What to know when you are planning to store a vehicle

Storage SolutionsOctober 14, 2022

So, you are planning to store a vehicle for an extended period of time. The reasons may be various. If you are in the process of relocating your home or traveling long distances, storing a vehicle could be a good thing. It can put an ease on your nerves since you will not have to worry about it getting damaged or stolen. Whichever the case is, there are things that you must know in order to be able to properly store your vehicle. Since we understand how this task can be hard, we at Zippy Shell Greater Columbus have prepared a few tips for you!

How to store a vehicle in Ohio?

It is not uncommon that residents of Ohio store their vehicles during the bad weather to avoid accidents. Of course, it is not negotiable that having car insurance is a safe option. However, some people like to stay a little extra safe. Research self storage insurance in Ohio if you decided upon this option. When you decide to drive again be sure to call your Ohio auto insurance provider to reinstate the collision and liability coverage. Legally, you are not required to get insurance for a car that is parked and not being used, but it will safeguard it from vandalization and any damages.

Storing your vehicle doesn’t have to cost a lot. There are cheap storage units Columbus Ohio companies have on offer. You can find them easily by searching them on the internet or asking your friends and family for recommendations.

two people holding documents needed to store a vehicle
If you decide to store a vehicle, make sure to insure it!

What can go wrong when storing a vehicle and how to avoid it

Just like your shoes, your vehicle is made to be used. If it is silent for too long certain things could start malfunctioning. Driving it for a bit every month is a great exercise for its motor and functions. However, if you are further away or not able to do it, keep your eye on these common mistakes and ways to avoid them. The most common malfunctions that occur:

  • cat battery could die
  • brakes could rust
  • keep your eye on flat tires
  • the fuel can become viscous and the car pump cold brake down
  • a pest infestation can occur when you store a vehicle for too long

Jumpstart the dead battery and change the fuel

When you drive your vehicle, the alternator is recharging the battery. Unfortunately, the battery will not have anything to charge it when your car is inactive for weeks or months at a time, and it may finally die. To activate the dead battery, you can use your neighbor’s car or ask your mechanic if he can jumpstart the car battery in order to take it out of the storage Hilliard Ohio. The 12-volt battery in your car is the component most prone to issues brought on by inactivity, according to the experts. Fuel pumps in vehicles have a lot of trouble when the fuel becomes viscous. Your best option if you haven’t driven your vehicle in a while is to pay a mechanic to change the old gas. Diesel will go bad after six to twelve months and unleaded fuel after three months to half a year.

a motorcycle
Some malfunctions can be extremely dangerous if not fixed on time

Check for flat tires and the condition of your brakes before driving

Before you start driving check for flat tires. Even air bubbles can occur and cause tire blowouts. Be careful and avoid the additional costs of changing tires. If your brakes are rusted, you are exposing yourself and other people to danger. It is of utmost importance to check the condition of your breaks. To do that you can apply the oil on the brakes. If you hear any squeaking or grinding noises, it means your brakes have deteriorated. Call the mechanic before you start using your vehicle again. This way they can check everything and see if there is anything that needs to be repaired. It is better to be safe than sorry!

How to prevent pest infestation when you store a vehicle

Although it may sound like it’s not very likely to happen to you, pest infestations are not that uncommon. Better prevent it than deal with it later. Not only that you will pay for the extraction of pests, but you wouldn’t be able to use the vehicle during some additional period. Needless to say, you must cover it in order to create a barrier between mice, rats, insects, and your vehicle. Block any openings that animals could use to enter the vehicle, such as the air intake and exhaust pipe.  By covering your vehicle once you place it in a self storage Hilliard Ohio you will keep it extra safe from pests and other unwanted damages, so make sure to do it!

auto mechanic checking up a car
Before driving again get a vehicle check-up!

Get your vehicle ready for storage!

Keeping your vehicle in storage could be beneficial if you are moving homes or traveling far distances. You won’t have to worry about it getting stolen. Maybe you are trying to sell your vehicle and need to keep it safe while looking for a buyer in Columbus, OH. Even if you misplaced your keys or your license and registration have expired, storing a vehicle will secure your investment. No matter for which reason you need to store a vehicle, as long as you follow our tips your vehicle will be fine. We have one extra tip for you and that is to clean your vehicle before you store it! Clean both inside and outside. This way once you take it back it will be clean and ready to hit the road!

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