What Are the Upsides of Moving to Hilliard

Top places in OhioMarch 15, 2023

In search of a more peaceful life, more and more people are leaving the big urban cities for smaller suburbs. Hilliard, which began its existence as a railroad station on the Piqua and Indiana Railroad, retains some of its vibrancy from that time but is a much tamer town than the crowded metropolises. Read this article to find out what are the upsides of moving to Hilliard. With the assistance of the best moving companies Columbus Ohio, we made a list of advantages for relocation.

Basic upsides of moving to Hilliard

Hilliard is a medium-sized city with 33,108 residents at the last census. It has been declared one of the most family-friendly cities, considering that as many as 49% are families with children under the age of 18. If you want or need to move to Hilliard with your children, rest assured that it will be a good decision. With the help of movers Hilliard Ohio and our Hilliard quality suggestion, you can book your move as soon as tomorrow.

A house with a yard as one of the upsides of moving to Hilliard
This beautiful home can be yours if you move to Hilliard

Why is Hilliard so attractive?

Let’s see what makes Hilliard so attractive to relocate to.

  • Livable city. Costs of food, utilities, restaurants, bars, and sports activities make it a very livable city, with a high 6th place ranking in Ohio and 14th in the USA.
  • Health care. With affordable health care and government efforts to maintain a quality level of health for residents, Hilliard ranks among the best cities in Ohio to live in.
  • Low crime rate. Safety is one of the basic elements of choosing a city to live in. For that matter, Hilliard is among the cities with a low crime rate, 67% lower than the state. This makes it one of the safest cities.
  • Good education. With a high school graduation rate of 95%, Hilliard ranks 14% higher than the US average. Providing a good education system, Hilliard produces a large number of students with a test score range of over 81%. That’s well above the national average.
  • Housing cost. As many as 77% of Hilliard residents own a home, although the median home value is $213,000. The rest pay an average of $1,004 for rent. If you are the owner of even the smallest home in Hilliard or temporarily rent an apartment, you can always rely on storage Hilliard Ohio and look for the best option for storing currently unnecessary things.

Other upsides of moving to Hilliard

If you’re not satisfied with these benefits of moving to Hilliard, let’s add some more. Hilliard is a suburb of Columbus, and you can reach that city in just 20 minutes. That is good if you are tied to that city for work. The fact that even 86% of residents go to work by car clearly shows the comfort of life.

Considering the size and number of population of Columbus, Hilliard is a much smaller city. However, this is not a disadvantage. A smaller population is often a positive circumstance because everyone knows each other. Without the unnecessary crowds and confusion of the big city, life in Hilliard is much nicer and more relaxed.

If you are a fan of winter and snow sports, the city of Hilliard will win your heart. With 41 snowy days a year, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the winter whiteness. On other days you can spend time in wooded areas, parks, bike paths, and baseball fields and walk downtown or to Center Street Market.

A lake and forest under the snow
If you are a snow lover this will be one of the upsides of moving to Hilliard

Ready to start your move to Hilliard?

All things considered, there are many upsides of moving to Hilliard. Whether you are moving from a neighboring city or a distant city, pack your belongings into moving containers Columbus Ohio, and start the journey to a better life with the professional help of a moving company. Move into your dream home with us!

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