What to eat on a moving day

Moving Day TipsJuly 26, 2019

You are aware of the fact that you won’t be able to conduct a successful move on an empty stomach, right? Moreover, you will find it very difficult to concentrate on the relocation while our stomach is screaming for food. Hence, we strongly believe that it is very important to eat on a moving day and to eat well. Furthermore, it is also very important to know what to eat. You are probably aware that you are going to have the time or the tools, to prepare the food up to your liking. So, in order to help you prepare properly for your moving day, we have decided to come up with a few ideas on what to eat on your moving day. Whether you are a first-time mover or experienced one, we can help!

An outmeal with some nice fruits is something you could eat on a moving day
Oatmeal with some nice fruit is the best choice for breakfast.

Keep your moving meals simple

Keeping your moving meals simple is pretty much common sense tip. Moving house is one hell of a challenge, and you won’t have time for complicated meals. Although with residential movers Columbus Ohio offers, it doesn’t have to be so difficult.  However, try to keep your meals simple, at least for this one day. There is really no need or time to prepare your food for hours or to make three-course meals. You will be trying to complete as much work as possible, so when you decide to eat, try doing that during your breaks.

The food that you choose to eat on a moving day should be rich in calories, as you will need all the energy you can get. But try to keep it short and simple. Especially if you are moving long distance. Treat yourself, your family and moving helpers with a soup or a fondue dessert some other day, because moving day is all about being fast and efficient.

Make sure to know what you will eat on your moving day

The key to a successful relocation lies in the detailed planning of your every step of the way. And planning what to eat on a moving day is going to play an important role in ensuring that you move fast and easily. Even professional moving companies will point out that proper eating is crucial in balancing and managing your needs. After all, people tend to be more nervous when they are hungry. Hence, eat well and avoid unnecessary stress on your moving day. 

First of all, in order to move efficiently, don’t skip meals on your moving day. Here is a tip on how your meal plan should look like for the big day:

  • Have your breakfast as soon as you get up
  • Eat lunch right after the moving truck leaves your old place
  • And have dinner after all of your items have been unloaded

Now that we have seen what your eating plan should look like, let’s discuss meal by meal.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

Being efficient on a moving day is important, but staying healthy is more important. Hence, your first meal of the day must be nutrientrich and as healthy as possible. The simplest choice for breakfast would be nice and simple oatmeal with some fruit. You can pack it inside a jar the day before. On the morning of the big day, you can simply add some milk or yogurt to it. Not only this is quick, simple and healthy breakfast, but it also makes the least possible amount of mess. You don’t want to wash a big load of dishes on your moving day, trust us. Besides, most of your dishes will already be inside the moving boxes.

Spaghetti is a great idea for your lunch break.

Lunch should be light

Be careful with your lunch choice. Wondering why? Because chances are you will already feel exhausted by the lunch break. Obviously, having a heavy meal will make you even more exhausted and sleepy. This is why your lunch should be light, but it should also provide you with all the necessary nutrients and calories. And don’t forget that you probably will not eat on moving day alone. If you have friends or family helping you, you need to buy them lunch as well. And if you choose to go with professional movers, you might want to serve them some lunch as well. So here are a few ideas for your moving day lunch:

  • Pasta is a good idea! It’s fairly easy to prepare and will keep you full for a few hours
  • Grilled vegetables with some meat or noodles are a great choice
  • Chicken and rice is a simple meal that you can pack the day before the move
  • Meatball sandwiches or any other kind are generally quick and easy solution for a moving day lunch
Don’t bother yourself with cooking, just order a pizza.

It’s dinner time!

The last meal of the day is going to be the one that you will be having in your new home. It is going to take place after unloading all your things, and after the movers have left. By this time, you will be exhausted and looking forward to having some rest. So, do not complicate or bother yourself with cooking, just order some take out food. Pizza or Chinese food are probably going to be your best choice.

The simpler and smarter you eat on a moving day, the more efficient you will be. So take our advice and keep it healthy and simple! Good luck and enjoy your new home, to the fullest!

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