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Top places in OhioNovember 30, 2019

Young professionals are an emerging group. With the advent of technology, these individuals are finding more and more work across the entire US. However, they enjoy a fast lifestyle with plenty of moving around. They want to experience different places and different lifestyles. Many of them are moving into Ohio because it is one of the best states to live in. After relocating to Ohio, prospective movers usually find that they have a lot less space than before. More often than not, this is easily rectified with simply renting storage Columbus Ohio but donating stuff to others is also a great choice. Also, you can find great places in Ohio for young professionals to live in. From Downtown to Dublin, we will walk you through these amazing places and give you a reason to move to either one. So, without further ado:

What Are The Best Places in Ohio For Young Professionals?

The best place for you will be something that is based on personal preference. But the fact of the matter is that some places are simply a bit better than others on a general scale.  These places in Ohio are:

  • Downtown
  • Victorian Village
  • Short North Is One Of The Best Places In Ohio For Young Professionals!
  • Grandview Heights
  • One Of The Best Places In Ohio For Young Professionals – Clintonville
  • Ashville
  • Dublin

Each of these areas has its own storage options. You need to search for storage according to the area, such as storage Hilliard Ohio for Hilliard, and so on. It will be cheaper and easier to find storage units this way.

Place with the best job opportunities for young professionals – Columbus Ohio!


This is the urban option. You can find plenty of job opportunities here. If you simply need great nightlife then look no further than Downtown. This is one of the best places for Millenials in Ohio. In fact, it has some of the greatest activities in the entire Columbus area. Including Shadowbox Live Theater, COSI science museum, and many others, this area is filled with interesting places to visit.

Another great thing about Downtown is that the whole area is great for walking. Everything is easily approachable by foot, you will not need a car at all! The simple fact that the average age in Downtown is around 29 says quite enough to an attentive mind.

Victorian Village

This is your laid-back option. Quite picturesque with many homes that look like it is still the Victorian era. The main attraction here is the Goodale Park. This spacious area is perfect for recreation and will provide you with easy access to a lot of greenery. Other than that, the whole area is quiet, perfect for those that do not wish to deal with the fast-pace of a metropolis.

And if you want to live a bit faster, Downtown and Short North are really close by.

Short North Is One Of The Best Places In Ohio For Young Professionals!

If Downtown is considered walkable, Short North takes the crown for this category. There are literally dozens of great entertainment venues, restaurants, galleries and various shops that you can access easily by foot. In fact, walking is a preferred method of transportation in this area. The community here is highly educated and has refined tastes. The median age is 32, which is just a bit higher than in its most direct competitor, Downtown. But that’s not all! There are also a lot of other charming places you should visit in Ohio!

Grandview Heights

Now we are coming to a suburban area. This is a smaller community that is outside of Columbus proper but it still has plenty to offer. Even though this area is considered a suburb, there is an overwhelming amount of young residents. This place is great if you are someone who enjoys hiking, as Wyman Woods Park has some of the best in the country.

There is also the Grandview Heights Public Library, for those more academically oriented and Farmers Market for all of the foodies out there. Foodies also have a foodie festival named “Taste of Grandview” which is an annual event that showcases almost all of the restaurants and food shops in the community.

Would you like to have a house in a suburban area? Grandview Heights is the best place for you.

One Of The Best Places In Ohio For Young Professionals – Clintonville

This is a neighborhood that is really cherished by all of Columbus. Its closeness to Downtown which is only 6 miles is just one of its perks. It has a great landmark in the form of Whetstone Park. You can spend months and even years enjoying all that this park has to offer. Amenities such as tennis courts, a pond, library, rose garden, baseball field, and many shopping areas and restaurants are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg that is Whetstone Park.

And if you are a vegetarian, Whole World Natural Restaurant&Bakery is the world’s leading force on vegan pancakes. Try them, you will be pleasantly surprised!


Another suburban area, Ashville is actually a village. This is where you get to experience true community events like nowhere else. People come together on Gazebo Gatherings to sing and listen to live music and just to chat with one another. Needless to say, being such a small village and being 22 miles south of Columbus, this area sports lower living costs. This is the option for those that do not like the urban lifestyle and love the sense of a community.

Ashville is a wonderful village with low living costs!


Last but definitely not least on our list, Dublin has a population of over forty thousand people. It is a big suburban place that houses some of the major companies. Wendy’s international corporate headquarters are here, for starters. Then there is the Cardinal Health and Nationwide. With all of these major players, the economy of the place is definitely booming.

Dublin has strong Irish roots which it celebrates on St. Patrick’s day annually, as well as the Dublin Irish Festival. Worth to note is that the DIF is one of the largest Irish-American events in the entire nation!

And if that was not enough, this is a hotspot for golfers, as well. A member of the PGA tour, Dublin sees some big golfing celebrities every year. Other than everything above, we would like to mention the Hayden Falls which sport a 35-foot long waterfall, as well as some pretty rare plants and wildlife!

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