Moving day preparation tips for students

Before The MoveDecember 24, 2021

You’ve finally got that acceptance letter from your chosen university, it’s a great day! Now, it’s time to prepare to relocate to your campus. That’s why we’ve prepared this short list of moving day preparation tips for you. We’ll also be recommending the best moving companies Columbus Ohio, throughout the article. So, keep an eye out.

A list of moving day preparation tips for students

It doesn’t matter if you’re a freshman, junior, senior, or sophomore, these tips will help you immensely in making your relocation a smooth affair.

College students relocating.
Follow our moving day preparation tips, and you’ll have an easy relocation.

A checklist is your best friend

It’s incredibly important to track all of your moving day preparation tasks. Creating a checklist on some kind of planning app is a great first step. Planning apps are perhaps one of the best moving day preparation tips that we can give you. These allow you to avoid any task getting lost in the shuffle. You can write down all of the various documents that you need to take with you and create a list of all of the things you need to buy for your relocation. In addition, you can write down all of your important tasks and dates that you need to remember and cross them out as you finish them. There are many planner apps that can help you manage your time and tasks, but we will single out Evernote app as our top pick.

However, it is always best to hire professional moving assistance, and thankfully, you can check moving quotes Columbus Ohio, to find the right company for you.

Check Out Other’s Lists

Checking out other people’s lists is always a good idea. There are several lists online that you can use as a template for your relocation. This is one of the most important moving day preparation tips that you can implement. If you get overwhelmed, there are always other dorm room storage solutions you can use.

College students celebrating a successful relocation.
Hiring a moving company makes everything easier.

Plan Your Packing

Overpacking is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make while relocating. If you take too much stuff with you, you’ll end up with poor use of space, and an untidy room. You should try to minimize the number of packing boxes and bags you bring by only packing the bare essentials. You should pack a good range of comfortable clothing, as well as some formal attire for more high-key events. The climate of your new location is also an important factor, and you should consider it when you’re packing.

If you notice that you have too much stuff to move to your new place, you can donate your old clothes to charity or look for a storage company Columbus Ohio. You should always leave some room for your most important toiletries like perfumes, towels, blow dryers, and air fresheners. Some dorms don’t provide bedding and toilet essentials, so make sure to bring your own.

Finally, pack your handbag with face masks, hand sanitizers, and all other pandemic-related items.


There you have it, hopefully, our list of moving day preparations tips helped you in your relocation. Student life can be hard, and by organizing yourself properly, you can make your relocation smooth and even exciting.

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