Winter season in New Albany, what to do?

After the moveJanuary 10, 2022

Ohio is one of the greatest States to live in, according to 2021 statistics. Therefore, New Albany is also one of the greatest cities to live in the States. The winter season in New Albany can be really heavy indeed. Still, it is also very beautiful, you just need to find appropriate pastimes. In New Albany, the summers are long, warm, and very humid. So, we have extremes here. We say this because the winters are snowy and very freezing. Honestly speaking, the worst time to visit Ohio is during the winter season from December to February. Meaning, moving in this period can be even worse. However, if you hire one of the best moving companies in Columbus Ohio, even the New Albany winter cannot stop you.

Let’s check out what fun things we can do during the winter season in New Albany

In New Albany and the whole of Ohio, there are certain rules for everything. Businesses need to be a nice clean red brick. The Ohio schools look like mansions, and that is not surprising, taking into account that most homes are Grand Georgian style.  New Albany is very family-friendly and peaceful. So, if you are moving with your family, let Columbus Ohio moving services take good care of you. Of course, all this is lovey-dovey, when we have marvelous Ohio springtime. However, with New Albany in winter, things are similar but just enough different to check them out:

  • Oktoberfest
  • Winter Farmers Market
  • Healthy New Albany
  • New Albany tree-lightning celebration
Road covered with snow
The Winter season in New Albany can be extremely cold, but very beautiful and magical

We can say that Oktoberfest is opening the winter season in New Albany

Oktoberfest is actually the idea of the New Albany Chamber of Commerce. You might be surprised since you have probably thought that Oktoberfest is happening in Germany only. Well, it is not only in Germany! Some countries, cities, and towns do like to have a good glass of beer to gather around due to this lively occasion. In New Albany, Ohio, Oktoberfest is a two-day community festival. It is usually happening at the end of September. What makes it so attractive is the fact that this is a completely free event. There are many things to do in New Albany with both your friends and family and especially while attending Oktoberfest. In case you get hungry, you get food vendors, and if you want to entertain yourself or your kids you have a bunch of other stuff too. There are games, bounce houses, balloon twisters, a photo booth, etc.

Winter Farmers’ Market

This year, the Healthy New Albany Farmers Market has moved indoors for the fall and the winter season. This market has been crucial for community stability for more than a decade. This year, you should have just paid attention to wearing a mask all the time. Safety comes first, of course. In case you are a newcomer, it would be very nice of you to volunteer here. You will make new friends, feel useful, and become a part of this picturesque community. It is always useful to meet new people at traditional places so that you can feel the vibe of the city. In case you were surprised by how winter is cold here and you brought your bike, balls, or any other summer sports equipment, let storage units New Albany Ohio take care of your stuff, while you are enjoying your wintertime here.

On Farmer’s market, you can always find fresh and healthy vegetables

Healthy New Albany

Healthy New Albany is a non-profit organization with some awesome social activities and different types of programs. This great organization is all about creating and promoting a culture of health to all community members. There are activities throughout the whole year, and of course, there are specific winter activities also. Some activities are one-time, while some of them are happening frequently and regularly. This organization takes pride in their dealing with pandemics. Social distance is always obtained. People are always obeying all the necessary rules. The Philip Heit Center is one of the most beautiful places where we hold our events in winter. If you are into yoga and you forgot to take your favorite yoga mat from your storage in Columbus Ohio, get it out and start attending our famous Yoga lessons. In addition, you can also practice house decorating, or simply hang out.

New Albany Tree-lightning Celebration

The community holiday tree-lighting celebration takes place in November. It is of course completely public and free.  This gathering really helps a lot of families make memories and it is a part of every traditional New Albany family experience. So, if you recently moved in with your family, and you are wondering what kind of fun winter activities you can think of, this event is just perfect for you. Some will dress up as people from the Victorian era, while some will take pictures with Santa or try on horse-drawn carriage rides. Down the road, you will also find a stilt-walker, face painters, jugglers, and all sorts of live entertainment. Food will also not be a problem since there are free cookies and hot cocoa. However, if you get really hungry, you will have a broad spectrum of food trucks to choose from.

winter event, people, snowing
Tree-lightning event is a big deal in New Albany

All in all, New Albany is a really charming city. It really has a lot to offer and you will always have the homelike vibe around here. It is especially great if you move here with your family. The place is peaceful and gives out that harmonious feeling of warmth and community. Although springtime is far better for visiting and moving in here, the winter can also be very attractive and beautiful. Even though it is peaceful, there are tons of stuff you could do during the winter season in New Albany, and you will definitely never be bored.

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