Best Places for Millennials in Ohio

Deciding where to live can be a hard decision. You need to be aware of all the aspects of the place you want to move to. So many questions need to be answered. “Will I be able to find a job?” “Will I be able to afford living here?” “Can I move interstate on a budget?” The biggest group of people looking for a place to live are millennials. Many millennials are facing the problem of where to live nowadays. The housing market is getting more expensive by the year, and the jobs are becoming scarce. However, there is one state in America that is all the rage. That state is Ohio. This article will focus on the best places for millennials in Ohio. Let’s see what the statistics say!

Best places for millennials in Ohio

Ohio is one of those states where most of the jobs and affordable real estate is located in one city. The city in question is Columbus. This article will focus mostly on Columbus, with some honorable mentions of other towns. Let’s see what districts of Columbus are best for millennials. Most of the statistics were taken from

Columbus is one of the best places for millennials in Ohio.
Columbus is one of the best places for millennials in Ohio.

Arena District

Arena district is a neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio with a population of 2.413 residents. It is located in Franklin County and it offers its citizens a suburban feel, with most of the residents renting their apartments and houses. The percentage of people renting their homes is 71%, compared to 29% of people that own homes. There is a wide array of bars, parks, restaurants and coffee shops, and it is ranked as one of the best in terms of nightlife. The median home value is $239,718 and the average rent price is $1,210. Although both are higher than the national average, the job market is great so you will probably be able to afford it. If you live in Hillard Ohio, there are some moving companies Hillard Ohio that can take you to Arena District for an affordable price. Certainly one of the best places for millennials in Ohio.

Short North Arts District

This one is a bit more populated than the Arena District, sitting at 6,511 residents. Just like Arena District, it offers a suburban feel and most citizens rent their homes. The percentage of population renting their homes is 74% compared to 26% of owning homes. This neighborhood is more rent friendly because the median rent price is $1,094. The median house price is sitting at $244,213 which is more than the Arena District, and a lot higher than the national average. The nightlife is rated A+ with many bars and night clubs. Certainly, a top reason you should move to Columbus. Many people also recommend this neighborhood when it comes to restaurant options. It is also great for families because of its quiet nature, however, there is not a wide array of public schools to choose from. If you decide to live here, you can be sure it is one of the best places for millennials in Ohio.

Columbus theater
The nightlife in Columbus is amazing!

Grandview Heights

This neighborhood is more family-friendly than the two mentioned above. It offers an urban feel with a population of 7,377. The reason that this neighborhood is more family-friendly is that more residents decide to buy their homes instead of renting them. The percentage goes in favor of homeowners sitting at 67% compared to the people renting their apartments and houses at 33%. It also offers good options for climate controlled storage Columbus which can aid you a lot in your upcoming move. If you decide to move here, the median house price is $313,700 which is a lot higher than the national average. The median rent price is $1,189 if you decide to go that way. Another reason that it is family friendly is that the crime rate is really low. The only violent crime happening here is robbery sitting at 13,7 attempts annually. Furthermore, this statistic ranks Grandview Heights with an A- which is a great mark compared to the national average.


The next neighborhood on the list is not the suburb of Columbus, but Cleveland, Ohio. It boasts a population of around 50,000 citizens and really cheap housing options. The median house price is $140,000 which is lower than the national average. The median rent price is $739 which is also lower than the national average. However, as previously stated, most job opportunities for millennials are in Columbus and that is the reason for lower housing prices. This, of course, does not mean that Cleveland is in shortage of job opportunities. There is something for everyone who decides to work hard. The percentage of people renting their houses compared to owning them sits at around 50% which makes them even. The neighborhood has an urban feel and the population is very diverse and the residents tend to be liberal.  The public schools are great here, with some of the top rated in the state. However, the crime rate is ranked with a C+ which may pose some difficulties when deciding whether to move here.

cleveland park
Cleveland offers a lot of job opportunities as well!


Another neighborhood which is not a suburb of Columbus, but Cincinnati. It is located in Hamilton County and it has a population of 19,611 citizens. There is a bit higher percentage of people renting their homes compared to people owning their homes, 55% to 45% respectively. The median house value is $122,000 and the average rent price is $738 which makes this neighborhood the most affordable one on the list. It has a vivid nightlife and it boasts an A+ grade in this category. It is family friendly as it offers an urban feel and very good, above average public schools which is great if you are moving with kids. The crime rate is ranked at B- which is acceptable, especially when considered that most people lean more to the left-liberal side of the political spectrum. One of the cheapest and best places for millennials in Ohio.


We have come to a conclusion and we are pretty sure that you are considering moving to Ohio if you are a millennial. There is no shortage of job opportunities and a vivid nightlife makes all the difference.

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