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Top places in OhioMarch 10, 2022

You have finally decided on moving to Ohio. But the question is – which neighborhood to chose when there are so many good ones? Luckily, we know a lot about Ohio and we will share the knowledge with you. Also, we will prepare you for the journey, how to choose the right moving service, and how to find one of the best moving companies Columbus Ohio. But first, let us explore the best places to live in Ohio and find your new home. Let’s go!

Columbus is one of the best places to live in Ohio

As the largest city in Ohio, Columbus is attracting people daily. Many of them are moving to Columbus Ohio in search of better job opportunities or to continue education. But those are the main reasons for moving to any city, right? There is a lot more to Columbus than you would imagine. First of all, it is a home to Ohio State University which means you will find a lot of young people here. Many of them stay and raise their families in one of the Columbus neighborhoods. Many of the Columbus neighborhoods are diverse and family-friendly. Such an environment is perfect to raise a family. Moreover, you will love to hear that Columbus is fairly cheap to live in. It is just below the median average when it comes to groceries, bills, taxes, and housing.

City of Columbus
Columbus is surely number 1 on the list. Check it out first.

Although, payment is slightly below as well. But you will not notice because everything is cheaper. Furthermore, moving services are cheaper as well so you will have a stronger budget and afford packing, storage rental Columbus Ohio, or whatever you choose. Lastly, you must know that you will never get bored in Columbus. It has a colorful art, music, and culture scene, with hundreds of events throughout the year. So, as one of the best places to live in Ohio, we highly recommend you to browse through the Columbus neighborhoods and get to know them. You never know which one is perfect for you.

Grove City

Now we must move away from Columbus and just a couple of miles away from downtown we will find Grove City. A place rich in history, tradition, diversity, and all kinds of activities. People like to say it is a perfect place either to settle down and start a family or to retire for good. First of all, we must tell you that people from Columbus love to go to Grove City for shopping. Some of the best stores in the area are located there. So, after you realize how inexpensive and good those offers are, you will immediately call your movers, schedule a date, purchase moving service, rent one of the storage units Grove City Ohio, and start heading there. Although, being a local or just passing through, we strongly recommend checking the following:

  • Historic Town Center.
  • Dapple Dunn Collective.
  • ReStyle Fashion.
  • Country Hearth Primitive.
  • Sommer House Gallery & Co.
  • Honey House.

You will never be disappointed with the offers and deals you’ll find at the local stores. More so during holidays when you’ll find all sorts of local produce like kraft beer, honey, beef jerky, seasonal handmade clothing, etc. But shopping is not the only thing you can do in Grove City. This place has a lot to offer when it comes to outdoor activities. Aside from the beautiful Ohio nature, you have many parks, green areas, and playgrounds. This means you can walk your dog, have fun with your children, or take the whole family on a picnic to the local parks. We suggest checking Breck Community Park, Windsor Park, and Evans Park. At Windsor Park, you’ll find an amazing Dream Field Playground for kids. To Evans Park, you should go during the summer and hit the aquatic park. Yes, water slides all the way!

Gahanna is another among the best places to live in Ohio

The next stop is at the City of Gahanna. It is a diverse, thriving, and family-friendly town. It has around 40k residents but it is much more peaceful and calmer than its larger neighbors. In the past 25 years, it grew almost 10% in population which is a good indicator of a steady and promising economy. The job opportunities are amazing and the fact you have a wide range to choose from is even better. The majority of residents work in retail, manufacturing, and education. But health services, finance, insurance, and administration do not fall behind at all. Moreover, there is enough place on the market for freelancers, artists, and private businesses as well. And when we add the fact that the yearly income is well above the national average, it makes Gahanna one of the best places to live in Ohio.

Nature in Ohio
The lakes and woods of Gahanna are out of this world.

Now, as we already mentioned, Gahanna is a family-friendly place. But you must know that there are enough green areas, playgrounds, and parks for your children and the entire family to enjoy. Your kids will grow in a healthy environment and attend the best schools in the district. As you may know, schools in Gahanna are one of the best in the entire US. Lastly, this city will keep you entertained despite being calm and family-oriented. There are plenty of great restaurants, coffee places, shopping malls, boutiques, and bars. But you will have to explore and meet some locals along the way for a richer experience. So, everything we just said makes this another great place where you can find a cheap moving service, rent affordable storage units Gahanna Ohio, and find reliable local movers. Do so and let them relocate you to Gahanna with style!

