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You’ve been lying in bed, shifting and turning, not being able to fall asleep. Something if not everything just doesn’t seem right. After going to various options and solutions, you arrive at the conclusion that it’s time for a change. Should it be a big one? Well, only such will come to mind when it’s 3 am and you are wide awake. Still, this does not make a radical idea into a bad one. A radical idea being that you should start fresh. Now, this is the time you should be thinking about moving to New Albany, OH. Why there, one may ask. Well, let’s see what are the benefits that ought to inspire you to start packing right away.

A woman in her bed, not being able to sleep
Have you ever lied in bed at night, thinking about how you need a change? How about moving to New Albany, OH?

An abundance of job opportunities

The great little suburb that is New Albany has a stable economy, being that it is home to many businesses. The vast majority of them is located in a rather popular community gathering place, called The New Albany Market Square. Once there, you will stumble upon names such as Starbucks, Learning Express, New Albany Realty, Rusty Bucket Corner Tavern, and many others. Some of the more notable companies include Abercrombie & Fitch, and Commercial Vehicle Group. It’s important noting, for all of you moving for a job, that the former is the leading employer within the city boundaries. Other leading employers include Bob Evans Farms, Inc., Discover Financial Services, Antena Life INsurance, American Electric Power, UBS, New Albany-Plain Local School District, and the Mount Carmel New Albany Surgical Hospital. Oh, and let us not forget that Facebook itself plans to build a data center in New Albany, with the project ending in the current year.

Pristine education

If you are thinking about moving to New Albany, OH with your children, this paragraph might help you make up your mind. We will assume that you are one of those parents who are super concerned about their children getting only the supreme education. Based on this assumption, you will be glad to know that this community scores high marks for its 200-acre learning campus for grades K-12. And, as a matter of fact, every school within the district has earned a national Blue Ribbon School of Excellence by the U.S. Department of Education. However, if you are a proud parent of children who are fresh out of puberty, know that they too have quality options. The ride to Ohio State Unversity is a mere 20 minutes long. Just enough for them to finish homework. The community itself is very driven and goal oriented. Over 99% of residents have a high school diploma, whilst 79% have a bachelor’s degree or higher. If such surroundings won’t motivate your children and help get the most out of them, not many will.

A business man looking at his phone with great excitement.
If you want to raise a successful individual, moving to New Albany OH will make your job significantly easier.

Moving to New Albany, OH for the safety it brings is a smart move

Next, to the title of our previous paragraph, the safety of the neighborhoods has to be one of New Albany’s most famous feature. While people who have moved here claim that the city itself has a very homey feel to it, the community is also highly praised. Residents are very nice, welcoming and open. The population mostly consists of family-oriented people, who are also millennium friendly. You won’t, however, meet much diversity here. In terms of shops, stores, and restaurants, everything you need and desire is fairly close to anywhere you live. Basically, what you have here is a safe town with an excellent school system. Perfect for every family. And even if you are single, you can enjoy the calmness the place exuberates with.

The beauty of the neighborhoods

An additional advantage of moving to New Albany, OH is a beautiful sight wherever you look. When driving through the town, looking for long term storage or a place to live, for that matter, you will be quick to notice how different it looks in comparison to other cities. Picturesque streets are enclosed by breathtaking red-brick facades and white-picket-fence lines. Although the traffic is usually minimal, it is picking up as of late. Still, infrastructure is well maintained and the parks are something to admire and enjoy. Living here will allow you to relish even the trip to your neighbor. The cluster of homes and neighborhoods makes for lovely walks, especially in the autumn.

No lack of options for leisure time

Whilst on the subject of lovely walks, it’s good to mention locations that are worth walking to. Of course, going to your short term storage in order to check up on things is all smart and good. Still, we had something a bit more relaxing in mind. Jeanne B. McCoy Community Center for the Arts, for example, promises live music, theater, dance, and a series of lectures. It provides a dose of culture suitable for any individual. The town’s community has shown strong support for the performing arts. You are free to enjoy New Albany Symphony Orchestra and the New Albany Ballet Company, both of which are located here. If you so choose to become a resident, prepare to celebrate the Founders Day with a parade, festival, rides, vendors and street performers.

People at a festival
New Albany will quench your thirst for festivals and live music.

Recreation for all ages

Still, if by leisure time you mean physical activity, moving to New Albany OH will have you covered. The residents are very keen on staying active and have all the means to do so. Between Bevelhymer Park, Thompson Road Park, and Wexner Community Park, and other public parks that make up 600 acres of green space, locals have access to baseball, football, soccer, and lacrosse fields, tennis and basketball courts, playgrounds, and plenty of walking trails. All walking enthusiast will be glad to know and quick to sign up to the town’s very own walking club. It is organized by New Albany Walking Classic, the nation’s largest walking-only race. However, if you are are interested in the recreational aspect of walking, there are thirty miles of trails connecting all the quintessential neighborhoods to Market Square. This is a pedestrian-friendly destination full of shops and caf├ęs, ready to help you rehydrate and get you ready for the road back.

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