What should you know before renting storage?

Storage PreparationMarch 8, 2019

Storage is a great solution when you are moving, downsizing or simply trying to find a proper place for all those items that have considerable sentimental value but can’t fit your living space anymore. Concerning the various sizes and types of storage, it isn’t easy to decide which of those is the right for you. Luckily, we are here to help you find decent storage and introduce you to all you need to know before renting storage in the first place.

Some research is necessary before renting a storage

Similarly to relocation, some research is necessary before renting storage. Among a variety of storage facilities, you need to find the one that suits your needs. Unsurprisingly, recommendations from close friends are helpful in this matter. However, if they can’t provide you with some useful pieces of information, the internet is the source which never fails. Search for storage facilities and then go to see them personally. Here is what to pay attention to:

  • The overall cleanliness of the storage facilityAre you satisfied with the hygiene? Is it well-ventilated? Is it good enough to meet your requirements and expectations?
  • The temperature control – This is an important factor since extreme temperature changes might damage your items in a storage unit.
Some research is inevitable before renting a storage.
Before renting a storage, do some research and pay attention to the crucial factors prior to making the final choice.
  • The security of the storage facility Are your items going to be safe in the storage you are considering? How does the company solve the problem of security? Are the locks they use easy or difficult to break? Also, pay attention if there are any surveillance cameras and alarms on each and every door. All these factors should influence your decision greatly when you start evaluating storage unit.
  • The accessibility of your storage unit – It is important to know when you will be able to access your storage unit. Is it possible at weekends or on holidays? Make sure you get informed on this.
  • The price – Before renting storage, compare the overall condition of the storage facilities you are considering, their security levels and finally prices for rent. Remember that paying more for a safer storage unit is definitely worth it.

What are the alternatives when renting storage?

Before renting a storage, you need to decide what kind of storage services and types of storage you want. These are the alternatives to choose from.

Full-service storage versus self-storage

Full-service storage is a very convenient but yet more expensive option. You can just sit and observe as the staff comes and takes your items to a storage unit. The staff also does the packing and then sends you an online inventory of your stored items. Also, this is a perfect solution when you don’t need to visit your storage unit very often.

With self-storage, you have to go through the trouble of delivering your belongings to the storage unit yourself. In addition, you need to apply appropriate strategies when packing for storage if you want to get the maximum of the storage unit you are renting.

 Indoor storage units versus outdoor storage units

You assess indoor storage units through the interior hallway of a building. These units are very convenient since they offer additional protection from the outside world and elements. However, they have a serious disadvantage. Sometimes it can get tricky and very difficult to get things in and out of them.

Outdoor storage units are very similar to garages. This means that you can get right to the door when you want to load or unload your items.

Decide on the time frame before renting a storage

Before renting storage, decide on how long you will be needing a storage unit. The options are:

  • Short term storage – People usually choose this type of storage when moving or redecorating their living space. It is an excellent way to protect your items and provide enough space for maneuvering during the relocation or redecoration. Once you complete all the necessary tasks, your items will be ready for you to use them again.
Decide on the time frame before renting a storage.
Before renting storage, decide on how long you will be needing a storage unit.
  • Long term storage – Here is a smart solution for you if downsizing is inevitable. You can secure your items this way for a longer period of time. However, be very careful not to turn this storage into a heavy burden for your budget. Inspect your items in the storage from time to time and reconsider your decisions on what you want to keep. No one wants to spend considerable amounts of money if it isn’t necessary.

The smaller the storage unit the lower the price

Dealing with some measuring and calculations before renting storage can save you a lot of money. It is of utter importance to know the size of a storage unit you need. Interestingly, if you choose a bigger storage unit, you will always be tempted to add more items to it. Unfortunately, the expenses will be higher too. The solution lies in keeping track of what’s in your storage unit. Check the list from time to time and deal with some decluttering.

Where to rent storage?

Before renting storage, think about how often you will have to visit your storage unit. If you don’t need to visit it on a regular basis, you might save a considerable amount of money by renting storage further from the city. Thus, the costs will be significantly lower. On the other hand, if you will need to visit it often, this option has no sense at all. Then, rent storage closer to your home. Search the internet to find storage facilities near you.

Clear away all the doubts concerning the costs before renting a storage

Firstly, pay attention to whether there is a minimum storage length. Secondly, make sure you are clear with the exact monthly costs. Furthermore, ask how long you can expect no changes in the price. If necessary, put all the details in writing before renting storage.

Negotiating the price before renting a storage

Prices for renting a storage unit are often negotiable. For example, you might get a more favorable offer if you agree to pay several months in advance. Also, if there aren’t any storage units of the size you need, ask whether there is a chance to get a discount on renting one size up storage unit. Military discounts are very common and so are refer-a-friend credits.

Clear away all the doubts concerning the costs before renting a storage
Prices for renting a storage unit are often negotiable.

Don’t pay the bill of renting a storage unit and then say goodbye to your items!

Before renting storage, count the money at your disposal. Make sure you can actually afford it. Although the laws vary in different US states, storage companies are generally allowed to organize an auction, sell your items and recoup the money you owe. So, if you don’t pay the bill of renting, say goodbye to your items literally.

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