Best places for renters in Ohio

Top places in OhioMarch 24, 2022

Ohio lies in the middle of the midwest with Lake Erie making up the biggest part of its northern border. This state is an exciting mix of diverse people, small towns, big cities, and amazing natural sights. Due to its perfect location, Ohio has been important agriculture, industry, and business center. Many Ohio towns offer amazing job opportunities, as well as a huge number of historic sites and cultural landmarks. Since making a choice could be a bit harder, we at Zippy Shell Columbus Ohio have compiled a list of the best places for renters in Ohio.

A city in Ohio during the night
Ohio offers plenty of opportunities, that is why renters love it

What makes a location a good place to live?

First off, you will need to determine your specific needs and wants. Each city or town offers something slightly different. So, you should sit down and write out some of the necessities your future home town needs to have. For example, maybe public transport is very important to you. Not every Ohio town and city will have a functioning public transport system. What are some of the things to consider when making this decision?

  • Your budget – Not only your moving budget but your daily life budget. The worst thing you could do for yourself, in the long run, is move somewhere and then struggle to cover the bills. Unfortunately, you will need to present things a bit more realistically.
  • Safety – What are the crime rates? If you have children, you might be interested in some of the safest neighborhoods in all of Ohio.
  • Public transport options
  • Local amenities – Are there shops and markets near? A hospital, school, park? Whatever it is you need, make sure to see if it is readily available where you wish to move.
  • School quality – Are the schools to your liking? Will your children fit in?
  • Fun – Ask yourself what it is you and your family like to do for fun. Maybe you’d prefer a pool nearby, maybe a biking trail. 
  • Parking – Nowadays parking your car can prove to be a problem like no other. See if your landlord offers a parking space with the apartment you’ll be renting. Or, if there is a big public parking lot nearby.

1. Blacklick, Ohio

The first of the best places for renters in Ohio that we’d like to talk about is Blacklick. If you choose to live in Blacklick Ohio, you will have the beautiful Blacklick Creek flowing very near you. Blacklick would maybe classify as a more rural community. Warm and humid weather during the summer and cold winters are what you can expect. Other than that a friendly community that welcomes newcomers.

The median home rent price is $1,100. Seeing how Blacklick is a tight-knit community, the safety of your child is guaranteed. Even if you need to downsize, you have nothing to worry about. You will be able to find some of the best storage units Blacklick Ohio right at your fingertips.

A picture of a creek
The Blacklick Creek might just become one of your favorite places to visit during your off time.

2. Galloway, Ohio

Galloway, OH is next on our list because of its amazing location foremost. From Galloway to Downtown Columbus it is just a 20-minute ride. So, if you find employment in Columbus, Galloway might be the perfect choice for more affordable rent. The average rent price is around $1,011, even slightly less than Blacklick. But why is Galloway an attractive location?

First off, you will fall in love with Galloway’s nature. During the fall the leaves turn the most perfect shades of orange and yellow. It’s truly a sight to behold. This means there are many outdoor activities to choose from. Renting storage units Galloway Ohio will help you make an easier transition to everyday life in Galloway. Additionally, there is a number of amazing schools where your children will fit right in.

3. Lewis Center, Ohio

Lewis Center is next on our list of best places for renters in Ohio. There is so much incredible outdoor space to take advantage of in Lewis Center. For lovers of nature and exploring, there are many places to visit. You can tour through caverns, or take hikes through the many hiking spots. The many storage units Lewis Center Ohio you can rent will make for a smooth relocation. Not everything needs to be completely thought out, that’s why storage units exist! Take your time creating your new home.

As far as schools go, there are many incredible ones. Your children’s education won’t suffer in the slightest. The average rent price is $1,279. Slightly more than previous locations, but we can guarantee it is well worth it.

A man in front of a cavern
The Lewis Center caverns will leave you in awe. It’s a must-see!

4. New Albany, Ohio

With the highest average rent on our list, $1,420, New Albany is up next.  New Albany is a suburb of Columbus, located just 20 minutes away. It is actually known as one of the best suburbs in the country. New Albany offers amazing places where you can see dance, music, theater, and lectures. In the center of the suburb, you will find the famous Market Square. Market Square is a walkable space where you will find many cafes, shops, and the New Albany Farmer’s Market.

This town is perfect for all those who enjoy having fun. There are many school options to choose from and amazing public safe spaces for children. New Albany is the perfect location to experience all of the comforts of living in a small town with all the big-city benefits. Just taking a relaxing walk through this amazing village is bound to improve your mood. As far as storage units New Albany Ohio go, there is no shortage of them. Therefore there is no reason to panic or overthink. Everything will be right at your fingertips in New Albany.

We hope you enjoyed our list of best places for renters in Ohio. Good luck moving!

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