Lewis Center

The next among best places to live in Ohio is a small community in Delaware County. Lewis Center is a township with around 30k residents and it is mostly populated with people of German and Irish descent. This place is farmland designed purely for a tranquil and peaceful life. So, you must know right from the start. If you want to live a quiet and calm life, this is the place to be. Of course, this does not mean that this is a boring place where nothing is ever going on. In the counterair. Lewis Center has a lot to offer. It is just that the residents and the community live a nice, peaceful, safe family-friendly lifestyle. You will be glad to hear that the median age of residents is 33 years of age so you’ll be surrounded by a fairly young population.

old farmhouse
Rural areas of Ohio are simply amazing. Visit the farmland and become a part of it!

Although, if we follow statistics, 70% of them are married with children. The next thing you want to know about Lewis Center is the fact that housing price is somewhere in the middle. When we compare it to the national median price, we will get around $300k per one-family home. On the other hand, jobs are good, payment as well, and groceries are below the national average. You will be glad to hear that Olentangy Local School District provides the best education to your children. So, if this is something for you, all you must do is to call your movers, find one of the nice storage units Lewis Center Ohio, purchase an adequate set of moving services, and become a resident in a matter of days.


Now we must move to a more rural area of Ohio. Blacklick is another farmland-covered place with a peaceful community and a family-friendly environment. You will find many vintage farmhouses, old churches, and a few other 19th century preserved buildings. All the diners, shops, and businesses are held mostly by locals. Local produce and organic food are favored here as well. As for the median income, it is within range and just below the median average. Houses are more than affordable and almost all residents are homeowners in Blacklick. More than two-thirds are owned homes while the rest is out there on the renting market. So, quality of life, in general, is amazing if you like slow-paced life in a tightly knit community. This is a place to raise a family in and a place where everyone knows everyone. At least you’ll know that your child is always safe.

As Blacklick does not belong to any school district, you have several choices. The community is split into several districts so you can choose where your kids will go to. Choose from Columbus City Schools, Schools in Gahanna, Licking Height Schools, New Albany Schools, and Reynoldsburg City Schools. Aside from all the beautiful environment, economy, and community, the only downside is that schools are a bit farther away than in previous places we mentioned. So, when you draw the line, if you like what you have heard, you should start packing for moving. Blacklick awaits! Go online and find an adequate moving company. Give them a call and let them assist you in finding the best storage units Blacklick Ohio as well to create the safest moving plan. Work together on the packing logistics as well and ensure you are ready to hit the road when the time comes.


Ok, now it is time to cover one of the best on the list. Sure, when we say this people always think about Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton, Toledo, or Youngstown. The fact they are famous does not mean they are the best. Although the six almighty we just mentioned are indeed amazing. Nevertheless, Powell is a hidden gem among cities in Ohio. Firstly, as you know median income in the US is around 28.5k while in Powell it is almost double. To be more precise it is $50.000 and with such a medium-income per capita, you can afford a decent life for your family. Also, the job market is very good and the unemployment rate is at an all-time low.

Powell is one of the best places to live in Ohio
Ohio’s nature is astonishing. You will fall in love with it in a matter of seconds.

But you must know that with this situation there is a small catch. The housing market is extremely expensive. The median home value is around $370k and rents are around $1200 for 2 bedroom apartments. Luckily, storage units Powell Ohio as well as the moving services are still affordable and within range for everyone who is willing to use them. But this is the only bad thing we can say about Powell. Neighborhoods are family-friendly, safe, and with a high sense of community. It is a vibrant and quiet place to settle in with your family. And if you ever get bored, Columbus is just 20 miles away.

Dublin is right there with the rest of the best places to live in Ohio

We came to the last place of the Buckeye state and it is the City of Dublin. It is another one where you can continue your career, seek better job opportunities, start a family, or retire. First of all, the natural beauty and the environment are breathtaking. You and your family will have an amazing time in all the green areas, parks, and designated picnic spots over the weekends. Dublin is safe, family-friendly, and extremely affordable.

The housing market is way below average. As a matter of fact, it is on the 3rd spot in the entire US. The average home value is $140k or you can rent an apartment for around $800. Moreover, groceries, healthcare, childcare, taxes, and commuting are affordable as well. All in all, this city is somehow cheaper than ever with a yearly income slightly below the national average. It still eludes us but it is what it is. Move here and reap the rewards.

Now you have more knowledge about the best places to live in Ohio. Hopefully, we provided enough info for you to make the decision and choose one. As for the moving company, be sure to find one that can provide the best storage units Dublin Ohio, packing services, and the most affordable moving services in general. Above all, you want to have reliable and licensed movers with you. Confirm your movers are legit before your sign anything and begin your journey stress-free. Good luck and stay safe!

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