Benefits of moving to Gahanna Ohio

So, you’re thinking of moving to Gahanna Ohio, but you’re a few hints shy of a complete, confident decision. It just so happens that you’re in the right place – Zippy Shell Columbus experts have done a good bit of the research for you. That’s how we’ve compiled a little guide to some of the biggest benefits of moving to Gahanna Ohio. However, we have also included some cons in the end, as well. Just to be unbiased for all our future movers out there reading this article.

Home doormat
No matter where you choose to live in Ohio, make sure have a good home insurance policy.

First, a little bit about Ohio

The Buckeye State ranks 10th in the US when it comes to population density. There are 850,000 residents currently in the capital. Fun fact: in another part of the state, Cleveland also houses the most rockin’ museum in the country – the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Interested yet? Well, there’s plenty more where that came from, house mover. But the most valuable information for you right now is probably the job market and housing situation. Or you may want to inquire about storage units Gahanna Ohio services? Then we have good news since we consider those factors to be the very benefits of moving to Gahanna Ohio.

Job Market

Firstly, the state’s unemployment rate is 4.7%. It has been on a fairly steady decline since 2009, when it was 10.8%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The minimum wage in Ohio is around $8.30/hour, according to If you are looking to find work in the health care industry, then you’ll view the job market in Ohio as one of the benefits of moving to Gahanna.

Some of the fastest-growing job fields include occupational therapists, home health aid, physical therapists, statisticians, nurse practitioners, and operations analysts. You can get the highest pay if you are moving for work as an anesthesiologist, orthodontist, surgeon, OB/GYN, CEO, psychiatrist, and dentist. There’s certainly plenty to choose from for those who work in the medical field.

Amusement park
Ohio is the home of many beloved amusement parks, including Cedar Point and Kings Island.

Housing is potentially one of the benefits of moving to Gahanna Ohio

After the benefits of relocating to Gahanna, Ohio, you’ll naturally want to find a new place to live. Considering the somewhat slower growth rate of the state, what exactly does the housing market in Ohio offer?
Firstly, the median home value in Gahanna is $130,000. Homes are currently listed on the market at an average of $149,900. The median price that homes sell at is $134,000, and the average rent for a house is $995/month. Home values have also increased by 6.4% in the past year. We believe this is one of the crucial benefits of moving to Gahanna.
As far as apartments go, average rent here is just $579/month for a one-bedroom. It goes up only to about $757/month for a two-bedroom.

Overall, Ohio is a very affordable state to live in, as far as housing is concerned.

The origin age of housing is mostly from the ‘50s – most homes you will see around were built between 1950-1959. If you don’t like older homes, stick to the southwest-northeast diagonal line of Ohio where there’s a lot of new construction. Maybe you’ll find the new home of your dreams here.

Pros and Cons of benefits of moving to Gahanna Ohio – the Birthplace of Aviation

We know that the excitement is mounting and you’re more ready than ever to get yourself a new life in Gahanna – so, before you pack up and move away, it might be beneficial to read our little list of some pros and cons to living in the Mother of the Presidents.

Some Buckeye-approved PROs to moving to Gahanna Ohio:

  • Low cost of living: A single adult needs only $10.75/hour to live comfortably here. Many locals say that one reason they love living in Gahanna is due to the super-affordable cost of housing. Which means your dollars may go a lot farther in the state of Ohio.
  • Proximity to Major Cities: After changing your home address to Gahanna Ohio, you’ll be halfway between Chicago and New York City. This is one reason for Ohio’s “Heart of It All” nickname. Residents enjoy being in the middle of two major metropolises of the country. After moving here you can also have so much of the U.S.’s population close to you. But, you will still be far away enough from it all to avoid the major traffic and anxiety.
  • Amish County: The largest Amish population in the world is situated right here in Ohio. Believe it or not, Amish County is a big tourist draw. Visitors love to catch a glimpse into the culture and experience a simpler way of life when they visit. Amish County offers lodging as well as plenty of events and activities, festivals, tours, shopping, restaurants. Last but not least, there’s, of course, plenty of history-rich cultures. Feel free to grab your horse and buggy and trot or gallop on over.
Columbus, Ohio
Ohio is the birthplace of many things, this we already know – but, sadly, it’s also the birthplace to many infamous serial killers.

Finally, here are the resident-consensus CONs:

  • Harsh Seasons: Ohioans complain of extreme weather in all seasons here. The summers in Gahanna are hot and humid with heavy rain and storms, and winters are cold and somewhat brutal, with lots of snowfall and blizzards. You can also expect tornadoes in every month of the year.
  • Obnoxious Sports Fans: Maybe you already know that Ohio sports fans can be rowdy and downright dangerous. So much so that apparently it’s to such an extreme that the Princeton Review even named them to be the nation’s “most obnoxious” legion of fans.
  • Serial Killers, unfortunately, including the “Cincinnati Strangler”, Donald Harvey, Anthony Sowell, Thomas Dillon, Gary Heidnik and some lunatic who used the alias “Dr. No”. You should really brush up on your self-defense skills before moving to Gahanna in the Buckeye State.

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