3 things to do after moving into a dorm room

After the moveFebruary 20, 2022

Attending college was always an exciting period in our lives. Meeting new friends, experiencing all kinds of things, learning, and having a ton of fun. But before you can start this journey, you must prepare, pack, find one of the best moving companies Columbus Ohio, and set aside a moving budget. But more importantly, there are things to do after moving into a dorm room that you should know about. Today, we will cover the top three things to do after you move in. Let’s prepare you adequately!

Contact your roommate as soon as you can

At some point, you will meet your first roommate. Or there will be a few of them? It all depends on the college you are attending. Never mind if you are attending a community college or a private one, they should provide you with the contact info. This way you can give them a call and communicate before moving in. And you should contact them because you must establish who is bringing what into the room. It would be too much if both of you bring double kitchen sets, several chairs, three lamps, and more. You will only clutter the space unnecessarily. Therefore, create a plan together and divide the entire batch. One can bring the kitchen equipment while the other is in charge of the decoration. It is entirely up to you but makes sure you do it to avoid unpleasant situations and overcrowding an already small space.

a student having a phone call
Call your new roommate and make plans together. Create a list of items to bring and avoid unpleasant situations.

Find reliable movers to relocate you

After you realize what to bring, you should start packing for college. Depending on the size of your cargo, you might need to hire residential movers Columbus Ohio to help you out. Although, if you have your personal vehicle and you are not bringing any furniture, you can cover it yourself. But in most cases, you probably have a few pieces of furniture along with several boxes. Therefore, a professional moving company is required. Find one on the internet and make sure they are licensed and experienced to relocate you straight to your college. Safety always comes first and then the price of the moving service.

As for the packing process, try to pack lightly. Whatever you intend to bring but you won’t be using for a couple of months, do not bring at all. All the seasonal items can stay at home and you can relocate them later. Or you can bring them now in case you have an additional place to store them safely. Keep in mind that most door rooms are limited with space and you can’t take all of it. Leave some space for your roommates.

Going shopping is one of the things to do after moving into a dorm room

The first thing on our list is to go shopping. You probably have a list of items you want to buy but you had no chance or time to do it. Maybe you remembered along the way or when you arrived at the dorm that you need something. Usually, those are the following:

  • Mattress toppers.
  • Small appliances.
  • Fans and dryers.
  • Cookware.
  • Trash bins.
  • Lightbulbs and batteries.
cozy dorm room
Your dorm room can be cozier than ever. Go shopping and purchase everything you need and make it happen!

All those items can be found at the nearest hardware store or a home depot. And do not stress about it. We all forget things sometimes and you have every right to do so. Attending college for the first time can be anxious, exciting, and even scary. So, if you forgot to buy mattress toppers, who cares. You will do it later. It is just one of those things to do after moving into a dorm room.

Find a storage unit if necessary

As we already mentioned, dorm rooms are small and space is limited. And if you want to bring all your seasonal items and memorabilia you should consider renting one of the dorm room storage solutions. It is a lucrative way for students to gain additional space cheaply and one of the things to do after moving into a dorm room. You can use it to store all your seasonal clothing, excess books, bicycle, a surfing board, you name it. It can be a temporary solution or a long-term investment for all the years you spend on college. And students use it as well as a sort of security measure when they have trust issues with their roommates. More importantly, once you decide to take a vacation, time off, or go on a spring break, simply store everything you own, and lock it down.

An amazing solution for all the students out there, right? So, ask your dorm room movers what the terms of use and the renting cost are and get your unit today. It is way too good of an offer to be ignored.

Meeting hallmates is one of the things to do after moving into a dorm room

The last thing we can recommend is to meet all your hallmates as soon as possible. Maybe this is not your cup of tea but it would be polite to meet at least the first door neighbors. You should know who is living next door for various reasons. Firstly, to establish a good relationship right from the start and to have someone out there if you need any help. Your roommates are attending classes and they won’t be around all the time.

meeting your hallmates is one of the things to do after moving into a dorm room
You will meet all your classmates eventually. If you want to speed up the process, knock on the door and say “Hi”.

So, if at any point you need something, you should know where to go. Or at least to know who is cranking that music up and how to react in those situations. All in all, it is good to know who your first-door neighbor is. As for the other friends on the floor, if you are an extrovert and you like to meet new people, go ahead. Eventually, you will meet them all and have a bunch of new friends all over the place.

A few tips before we go

One more thing before we go. Many people forget that dorm rooms have a lot of furniture, loose screws, or art to be hung on the walls. Maybe you want to hang your favorite curtains or handle basic repairs around your room? For that, you’ll need a basic home toolkit and you should definitely bring one. You will become an MVP of the entire floor, if not of the entire dorm simply by having one. So, either take one you already have at home or purchase a small portable toolbox from the nearest home depot.

Those were the most important things to do after moving into a dorm room. Just make sure to prepare adequately for this journey and follow your checklist until the end. Once you arrive, settle in and meet your new friends. Good luck!

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