options.
  • On-site free moving estimate.
  • Additional moving services you need for your move.
  • Reasonable price range.
  • Proven track record of successfully executed relocations.
  • Complete transparency.

Buying way too cheap moving supplies

Low-priced moving boxes might seem like a better option, however, that’s not always the case. Too cheap moving supplies don’t promise the quality. If the boxes aren’t durable enough to keep the items inside, then damage and breaking are likely to happen during transportation. On the other hand, you don’t have to pay a ridiculously high amount of money for moving supplies. Rest assured it’s possible to find quality boxes at affordable prices.

two people carrying boxes
Buy different moving boxes.

Make sure to get the right number of boxes based on the number of items you plan to pack. Avoid buying only medium-sized or large boxes. Include small ones as well, and also consider waterproof bins. They are excellent for protecting documents, books, school supplies, etc.

Too small or too big storage space

Storage rental is necessary when moving, especially long-distance. For this reason, check dorm room storage solutions nearby and pick the best one. However, decide what size is suitable for the number of boxes you want to store. There’s no need to, for example, pay plenty of extra space. On the other hand, the storage should be spacious enough for all your possessions.

Not taking care of yourself is one of the main dorm room moving mistakes

People sometimes forget to eat properly and take some time off when they’re busy with moving preparation. That’s why burnouts and early exhaustion are likely to happen in the middle of the tasks. Therefore, find simple recipes and also include healthy snacks. Smoothies are also quick to make and rich in vitamins. While coffee is there to keep you alert, try not to drink more than required.

Maybe this doesn’t seem like one of the dorm room moving troubles, but skipping the post-move rest won’t do you any good. The reason why people feel drained for days is that they don’t take the proper time to replenish their energy. Relocations are stressful and time-consuming. That’s why you should give yourself a day or two to get enough rest. After that, you’ll have more will to unpack the boxes and therefore complete your moving journey.

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