DIY move vs hiring professionals: the best way to move

Hiring MoversMarch 23, 2022

The most common problem of moving preparation is whether to do a DIY move or with professional movers. There are advantages of both ways, but hiring moving and storage Columbus Ohio has much more advantages than a DIY move. The biggest reason for doing a DIY move is because of money. Many people think that doing a DIY move is less expensive than hiring a moving company. While this can be true in some cases, usually the final cost is almost the same. Here are a few DIY move vs hiring professionals both pros and cons, so you can decide yourself which is the better option.  

DIY move vs hiring professionals- which option is better?  

Well, the right answer doesn’t really exist. Of course, the better option is to hire local movers Columbus Ohio for your move. It’s always better to have professional movers who know how moving is properly done. The biggest mistake is not choosing to do a DIY move but thinking moving is easy and simple. Moving requires a certain skill and experience which you probably don’t have. Therefore, a few advantages of hiring a moving company are the following ones:  

  • You won’t have to pack  
  • No heavy lifting   
  • Experience  
  • Skill  

How to choose the right moving company?  

If you want to have all advantages of hiring professional movers, you first need to find a reliable moving company. For this reason, you should never hire the first moving company that you find. You should always contact a few moving companies and ask for moving estimates. Therefore, you should base your decision on moving quotes Columbus Ohio among other things. You should definitely avoid shady moving companies that won’t give you clear answers or don’t have nice reviews.   

a man leaning on a moving van
DIY move vs hiring professionals movers- the better option is to hire a moving company

What are the benefits of a DIY move?  

If hiring moving services Columbus Ohio is not the solution for you, you can try to do a DIY move. There are also benefits of a DIY move. The biggest one is that a DIY move is often less expensive than the cost of a moving company. You can save money by renting a moving truck, container, or trailer. Planning a DIY move is a good option if you are moving locally. You can dictate your tempo and choose any moving date you want.   

Where can you get packing supplies if you are planning a DIY move?  

Well, there are a couple of places where you can get packing supplies. There is an option to rent packing supplies from a moving company instead of buying them. You can also get them online like on Amazon and other online sites. Additionally, you can borrow from your family or friends.  

pile of cardboard boxes
You can find packing supplies at moving companies or online

What should you choose to do for your move – DIY move vs hiring professionals?

 It’s a never-ending battle of DIY move vs hiring professionals. What you should choose will depend on many factors. But, you should always choose professional movers if you can afford them. Doing a DIY always comes with a risk of possible serious damages and injuries. 

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