5 things to check when moving into a new place

After the moveDecember 22, 2021

You are moving home and there are quite a few things to do before you can begin settling in. The whole process of preparation for the relocation includes packing, legalities, math, search for moving companies Columbus Ohio, and more. But there is also the adjustment of your new home. So, let us go through the few essential steps you must take when moving into a new place. Let’s take a look.

Are you ready to hit the road?

Before we delve into this topic, let us cover the relocation plan first. You must have your moving checklist nicely populated with all the essential steps we briefly mentioned so you can always stay on track. Moreover, such a list will never allow you to forget a thing along the way. Therefore, inspect your home and write down all the furniture and household belongings you have. This will tell you how many packing materials you need to purchase and how hard your relocation will be. Note down all the moving-related responsibilities as well and once you are ready, call your movers to communicate about the moving services Columbus Ohio you should purchase.

a woman is hiring movers and getting ready for moving into a new place
Call your movers when you are ready and purchase the moving service you like the most.

And do not worry about a thing. As long as you find a reliable moving company, they will form a flawless relocation plan for you. They will provide a moving quote, advise if you need to rent a storage Columbus Ohio, utilize packing services, or any kind of special moving assistance in order to relocate safely and affordably. Of course, the final word will come from you. But what matters the most, is to have professional moving assistance and a steady moving plan when moving into a new place. Cover this part first and then let’s move on to the next stage.

Check if you have enough space when moving into a new place

The first thing you want to be sure of is that you have enough space when moving into a new place. So, when inspecting a property you are about to rent or purchase, you must measure everything. This includes your loft, basement, garage, backyard, and all areas inside your home. This way you will realize several things. Firstly, you will know if you can fit all your furniture and other household items adequately without cluttering your space. Then, you will know if you can bring all the furniture through the front door in the first place or you must find an alternative. Therefore, you should take all the measurements to be sure there is enough room for everything. If you still lack space, you can always rent one of the storage units Galloway Ohio, at least as a temporary solution.

Inspect all utilities when moving into a new place

Another important thing you must do is to inspect all the utilities before moving in. It is wise to check the electricity as well as sewage and the plumbing. Those repairs are quite expensive and can pose a great treat if overlooked. And previous owners can easily hide such repairs if they want to. Therefore, you must check if everything is working as intended. Maybe it would be best to hire a local contractor to provide an estimate on all the repairs even if you do not intend to repair a thing. Pay $100 or so to obtain the quote and to have a professional pointing out all the wrong things about the infrastructure and utilities inside the place.

a man fixing wirings
If you are purchasing a property, hire a contractor and set all utilities straight. This is an extremely important safety feature.

The thorough home inspection

While you are at it, you can inspect your new home entirely. Start with the basement and move all the way to the roof. There is a chimney and possible loose tiles on the roof and there can be moldy and damp corners in your basement that need your immediate attention. Such repairs must be dealt with before moving into a new place. Simply because later on you either won’t have time, energy, or money to do so. And not to mention your backyard, fence, porch, pavement, front door, garden, and trees that need mending or fixing. Hence, put it all on paper and prepare all the equipment and tools you might need for the task ahead. You can obtain most of it at the nearest home depot and stash it inside the garage. Once you settle in, you can begin clearing those tasks one by one.

Prepare the unpacking plan and furniture layout

As we already stipulated, furniture layout is extremely important. Simply because you need to know how to unload all the cargo you are bringing in. If you do not have this plan, you will clutter your space right from the start. If this happens, you will slow down the entire process. And as you know, movers charge by the hour and it will cost you even more. Not to mention that later on, you won’t be able to move through your home at all. It will be a nightmare and you will spend hours dragging your furniture all over the place and there is a chance to damage your floor or to break some of the furniture in the process.

gray and white furniture in a living room
A furniture layout plan is much needed before you move in. This way you’ll know how much space you have in the first place.

Therefore, draw a map and instruct your movers where to put each piece right from the start. Dedicate a room for the boxes and use your mover’s strength and labor to bring everything in and place it where it should be. And again, if there is still not enough space, place some of the items in your garage or in the basement.

Figure out if you need to purchase anything for your new home

Lastly, after evaluating the whole situation and creating your moving-in plan, you should figure out if you must purchase anything for your new place. It can be anything. A piece of furniture, packing material, tool, construction material, etc. Collect your supplies and again, keep them in your basement or garage until it is time to use them.

Now you are ready for moving into a new place. The only thing that is left now is to pack your things and wait for your moving date. As soon as you relocate and settle in, you should organize a housewarming party and invite your friends over to show them how awesome your new place is. Good luck and have a wonderful time and a prosperous new beginning!

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